Heart touching moments of defence personalities that will make you go AWW…

Heart touching moments of defence personalities
Source: Military OneSource
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We all dream of a blissful life- replete with family happiness and the warmth of love and belonginess. And in our pursuit of the supreme happiness, we very often forget those who have made struggle a part of their lives just so we can rejoice and laugh in peace.

Defence personnel all over the world are the most undervalued of people, for if we look at what they have had given up when they chose to pledge their lives for the service of the nation, we would be overwhelmed by their level of selflessness. And yet we fail to pay due respects to these great souls for whom the nation is the foremost for of their lives missions.

Below are 18 photographic depictions of heart touching moments of defence personalities when they finally reunited with their families, after ages of service and aloofness. These are highly evocative images guaranteed to melt your heart and make you go aww-



















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