The trendy tale of hanging handykettes


If you haven’t already heard about handykettes- chances are really high that you haven’t, then try recollecting about cell phone chains. If that doesn’t strike a chord either, then relax- you aren’t really missing out on anything exemplary. Because while the idea behind what we are talking about is undoubtedly quite an useful one, it perhaps isn’t- we are afraid- the most ingenious or even unprecedented of inventions in recent times.

What we are talking about is an utility fashion trend that is catching up with the world- fashion savvy or not- since quite some time ago. The fad sure is catching up now but the product has been on the horizon for almost one half of a decade. Whether the attribute goes to Samja Schröder or to Yara Jentzsch Dib of being the name(s) behind the fad, the claim sure lies with the German capital of Berlin. Because it is from this very city that phone necklaces have had what we can call a breakthrough- both in terms of being a practical fashion statement as well as in ironically being perhaps a more empathetic assertion of our phones (and thereby our dependence on them!).

Cordless and mobile- that’s where they got their name from anyway, cell phones emerged as a phenomenon that sought to break us free from the tangles of wired telephones, not to mention the immobility of them. It then is no short of a paradox that we are ending up getting wired once again, to our phones, to the extent that this shot at going hands free is in fact a manifestation of how we would never be free from this very assertion itself!

Coming back to the origins however, fashion stylist Schröder and founder of Blueandtrue came up with these cord cases out of sheer necessity. Catering to times when she needed her phone close at hand but also her hands off it, this German woman supposedly invented the cell phone chain. Or even if we take the case of then new mum Yara who came up with her own corded danglers, we can safely revert to our idiomatic knowledge of necessity being the mother of all invention. The empirically desirable hands on approach and word of mouth publicity meant that ventures by both the ladies- Blueandtrue by Schroder and Xouxou by Dib became somewhat of entrepreneurship realities even without they having conceived it on such a scale.

handykette model

Handykettes however perhaps would not have worked so convincingly if they were really gawdy to the sight- they were devised as utilities alright, but there’s a thing about fads and fetishes that ensured that these also sightly presences did more than what was just expected of them. Because these phone necklaces sported cords that could be easily swapped with another, they tended also to be fashion accessories which made them far more popular.

Source: KNOKberlin

All this is well and fine, considering how the importance of fashion is increasingly crossing over to be as integral a part of modern life as life itself. There really is no harm in making your fashion sensibilities manifest so brilliantly in every aspect of your existence or letting your life be a fashionable journey all throughout. What however is not so much of a matter to be overlooked is the larger than life impact itself that cell phones has come to exert on our beings.

How very dependent we need to be to our phones that we caught on so easily to something that had these lifelines hugging on to us? Life without phones, or rather outside them, is almost inconceivable for the vast majority of us whose every single day begins with the mobile and ends with it. Be it really assisting us in work or keeping us preoccupied with things that would virtually not have been matters had the phone not existed at all, we have a lot of sleep to lose over our phones. Imagine misplacing your gadget that hoards all of your personal data or not having it handy to capture that once in a lifetime opportunity when you are gazing at the magnificent Northern Lights for instance, that’s stuff our bad life would be made of! Apt therefore it is then, that we let ourselves be burdened by the phone one more time- slipping out of our pockets and from our hands to dangle over our chest much like some pacemaker pumping life into us, till life finally gets the better of us.