Feelings you would have experienced as a College Fresher

With the declaration of results of school leaving exams, it is now time for the teenagers to attend college for higher studies of their choices. As the period of entering a college for higher studies is a matter of pride and an achievement for a student and his / her parents, it is natural for them to feel anxious and harbour great hopes and dreams for the upcoming future. The new phase of academic life that a college brings is enriching to the core as this journey comprises of a mixture of struggles, freedom, dreams, friendship, hostel life ( for some) and new experiences almost every day. From the moment we step inside the premises of a college till the time we get out of it after completion of our studies, the life in this period of our late teens and early adulthood gives us lessons not only in academics but about life too. College life is a rollercoaster journey of various emotions that makes the journey of a life in this world beautiful as it is the period in which we can further lighten the inexhaustible lamp of knowledge and get a taste of the harsh and enjoyable states of life.

These are the feelings which every fresher experience when he / she first enters into a college-


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It is obvious that students will feel anxious when they first start their college life as they go for pursuing a career of their choice there after much decision and planning. With much hopes for their future lives and aspiring to fulfill their goals successfully, students move from a school to college. Meanwhile, the thoughts about the type of people they will get to meet along with the contemplation of how they are going to spend their hostel life away from the comfort of their own homes and how they will adapt to the struggles of the difficult coursework etc. makes a student feel anxious in the initial days of their college life.


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After hearing of the common knowledge that freedom can be attained while studying in a college, students are bound to feel excited to get a sense of it. Although the rule of bunking classes gives a sense of elation to the students when they do it for the first time, however, making the habit of giving the classes a miss always is not good as irregular attendance records will not only lessen chances of students from attending exams but will also keep them away from learning important facts about topics of a subject and give a bad impression of themselves on the faculty of the college. Therefore, regular bunking of classes in college heightens the chances of messing the academic careers of students. Meanwhile, the chances of getting to decide and manage the conduction of annual college fests along with the scope of finding enjoyment in the college fests till late night hours makes a fresher excited about college life.


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When a student starts going to college, nostalgia is certain to hit their minds painfully in the initial period. The corridors, classrooms and grounds of a college will bring in back a flood of memories they had spent with their friends in school in the initial days of their college life when they are not yet friendly with their peers. However, with the passing of time, the lonely periods turns into joyful hours and the unfriendly faces becomes dearest mates and the time of enjoyment with them makes a college life wonderful.


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One of the foremost emotions that a student feels when they enter a college premises for the first time is a sense of pride. To clear the first twelve years of a school life by passing various level of examinations is no small achievement and requires much struggle. For this reason, it is natural to feel a sense of pride the moment a student enter a college to pursue higher studies on the subjects of their choices. Moreover, the feeling of pride is higher when a student gets to study in their dream college of a reputable status as they had worked very hard simply to get an entry in it.


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All the students who goes to college steps there with the feeling of hope of having a good life in future. One of the most sensitive emotions ever faced by a person, hope is always associated with learning. When we decide to enhance our knowledge in a particular branch of study, we always do it with a hope to broaden our career horizons. Similarly, all students goes to college with a hope that they can pursue the professions of their choice they had aspired for and also due to which they had choose to study a particular subject.


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After getting a brief idea of the lessons they had to pursue and the various assignments / projects they need to do and exams they have to give, students tends to feel confused on how they will handle the vast requirements of their college studies. However, the process of doing assignments / projects with friends after much discussion eases the level of difficulty and confusion. Meanwhile, the confusion of the upcoming struggles of a college life also makes a student feel anxious. However, finding out ways to overcome the challenges of college life is the tool which makes the journey of the last phase of our academic lives beautiful and meaningful.


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The students who goes to study in a college far away from their homes experience the feeling of homesickness initially. After leaving the comfort of the lovely homes which had been a safe haven of childhood and away from the loving care of parents, it is normal for a student to feel homesick in the initial days of taking up residence in a hostel. The memories of the delicious home-cooked food, the soft comfortable furniture of a bed and the loving known faces are the chief causes of homesickness. With the passing of time, the hostel becomes a real home with its occupants becoming family members.

The period of studying in a college is certainly one of the best moments that can be experienced for a short while in the journey of life. From the list of long plans carried out to make the annual college fest a hit to the memories of mass bunks taken, the cherished moments of a college life is a tale that is worthwhile to be narrated to every dear one in our lives. Meanwhile, the precious moments of the period spent in a hostel is also a beautiful memory which can be relished as happy thoughts when we need to overcome sadness or stress in our hectic lives.