These 21 guilty pleasures will make you go Ewww…!!

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guilty pleasures

There’s a thrill in seeking out the forbidden that has forever been beating mankind at it. From the forbidden fruit being the sweetest to daring to venture unto unsecured lands, the beautifully unreachable has an inherent appeal for us. That’s perhaps what makes indulging in guilty pleasures so much of a reality for the all of us. Things that are obviously trashy or at best futile, yet with a charm that we can’t resist. Here are 21 such guilty pleasures so sinful they will be making you go Ewww..!!



With all those cheesy romantic novels and movies dotting the horizon, it’s tough not to indulge in them as pure guilty pleasures. But what’s even more pleasurable is fantasising one’s own self as the dreamy protagonist reveling in all the adulation and charm fiction has always been so generous with.



We sure have a thing for popping. Be it those delightfully fun bubble wraps or something as gross as poking on a pimple, popping ranks amongst the top of guilty pleasures. Then there are some who even take it one step further- revelling in the glory of the pus and all ‘achieved’ out of popping one of those zits!



While cooking might not exactly be a pleasure, what with all that slicing and prepping tending to take a toll on the sanity, it’s not exactly a displeasure as well. Particularly when you tend to do famous chefs a la Gordon Ramsay and skillfully anchor your way through your own food show, all within the confines of your kitchen!



This has to be among the most gullible and unhealthy of pleasure obsessions. Crying oneself deliberately to sleep (because well, grief has a way of comforting the soul) is a guilty pleasure most fragile souls are forever indulgent of.



Blessed is the soul who has the resolution to not cheat on their diet, ever. Otherwise every perfectly sane person in the world is guilty of the pleasure of gorging on a cheat diet. Ditching the salad for the steak, going overboard with the pizza quota or bunking the diet altogether- pleasure doesn’t get better than this!



Imagine being all by yourself and dancing like crazy! Not a soul to care for and dishing out all those killer moves (literally) is what freedom sounds like. Twisting and turning just the way you like is pure bliss- and if this counts as a guilty pleasure, so be it.



Travelling is an obsession for many of us, but what’s equally obsessive is stealing stuff from hotel rooms. Luxury hotels have the worthiest assortment of exotic shampoos and soaps, and not to forget the fluffiest pillows and the softest towels. And no one can possibly let go of such royalty once they have experienced it. Hence obviously, the pleasure in guilt takes center stage.



Is there anything more sinful and indulgent than licking up peanut butter and nutella straight out of the jar? I guess not. The feeling of pure ecstasy that seeks to overwhelm you with that heaven melting in your mouth is worth all the guilt we are condemned for!



Is there anything other than cribbing that lends you comfort after the end of a really miserable day? Probably not. Because venting your anger is one of the coolest ways to loose it. Bitching then, either with your bestie or just with the person staring back at you from the mirror, is a guilt that is undeniably and unmatchedly pleasurable.



You might renounce stalking as a vice, but deep down even you have yielded to this guilt at some point in your life. Stalking on social media calls for some serious skill and earns you some seriously mind boggling information. Stalking an ex or someone you secretly like or don’t like is one of those guilts worth indulging in for the pleasure.



There’s few other things that can match the pleasure of indulging in a pint sized tub of ice creamy deliciousness or equivalently nibbling off a bar of family sized chocolate pack all by yourself. And if that puts on a few extra inches on the waist or endow us with a bit more of the pleasure of guilt, then we ain’t complaining!



Are you a die hard maniac of all things literature can conceive of? If yes, then you know the euphoria you achieve when you begin a sojourn into one of those worlds of wordy wonder. We all have been slave to that feeling of pleasure- eyes drooping off even as we race against time to read just one more page and then waking up delightfully drenched in that moment of breezy leisure. Putting sleep at bay even when you are all teary eyed from yawning is a guilt we happily partake of.



If books endowed you with enlightenment along the travails of it being a guilty pleasure as well, then trashy reality shows does just the opposite. Pleasure undoubtedly it endows, for with all those bickering and bitching that leaves us amused, we still crave for more. But to admit that we are dedicated viewers of such trashy shows isn’t something we would ever do. Pleasure and all is fine, but guilt definitely over runs all with this one!



Trying out weird food combos might sound insane, but trust me, food on food tastes better when it’s unusual. Relishing the weirdest of food combos you can whip up, even when others proclaim you as downright crazy, is a guilty pleasure we take pride in.



In this era of Netflix and chill, loyalty is seriously over ruling all standards. Awaiting the release of a new series and binge watching it is the modern definition of thrill. And doing it without your partner even when you had avowed not to do so is another guilty pleasure we are happy to commit to.



Regifting isn’t just a guilty pleasure, it’s as much of a necessity as everything else. Gifting away gifts that are just not worthy enough to be gifts is a gift you gift to yourself. Phew! Too much gifts? Gift them away!



Who else has this vice of having no control over their beastly self within? I do, for with all those cravings for all things sweet, eating half baked cookie batter or even sometimes raw cake batter straight outta the bowl is my ultimate version of guiltful pleasure! Add on: baby food droolings. Mmmm!



We all have had stupid celebrity crushes all our life. But crushing on a much trolled celebrity, who obviously is no good, while trolling ’em ourselves is something that lends us the pleasure among all the guilts.



Eating in bed is unacceptable, eating from bed is gross. And with our bets on having done both, unapologetically, guilty pleasures have turned all the more real for us.



This isn’t ewww as such, but definitely so at a moral level. Making excuses that are really awful to the point they are immoral just to avoid getting out- and all because you don’ feel like it- is unpardonable. The pleasure though is unmatched!



Sleeping through the day is one of those life indulgences that is addictive and comes with no price. But with its obvious hindrance on productivity and a lotta other stuff, even this is one of those unhealthy guilty pleasures. Sigh!


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