15 luxurious gift- worthy lighters you can delight your precious people with

gift- worthy lighters

There used to be times when gifting was so mundane and tedious that it lacked the warmth of affection. Not anymore though. With style savvy consumers being catered to by high end brands and higher end minds, gifting has so much revolutionised that it has become more exciting and a lot more thoughtful.

But while thinking about unconventional, we still stick to the basics. It’s time now to break the ice and tread on fire instead! So here’s a luxurious compilation of 15 chic and sleek lighters that you can gift your folks to delight them like no other-

Zippo Nautical Compass Lighter, Black Ice

One of the leading names when it comes to accessories, Zippo has churned out some really breathtaking lighters. A total steal buy at INR 1900, this nautical inspired lighter will add some real tough oomph to your look.

Ombre Arc Lighter

Just look at the beauty this one emanates! All sparkles and sheen, this one is the most gorgeous of the lot but might not appeal to aficionados of all things classy and luxe. This is more for the vibrant spirits, for whom life is a full riot of colors.

Elektrolighter Pineapple Express

The quirky pineapple motif engraved piece of golden exuberance speaks sophistication in its every flash. You can’t simply miss the gilded charm this one is bound to bestow you amply with.

Zippo Brass Paisley Windproof Lighter

Another very classy Zippo offering, this one goes demure but nonetheless enticing in its brass avatar. For those who prefer their royalty to show rather than showing it off themselves will find this Paisley Windproof lighter to be the perfect match.

Tsubota Stick Lighter – Colors

For the artsy types who goes traditional but defined in their approach even to glamour, these color coordinated lighter pieces will be a must buy for a little over INR 2000.

Porsche Design Alps Flat Torch Flame Lighter

Source: Amazon.com

Sleek and smart, Porsche does elegance with this Flat Torch Flame lighter the way only they can. Porsche does stand true to its brand name of redefining and refining style with its very classy design.

RONSON Banjo Oil Lighter Skull R01-2016

RONSON is another name to be reckoned with in the world of lighters. This grand red- golden piece is a bit extravagant at INR 11000 but considering that it is only one of the few exclusive productions, it is worth every penny.

Zippo Zodiac Sign Edition Aquarius Pocket Lighter

If you want to gift something customised and exclusive, then you can go for Zippo’s Zodiac Sign Edition lighters. They might not be anything with too much striking grace, but man, that golden embossed sign on the smooth black case is one sophisticated pick!

Arc Dual Arc Electric USB – GC Pocket Lighter

Source: USB lighter

Arc Dual’s GC offering is quite unique in the very look of it. It is elegance personified, with fine detailing revving up the soft brass shine in just the perfect tone.

Tetra Slide Lighter

Tetra’s Slide Lighter does not look like a lighter at all. It is a very classic looking bar of the most exquisite colors that lets you shine all the night at around INR 1500.

ST Dupont Ligne 2 Brushed Palledium Lighter

Source: Pinterest

When it’s St Dupont, you know it’s luxury. This suave and sleek piece is just the perfect complement to your business dignity and enigmatic persona. For those who seek extravagance in simplicity, this palledium lighter is the way to go.

Elektrolighter Beam Utility Lighter

The beam utility lighter imparts convenience with its elongated lighter beam and packs also a punch with its very inventive style. It is easily one of the most glorious presences in the list and worth every emotion with which you present the gift.

Tonino Lamborghini Turn Flint Torch Cigar Lighter

Tonino Lamborghini Mito Engine #S88 Turn Flint Torch Cigar Lighter
Source: elighters

With its exquisite cut and elegant finish, this Tonino Lamborghini piece stands out in its classy musings. Guaranteed to fetch you quite the stares every time you feel like lighting a cigar with it!

Corona Black Matte With Gold Plated Cigar Lighter

Source: Cigar Manor

If there’s a combination that does understated luxury, then it has to be this very vintage golden touch on matte black that has all the elements of making you go dapper. Corona sure has put in every thought to make its INR 10000 offering matter all the more.

Vertigo Serpent Table Torch

Source: Amazon.com

Vertigo’s table torch is one of the most unique looking lighters you can light up your cigar- and your world with. It does not look anything like a lighter though but at INR 1500, this glossy serpent pick is delightful.