From Gaming to Music: The Top Entertainment Issues to Look Out for In India

digital entertainment

The entertainment world never seems to sit still. So much tends to happen in the area, with new shows, games and movies being announced on a regular basis. In addition, it seems like barely a day goes by without a new platform or service being launched to help us access the latest offerings.

However, what are the trends that have been dominating the entertainment industry in recent weeks? Here, we examine key issues that have emerged in relation to film and TV, casino gaming, music and video gaming.

New ways to watch and play

Streaming services have become crucial in terms of how we access so much TV and movie content. New platforms are emerging all the time, with Amazon India notably adding a new name to the mix in the middle of May. The brand stated that its miniTV service would feature a range of free content, while it would run on its shopping app.

Elsewhere, streaming has also been making its presence felt in the world of online casinos. The sites tend to offer many different titles on a single platform, with one of the most eye-catching sub-categories being live casino gaming.

Genesis Casino is a popular live casino online and it features a range of experiences, including craps and roulette, in the format. The site explains how the concept involves streaming the games over the internet, with human dealers presenting the action. Different camera angles also ensure that players get multiple views of the action.

Higher quality entertainment

Streaming also plays a key role in the next trend on our agenda. Music streaming services have been a huge success all over the world in recent years, allowing many of us to access our favorite songs and albums at the touch of a button.

Now, the sound quality offered by such platforms is going up a notch. As India Today explains, Apple has confirmed plans to bring lossless audio to its music catalogue in the coming weeks, while Spotify has also revealed similar proposals for its own service. The site reports that Spotify HiFi is expected to launch later this year.

Finally, one of the big talking points in gaming in recent weeks has been the unveiling of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The official site details how the battle royale title from Krafton is set to be free-to-play and multiplayer, while it uses Unreal Engine 4 as well. Pre-registration for the game is now live, with players getting several rewards for signing up early.

Exciting developments

When all of that is considered, it seems fair to say that the entertainment world is full of exciting developments at present. New platforms, fresh innovations and exciting gaming experiences are on trend, with streaming technology playing a vital role in most cases.

It will be interesting to see how the issues raised above perform in the coming months, as well as what else comes next in the ever-changing landscape of entertainment. Plenty of other exciting new concepts could well be on their way.