16 fit politicians in India who are setting the fitness goals high in 2020

fit politicians in India

If you thought all politicians do is address mass gatherings, make false promises and travel their life away, then you are looking at only one flip of the coin. Because much like the common man, even politicians are human after all and therefore hanker after fame, fitness and fortune. Here’s taking a look at the fittest politicians of India for you to gain some political mileage generated inspiration from-

Narendra Modi

There’s no beating the honourable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi when it comes to fitness. As the man who has the whole world celebrating the International Day of Yoga on 21st June every year, Modi is someone who lets his deeds speak more than his words. Himself a yoga enthusiast, the 69 year old politician believes also in the benefits of a disciplined lifestyle on overall health and fitness.

Yoga however isn’t the only thing the Prime Minister swears by. The charismatic leader also invokes the power of each of the five elements of nature namely prithvi, jal, agni, vayu and aakash as he makes it a point to walk extensively on different surfaces as part of his fitness regimen. This recourse to the Panchtatva way of life along with a really simplistic adherence to dietary controls is what makes the most powerful man in India also among the fittest in the country.

Venkaiah Naidu

Even the Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu is a fit man at the ripe age of 69 because he regularly plays ball badminton at his home. Himself a non vegetarian, Naidu also stresses upon the importance of yoga and healthy food in achieving a fit and ambient lifestyle.

Chandrababu Naidu

Another Naidu name in the political fray, that of former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is also one who swears by the importance of fitness in life. The Telugu Desam Party leader sticks to his dedicated schedule- gymming, some breathing exercises, walking, cycling, some occasional swimming and of course some yoga to give his body the daily dose of health. He also adheres to a simple, healthy high protein and fiber diet that works well with his exercise regimen to endow him with all youth and vitality.

Rajnath Singh

rajnath singh
Source: The Week

For Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, ‘home’ indeed is his exclusive portfolio! The energetic man in his late sixties loves to work out at home, where his daily regimen includes some yogasanas and a couple of walk trips every day. A 20 minute walk twice a day bodes well for the gentleman to gorge on even desi junks like jalebis, kachoris, laddoos and stuff while still enjoying the pink of health.

Rahul Gandhi

Perhaps among the fittest of the current lot of Indian politicians is Congress president Rahul Gandhi. A sports enthusiast, Gandhi likes to go for runs and swims to keep his fitness intact. He also swears by yoga and meditation when it comes to living the healthy life, as is the case with the entire Gandhi family including his mother Sonia Gandhi and sister pRiyanka Gandhi. On his part however, Rahul Gandhi happens to be a lot more ‘accomplished’- a black belt in Japanese martial art form Aikido, the 49 year old Congressman is a disciplined practitioner of the art even when he is not very vocal about it.

Also a participant of the National Shooting Championship, sports has always held an esteemed place in the life of this youth leader who believes it to be an exemplary way to fitness. A 12 kilometer run every alternate day, that Gandhi dedicatedly and regularly devotes himself to irrespective of the time and schedule is what has made him a more disciplined individual and a fitter politician.

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
Source: Hindustan

A former Olympian and well known shooter, a frenzied run for fitness is obviously what the Union Minister Rajyavardan Singh Rathore would be hell bent on. And that indeed he is, with home gymming and walking among his favorite forms of exercise. As also the man who started the viral #HumFitTohIndiaFit campaign by sharing a video of himself doing push- ups in office, fitness is no mean a matter for this star health campaigner within the political bracket. Rathore however reinstates that it is indeed the will to be fit and also the abhorrence of excess in diets that guides people like him and many other on the sure and steady path of achieving true fitness.

Kiren Rijiju

Workouts and yoga are what serves Union Minister Kiren Rijiju’s crave for fitness, who has been a strong compatriot and competitor to Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore in the Fit India challenge. Hitting the gym whenever and wherever he can or going cycling or even turning to yoga for solace, a forever upbeat Rijiju just about finds any excuse to get his fit doses in daily regimen and without much fuss.

Harsh Vardhan

It’s only apt the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare should himself be a man so cognizant of the importance of maintaining a fit lifestyle. From warm up exercises and yoga to cycling and late night walks, Harsh Vardhan does it all with characteristic acumen even as he changes his cycling route every alternate day to keep himself in spirits. As fit as a fiddle is what our Health minister aspires to be!

Anurag Thakur

A enthusiastic,young man doing the rounds in politics for quite some time now, Anurag Thakur hasn’t let his duty come in the way of his fitness. A Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Thakur has been another sports enthusiast in the wide array of leaders in the political fray. From preferring running or jogging to handing the baton over to a game of badminton or cricket, Thakur maintains his steady way on the fitness route even as he squeezes in a late night workout to help himself out.

Prakash Javadekar

Yet another sixty something young in the Modi cabinet is Prakash Javadekar who also believes walking and yoga to be the best form of exercise to keep fit and seeks resort in his home everyday to work out his way towards the goal.

Sachin Pilot

Sachin Pilot
Source: NDTV

The Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan is one rather young name in the political circuit who however tries to keep himself as fit as he can even in the wake of tremendous work pressure. His mornings start with a healthy breakfast of sprouts even when that is one thing in the world he admittedly loathes. And while he does manage with junk and unhealthy food later in the day due to a constraint of resources, Pilot seeks to still remain on course for a fit life by way of exercise. Running a couple of times a week and playing football with his son more or less makes up for the unhealthy adherence by Sachin Pilot who however does not rely on artificial shakes and energisers to keep himself upbeat.

Jyotiraditya Scindia

Former Member of Parliament Jyotiraditya Scindia’s fitness regimen is an even more dedicated routine. A six day workout plan that has him switch between weights, cross- trainer and treadmill makes for his exploits at the gym. While the 49 year old politician also likes to play badminton and go swimming or walking for his fitness, it is also his regulated everyday diet that puts his body and health in good stead.

Jaganmohan Reddy

Jaganmohan Reddy
Source: Zee News

One of the richest politicians in India and also a prominent name at that is current Andhra Pradesh chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy., who also is among the fittest of his tribe. A fitness freak who abides by his daily exercise regimen without fail, Reddy is an early riser who religiously goes by his early schedule no matter how little he gets to sleep. Reddy also strictly restricts himself to a simple and frugal vegan diet that has helped keep him energised, active and fit all through his hectic politician days.

Manish Tewari

Congress spokesperson and former I&B minister Manish Tewari is another of the fitter names in politics, if his active participation in Rajyavardhan Rathore’s Fit India challenge is any pointer. Someone who believes that an hour of exercise is all it takes to keep oneself in good fitness an health, Tewari undertakes a 5-km run on days whenever it is feasible. Alternating between a cross-trainer, cycle and weights in the gym during summers, Tewari’s innate drive for fitness stems from his sporting tirades of his college days.

Having captained the Chandigarh and Panjab University swimming teams in various national and inter-varsity championships, Tewari likes to swim 20 laps of a 50-metre pool whenever he gets the time. Cycling is also as much his forte as swimming and Tewari effortlessly shuffles between both in the pursuit of the greater end of a fit and healthy life.

Anil Antony

anil antony
Source: The Week

Son of former defence minister A. K. Antony and current incharge of Congress’ digital media cell is Anil Antony, a hardcore fitness enthusiast. A player of tennis and basketball while in college, the younger Antony however have had to give up on his sporting practices because of a lack of time. But that does not stop Anil yet from making fitness a regular part of his life.

A yoga enthusiast and also a gym person, Anil Antony however also retorts to proper dietary proportions to keep himself ahead on the fit bandwagon. A lover of Kerala food as well as a fanatic about Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, Antony limits himself to small proportions to keep himself fit without much sacrifice, while also never missing out on the many benefits of a healthy breakfast. The young gun also does not confine himself to mere physical fitness but also aims for a more stable mental health by devoting himself to the art of reading.

Chirag Paswan

The President of the Lok Janshakti Party, Chirag Paswan had been a one time Bollywood actor which perhaps explains his immense dedication to a fit body. Even as a politician, the 36 year old has not given up on his dedicated two hour exercise regimesn that is a rigorous mix of weights, functional training and cardio. From doing stretching and yoga in the morning to working out late at night while keeping a check on his diet, Paswan is undoubtedly among the fittest of politicians in India currently.