23 hilarious surnames in India which will make you go “Yeh kesa naam hai bey!”

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funny surnames

What’s in a name? They say. Identity, humour, embarrassment, pride- a hell lot of things. If you have ever come across some of the most hilarious surnames in existence, you probably would give a second thought to everything that a name can make (or break). These 23 Indian surnames will sure make you glad you aren’t privy to any of these (hopefully!)!

#1 Ranaut


If it is yet to strike a chord in your brain, let me have you figure it out. Ranaut breaks down to run out so Kangana can run out of temper any time soon!

#2 Padukone


Even the dumbest person on earth can see it all in perspective. Period. Deepika, you are blessed though!

#3 Irani

Someone from Iran to make you chuckle? I ran Bo Man. Yo man!

#4 Penty


The beautiful actress made her debut in Bollywood alongside Deepika Padukone and yet managed to hog the limelight. Looks and skills are all fine, but it’s also her hilarious surname that helped her scale popularity.

#5 Lamba

Lamba meaning long, might not be a particularly apt surname for a person with a medium height. No wonder tinsel town actress Minissha Lamba counts among those celebrities with a surname somewhere on the side of funny.

#6 Deshmukh


A country facing surname if you prefer. Here’s an actor as desi as he can be. Riteish- the country man.

#7 Chadda

Your surname is supposed to be your identity. Any takers for Chadda then, the equivalent to Underwear?? Surely there is- Richa Chadda.

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#8 Banchhod

Slangs galore. Poor soul, this planner had destiny make mockery plans out of him!

#9 Gulati

If you are someone who flips over and over, then Gulati is the surname for you.

#10 Boob

No one even needs an interpretation or explanation for this.

#11 Lod(h)a

Nor for this one.

#12 Kela

Kela is a common slang used in Assam. If you intend to visit the place and your surname is ‘kela’…be prepared to receive some light hearted mocking.

#13 Daruwala

You would be someone in possession of a magnanimous amount of wine if you were some Daruwala. Daru= wine in the local Indian dialect. Similar eponyms follows in Screwwala, Ganjawala, Bootwala, Bulletwala et al.

#14 Shithole

Shithole is the upgradation of asshole. Nevertheless, it retains all the slang and the humour.

#15 Chutiya or Chutia

funny surnames
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However you might choose to pronounce it, the vibes this surname gives off is universal. Hilarious place names or funny people surnames, the frustration is real with this one.

#16 Gaitonde

Cow faced is what this Indian surname loosely translates as. Ganesh Gaitonde, my Sacred man!

#17 Pungi

Pungi is a musical instrument played by Snake charmers. As a surname, Pungi can be a spell to ward off venomous creatures posing as humans.


A snippet: reference to Hello Brother

#18 Readymoney

No there cannot even be a break down of this. Not even quite humorous. But not commonplace definitely.

19 Tailor

A profession to define you? Sure you would get a custom made surname as well. Tailor being the best case in point.

#20 Smart


A surname, seriously? That’s my characteristic dude!

#21 Soneja


Go to sleep- that’s what people would be telling you if your surname is Soneja.

#22 Makhija

Similar to Soneja. Makhija tells you to let the fly go swat!

#23 Pant


Even for those not versed in Hindi, no problem. This one is universal.


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