Bed, Better, Best!

making the bed every morning

It doesn’t take much to live your life the ideal way as long as you are really committed to that idea of the good life in spirit and in person. You are always one step away from experiencing an existence that is a closer interpretation of what you want to be or how you see yourself as, an identity from which you are being held back often not by any grave issue but rather by much simpler norms of life, which once you adhere to, you finally get to realise the potential of what you can be. Because ultimately, it all boils down to your lifestyle, and the associated psychological impact therefrom, that dictates the amount of control you are able to exercise upon yourself. Needless to say then, effecting even the most minute of changes, even trivial maybe, can spring a wonderful surprise in bringing about a revolutionary change in the quality of your life by impacting the many surprising ways the human mind works to bring you face to face with what you hold dear, and what therefore harbours the ability to make you live life at its absolute best.

Such continuation of the quest for a better life leads us to a way of routine, that which is very insignificant in its interpretation, almost passing off as nothing more than an attempt to overrule the bliss in the languid that humans are so susceptible to, and persisting therefore as something frequently dismissed by those to whom it is touted as a means of working out the nuances of a life better than the one they are currently living, in all encompassing aspects of it. This key to a life at least part better than what you are leading at the moment lies in something deceptively simple, but not at the least inconsequential, in a daily chore of ordinary life, that is more a procedure of basic work rather than a deliberately worked out version of it. Touting something as unstriking as making your bed every morn first thing after you wake up as the answer to your life pursuit driven by ambitious, developmental and such other forces strongly associated with success might seem ridiculous to a lot many of us who consider it better to leave such trivial matters of life unattended in order to ‘focus’ more on other pressing concerns of professional growth and personal advancement. After all, attending to such issues that do not hold much water except in furthering those mantras of the feel good life are something not anyone more obstinately in pursuit of the greater riches of life would vouch for. But turns out, this seemingly irrelevant exercise of futility can impact our lives in more grand a manner than what it is deemed appropriate for. Because having a clean, decently made bed in your room not only sets you out of the physical clutter of things, it also does a lot in helping your mind ease out its psychological mess of the awareness about life.

But even when it might come across as a startling revelation of sorts, this profound way in which simply tasking yourself to make your bed as soon as you wake out of your slumber and into real life, and one better than what you had crept into bed with over the years, works in ways that are rather simple, and in fact even very self evident. For one, this daily morning ritual is a very effective way to get yourself out of your groggy sleepy consciousness, simply in being a reminder of the fact that bedtime is over, thereby leading you to push yourself to begin with the tasks that needs to be done over the day. It helps also that a bed that has been tidied up and nicely done is less likely to invite you for a second round of sleeping in, with such workings on the mind that might appear as really flimsy at first but not so much when you come to think of it. For the human mind works in weird ways, including sometimes in ways that are nonsensical enough to only make sense to you, a well made bed might keep you from launching yourself at again simply as a response to a job well done and too unworthy enough to not let yourself indulge in it yet again. Whatever might be the basis of it, what turns out is that making your bed indeed leaves you free from the bait of letting yourself avail the guilty pleasures of a tendency that sure is not the way to go about a productive life.

Also associated with this routine of making your bed- or having to do so- is the benefits that are yielded owing to it being an exercise in organisation. When you make your bed, properly fit the sheets, fluff up the pillows, you are helping to not just clutter it out but also your life. Even when it is essentially a very basic thing to do, this tidying up of the bed, the effects it can have on your life by virtue of its organisational impact can be tremendous. Being organised in every aspect of life, no matter how small or not necessary, still helps in that it makes order a way of your existence, something you cannot do without in essence, making therefore vital organisational skills a habit of you, that will help you in good stead when you set about achieving larger life goals related to work and such, thereby furthering your chances of success. Another way in which this decluttering of space by means of tidying up your bed helps is in such contexts of professional work which you do from your room. With options like work from home the new normal and many preferring the personal feel of their room over even the clarities of a designated work space within the house, a tidy, made up bed is an absolute necessity in scoring more out of your designated work schedule.

Organisation itself is a vital skill for holistic development but it also helps in bringing forth a host of other life skills that are as crucial to your chances of success in life, the most exemplary one being the trait of discipline. Discipline is something you can inculcate as second nature of yourself, by consciously applying it in your daily routine, to the extent that it manifests in your inner consciousness as something very integral to you. There indeed is no end to the impacts that a little discipline can have upon you, extending from realms of an orderly existence to being something that helps immensely in fostering also self belief and the spirit to make things happen, simply because it has you persisting on the path of your choosing in an ordained manner. Even in reinstilling faith in yourself as someone who can make things happen because he chooses to, this discipline acquired through means as simple as making your bed yields therefore an immense power to better your life in different assertions of it.

There’s of course also the sense of ‘accomplishment’ that takes over you on a job well done, especially when you start your day with it. Even when it really isn’t any big of a deal to be feeling so good about this whole routine of the bed, the thing is that even the tiniest of things can indeed feel rewarding when you know that it is done in all propriety. It is because only when you feel completely in charge of the small things in life, would you be preparing yourself to be more in control of other greater, more substantial things. This accomplishment in itself is also a feel good justification of the validation that arises from yourself, and that which also lends it well to other areas of existence, perking up your mood and goading you on to other similar accomplishments through the continuation of the day, and your life.

Perhaps the most ‘reasonable’ benefit that you can avail of from making the bed every morning is its impact upon your sleep cycle. It perhaps is the lure of a neat and clean premises to sleep upon or simply the gratification enjoyed out of a productive day embarking upon the premises of a bed well made, but this habit of making your bed has always been found to positively impact the circadian rhythm. As a nighttime ritual that habituates you into plunging into the clean, uncreased expanse of your cosy spot, this cherished bed of yours becomes all the more enticing a universe wherein lay your health, hygiene and dreams. There is no end to the amazing ways a night of good sleep can help your life by bringing about physical as well as psychological benefits for you to reap. This directly translates to a better quality of life by all means possible, which compounded from the organisational and more nuanced benefits of making your bed makes this morning much more than just another chore to tick off your to do list.

Lending you therefore a general sense of well being, one that might not be very radical in its everyday feel but one that sure is a lot more wholesome than you perceive it to be, is this simple task that arises from a need to be as humanly in control of your life circumstances as possible, not by wanting to change your life, but rather by making efforts to better it through such means of the usual that is as much rewarding even when it isn’t even half the effort you would be willing to make. For whoever believes in the adage of small things being able to make a huge difference in life, specially when you are dedicated enough to do it even without any definite end in sight, making the bed can at once be the most unremarkable and the most profound thing to do. After all, all you need is the belief that life will turn out the way you want it to and the zeal to work towards it, in whatever means possible, because life is indeed but a result of the choices you make, even when that means something as plain as the comforting charm of a bed well made!