Most epic high school expectations vs reality that everyone has to face

high school expectations vs reality

Life in high school has its own charm. Specifically when the bounty of high school musicals on air presents such a dreamy version of this world of almost grown ups. But not everything about high school is hunky- dory. While expectations sky rocket into our wildest fantasises, reality often leaves us starved for some kind of action. Here’s drawing from experience to come up with some of the most epic high school expectations vs reality that we faced, and you too will as well-

High school romances are all things dreamy


Nope. Romances are a bit too hyped up in high school musicals and stuff that are targeted at die hard romantics and young minds. Of course, given that it might be your first serious brush with romantic relationships, high school love would be special. But that’s basically the case for everyone madly in love. So if you are someone who thinks you would build your own world of fantasy out of romantically weaved out high school love sagas, then kid, it’s time to cut the imagination some slack.

High school means freedom!


Hard luck people but if you thought you would be lesser burdened in high school than you were in mid school then you aren’t very right. Most people have this expectation that once they make it to high school, they can do all they want. But this isn’t entirely true. You can be somewhat on your own but high school still is school, very much with restrictions and liabilities. High school isn’t only all fun and games. It is fun plus the chores.

High school would be stiff competition


Of course high school would be competition. But it isn’t the kind you are made aware of by movies and shows. Once you are in high school, you are supposed to be more responsible for your career and for yourself. There wouldn’t be show offs as to who is prettier or who has the more handsome boyfriend, at least not for all. You can however, sure be a show off if you want to. But that isn’t the only reality about life in high school.

You would rule high school in your senior year


Duh! It’s a very commonly explored myth that seniors in high school are the numero uno of all presences. In reality the only advantage you get being the seniormost batch in your school is you will be out of this mess earlier than others! Don’t expect to show your might over the you- think- timid freshmen, unless you want a suspension and yet another year of confinement within the same old block of bricks and walls!

High school will be such fun to sneak out of!


Sneaking out of anything with rules and restrictions would be fun and that even counts the 9 to 5 job, if you ask us. But the point is- you need to be able to sneak out to have a shot at fun. And high schools aren’t that all open, huge campus you can easily get lost from and no one will notice. You might think of sneaking out but given the consequences, you will want to sneak back in just as bad!

‘Out of high school and into success’


Probably. Most probably not. Of course all high schoolers will like to think they would have their lives sorted out once the last day in campus is near. But reality defies most and what you will likely end up with is more than just a couple letters of rejection from universities and colleges and a head full of worries.

Hangouts and hangovers aren’t also the most common ‘events’ in high school


Hangouts might become more frequent if you are someone close to being the social butterflies. Hangovers might mark your every weekend if you are an alcohol fanatic or one who easily yields to peer pressure. But beyond that, partying and drinking are as few and far between in high school as in schools. High school isn’t a party, it is a school after all. So stop having such expectations of utter fanciness from your not so fancy high school!

High school proms night will be exactly like the gala time in movies


You wish. Proms in real school life aren’t so much a glitzy- blitsy affair. It’s more like a cultural night though, with some dance and maybe teeny amount of hush- hush romances infecting the air.

Everyone in high school looks drop dead gorgeous

Correction. Everyone in movies look gorgeous. Which might lead you to think that come high school and you will morph into the diva destined to stun or the hunk girls will be swooning over. Unfortunately however you will remain the same old potato, sorry person, you were when you have been fantasising about all such stuff.

Bunking high school classes is a cake walk


It might not exactly be a cake walk but even then it’s not exactly very difficult. What is more difficult however is just how ‘perfectly’ you manage to have fun in the time you have to yourself. The anxiety of getting caught, the possible repercussions and heck, even a possible letter to the parents, and you know just how your ‘day of freedom’ will fly away in despair!

High school will bring you so many new friends!


Sure it might. But you need to be aware that not all of your friends will be true. There will be just friends and close friends and there will be best friends. High school friends are the best when you choose them wisely. Just getting alone with everyone, because social status you see, is just a foolish dive into future regret.