From “The escape that rocked the reds” to “The Survivor” – Dalai Lama on the cover of Time magazine once again.

Dalai Lama Time Magazine

On 15th April 1959 following the great escape of the 23 year old Dalai Lama from Tibet to India, the Time magazine had carried a cover story of this historic journey.    60 years thereafter, in March 2019, the same magazine has carried another cover story on His Holiness the Dalai Lama titled “ The Survivor.”

Dalai Lama Time Magazine 1959
Source: Time Magazine

This is the third time the Dalai Lama has been featured by the Time magazine – 1959, 2008 and now in 2019. The magazine is reported to be the most widely read weekly in the world and presently is owned by Marc Benioff, the CEO of Sales Force and his wife. Marc is an ardent follower of the Buddhist way of life. 

Dalai Lama Time Magazine 2008
Source: Time Magazine

The Times correspondent based in Shanghai travelled all the way to Dharamshala to interview the Tibetan leader in exile and is said to have stated that, “ “The Dalai Lama didn’t show an iota of bitterness, not to the Chinese government, nor the British or Americans who abandoned Tibet, nor anyone else.”

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Dalai Lama
Lion’s Roar

This cover story also says, “In the six decades since, the leader of the world’s most secluded people has become the most recognizable face of a religion practiced by nearly 500 million people worldwide. But his prominence extends beyond the borders of his own faith, with many practices endorsed by Buddhists, like mindfulness and meditation, permeating the lives of millions more around the world.” 

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A true survivor and a messenger of world peace, the Dalai Lama is surely “one of a kind” and continues to be so…!