Highest paid celebrities on Instagram right now who are InstaRich!

highest paid instagram celebrities

Whosoever of us are on Instagram only for the hearts, we are doing it all so wrong! Take a cue from these InstaRich celebs who indeed knows how to translate the like brigade into money minting businesses courtesy their immense star power and appeal. Here’s the 20 highest paid celebrities on Instagram right now who are paid millions for their every post-

Kylie Jenner

Earnings per post: $1,266,000

The youngest billionaire ever, Kylie Jenner is yet another successful name stemming from the illustrious Kardashian- Jenner clan. Courtesy her make up brand Kylie cosmetics and her banking as a social media star, Jenner counts on her reputation to rake in the moolahs from every source possible. Unsurprisingly therefore, as of 2019 Kylie Jenner is the world’s highest paid Instagram celebrity commanding a whopping 1.26 million US dollars per post.

Ariana Grande

Earnings per post: $996,000

A Grammy and a couple of Billboard music awards in her kitty however makes Ariana Grande more than only a celebrated musician and a much loved artiste. The most followed woman on Instagram in 2019 with 168 million followers, Grande also extends the strength of her massive presence on the site to earn her the bucks, with close to a cool 1 million US dollars per post.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Earnings per post: $975,000

Source: Spotern

Coming at a close third behind Insta’s most followed female celebrity is the most followed of all celebrities on the photo sharing platform. The distinction is at the helm of star Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo who boasts of 193 million Instagram followers and earnings of 0.97 million US dollars per Insta post.

Kim Kardashian

Earnings per post: $910,000

Source: Page Six

Kim Kardashian is a name instantly recognised on the social celebrity bandwagon and with her assertion of worth as perhaps the most visible heir of the Kardashian clan initially she sure has all it takes to rake in the bucks. No wonder she follows half sister Kylie Jenner into the list of highest paid Instagram celebrities at fourth position with earnings of $910,000 for every post she does from her official account.

Selena Gomez

Earnings per post: $886,000

Singer, actress, celebrity and social media influencer- there’s no hat that Spanish beauty Selena Gomez have not worn with panache. Be it her much talked about affair with Justin Bieber and the breakup, her continuing health issues and also her battle with depression and anxiety, Gomez has forever been in the limelight. A recurring contender of Instagram’s most followed celebrities, Gomez also cashes in on her immense popularity on the social platform to round up the top five of the world’s highest paid Instagram celebrities. With earnings of 0.88 millions in US dollars per post, Instagram is as lucrative an earning platform for Gomez as any of her other claims to fame and fortune.

Dwayne Johnson

Earnings per post: $882,000

‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson might have been a former WWE professional but his claim to being a popular Instagram celebrity as well rests also on his acting prowess. The towering actor dominates not only with his phenomenal screen presence but also with his histrionic abilities. No wonder with such amassment of talent, Johnson is very visible a presence on social media that translates also in monetary gains to place him firmly among the world’s highest paid celebrities on Instagram.

Beyonce Knowles

Earnings per post: $785,000

One of the best selling music artists of all times and the highest paid black musician, Beyonce is a storm that has been ruling the world ever since she set her foot in the professional music industry. A young girl from Houston who envisaged a dream and worked hard her way through it to bag ultimate success is what makes her an inspiration for so many of us out there waiting to make it matter in the world. As a true global icon, Beyonce sparks admiration not only because of her prowess as a songstress, but also as a strong level headed woman, a feminist with a definite mind of her own and her vision to empower more people out there. No wonder her tremendous influence and presence bodes well also for her standing on Instagram earning her 785,000 dollar per post.

Taylor Swift

Earnings per post: $748,000

With her tremendous musical prowess and her head strong defiance of conventional norms, Taylor Swift is very prominently a celebrity in the public realm. Her quick rise to fame has been helped by how well her music resonates with the contemporary vibes of her younger crowd. Drawing from experiences of her personal life and relationships, Taylor Swift has emerged to be the most relatable among new- age stars, cementing her position and appeal as not only being among the highest paid Instagram celebrities but also the numero uno of highest paid celebrities in the world.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Earnings per post: $722,000

The second most followed athlete on Instagram after Ronaldo, Brazilian star striker Neymar comes second to Ronaldo yet again when it comes to the list of the highest paid celebrities on Instagram. Counting on his star appeal that has earned him also numerous brand endorsements, the soccer sensation earns 0.72 million dollars with his every Instagram post.

Justin Bieber

Earnings per post: $722,000

Justin Bieber
Source: StyleCaster

Yet another musician who stakes his claim to being among the highest earning Instagram celebrities is Justin Bieber. Be it his music or his fan following, Bieber commands tremendous influence both on and off the stage. His fame extends to Instagram as well where he earns some 0.72 million dollars every time he puts up a sponsored post.

Nicki Minaj

Earnings per post: $651,000

Among the world’s top 10 richest rappers and also the only female at that, Nicki Minaj is still another musician who also makes it matter as being among the highest paid Instagram celebrities. Apart from her music and her very assertive, boisterous costumes that get her all the attention and rakes in massive wealth, Nicki also draws considerably from her lucrative endorsement deals and other business ventures. One of the top presences among women in entertainment, Minaj’s reputation and stature bodes well also for her fortunes on and through Instagram as she earns $651,000 for her every post on the social media site.

Lionel Messi

Earnings per post: $648,000

Lionel Messi
Source: Twitter

The charismatic Argentine footballer recently laid his claim to FIFA Ballon d’Or/Ballon d’Or while also claiming the title of the 2019 FIFA Best Men’s Player of the Year asserting once more why he is regarded as one of the greatest of the game. Also the world’s highest paid athlete this year, Messi’s exploits extend well over the football field and onto Instagram where he earns some 0.64 million dollars with every post he makes.

Kendall Jenner

Earnings per post: $611,000

The massive influence and ever growing popularity of the Kardashians and the Jenners is also manifested in the presence of a third name in the list. This time it’s supermodel Kendall Jenner who dwells on her immense brand value to make Instagram her own money minting platform with earnings of $611,000 ever post on the site.

Khloe Kardashian

Earnings per post: $598,000

Khloe Kardashian
Source: Who Magazine

Following half sister Kendall Jenner on the very next spot in the list of highest paid Instagram celebrities of 2019 is Khloe Kardashian with an approx earning of $598,000 for every post she makes on the gram.

Kevin Hart

Earnings per post: $480,000

Kevin Hart
Source: Miami On The Rocks

Also making a mark on Instagram is American comedian and actor Kevin Hart whose comedy style delves into his own life experiences of racial, physical, familial and gender divide. Insecurities of his unconventional height and belonging to a black family finally found acceptance in his psyche through his own comic presentation and catapulted him to fame as a classic stand- up comedian. On Instagram though he posts and earns without inhibitions and earns some US $480,000 per post.

Demi Lovato

Earnings per post: $458,000

American singer and actress Demi Lovato also has the celebrity status working for her on Instagram as well as she commands some 0.45 million dollars for every post she makes on the social networking platform.

David Beckham

Earnings per post: $357,000

Source: Pinterest

A former professional footballer and an all time charismatic celebrity, Englishman David Beckham relies on his persona and his impeccable style to grab eyeballs in person and also on Instagram and is very deservedly one of the highest paid celebrities on the social networking site.

LeBron James

Earnings per post: $272,000

Source: Spotern

Yet another American who made it to the list of this heavily US infested presences is basketball player LeBron James who makes some 0.27 million US dollars every time he posts on Instagram.

Priyanka Chopra

Earnings per post: $271,000

The only Asian presence among the top 20 in the list of highest paid celebrities on Instagram is Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. Her very visible social media presence has ensured that Chopra easily earns $271,000 for every post she makes on the popular photo sharing site.


Earnings per post: $256,000

Source: Business Insider India

He is easily one of the most recognised names in football even years after his retirement from the sport. Which means Brazilian legend Ronaldinho still can count on his stature as one of the greatest to have played the game to make it big on Instagram, as he earns some 0.25 million dollars for his every Instagram post.