In conversation with talented Assamese singer Anamika Tamuly

Anamika Tamuly

Music is food for the soul. Be it a novice or a professional singer,music incites and inspires a bounty of emotions. With social media ruling the roost in the times of today, aspiring singers gain a platform through which they can express their talent and make the world sit up and take notice. One such talented singer from Assam is Anamika Tamuly who has been making waves in the music circuit ever since she made her professional foray into the world of melody last year.

A Divisional Officer at the Soil Conservation Department posted in Guwahati, music has been a continuing passion for Tamuly and with a supportive husband by her side, this talented singer has dared to venture into the realm of professional music. L. Saikia, Tamuly’s husband is the man behind her success and he takes out time from his busy life in the IRS to support and motivate his wife to pursue her dreams and further her singing aspirations.


anamika tamuly
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Such constant encouragement goaded Anamika Tamuly to the heights of adulation and fame when she came up with her debut Assamese music video last year. Titled Ei Nodir, the romantic number is a mellifluous celebration of Tamuly’s unheralded singing prowess and the soothing tone transports you to a dreamy world of true love. Enchanting and spirited, Ei Nodir definitely sets you up for a mind date with your beloved!

Another number bordering on the lines of peppy romance by Tamuly is Phagun Phagun, celebrating the emotions in the Assamese month of Phagun. The energetic rendition replete with the catchy tune makes this one a completely enjoyable song.

Diverting from the genre of romance to delve into the diversified world of Kamrupi lokogeets, Tamuli comes up with Haatote Cherenda Loi that beautifully captures the spirit supposed to be embodied by this category of music.

In conversation with Anamika Tamuly

Q. How did the passion for music take roots in your heart?

Ans: I have been interested in music since my childhood but being born in a household where my father was sort of an authoritarian figure, I had to refrain from delving too much into music.

However, it was my parents from whom I received the gift of singing as my father was also inclined towards music and many a times in childhood, I had been gifted musical instruments by my parents. But in accordance with the tides of those times, I was expected to be more serious about academics than about music.

Though I had taken classes in classical music in my childhood, even then my musical dream was too far fetched. For, I was too afraid of my father and in anticipation of his wrath, I enrolled for music lessons secretly and therefore sporadically.

Q. So how did you get into music professionally?

Ans: After my marriage when we shifted base to Lumding, I started re- engaging with music. My husband encouraged my talent and thereafter I resumed my musical training. Having never performed on stage even while in school or college, I however did not let go off my passion for music and grabbed the opportunity with both hands when it came my way.

Q. Do you think children should be encouraged to pursue music at a young age?

Ans: On my part, I have always encouraged my children to pursue their passion whole heartedly. Unlike our times, society is more accepting of extra curricularities now and my daughter as well as I have the full support of the family as we set out to discover music. I believe that the children of today needs to be more engaged in creative pursuits as music and the like. Instead of whiling away all of their time on the unnecessary pursuit of technology, being immersed in artistic ventures not only provides a scope for expression of talent but also keeps the mind calm and refreshed. For me, it is very important that I keep my children away from all evils of the idle mind and let them expand their horizons while allowing them to soar in search of their dreams.

Q. How difficult has it been for you to make a mark in the professional music circuit?

Ans: After we shifted from Lumding to Maligaon in Guwahati, I got a chance to be part of a prime time show in a local news channel wher I came into contact with musicians across Assam. Prominent among them is one Jagadish Sharmawho, as the person behind my professional music career carries much relevance. The tuning and music for each of my three music videos till date has been done by Jagadish. In fact, whenever I take the plunge into making new music, it has been Sharma who has always made all the arrangements and has been instrumental in making my musical journey a reality.

anamika tamuly
Source: YouTube

Q. Your favorite singer?

Ans: I like meaningful songs. Those of Tarali Sarma are my favorite. I also like the songs of music icons Zubeen Garg and Papon.

Among the legends, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle still holds the charm of music for me.

Q. Your upcoming projects?

Ans: I am working on a new Bihu song, in collaboration with Upasana Parashar, that we plan to release before Magh Bihu. Also, another genre of music that has been forever dominating Assamese melodies are the Biya Naams. These ubiquitous celebratory numbers are fast losing out on their sheen and I hope to revive them with another album which I plan to release soon.

Here’s wishing all the luck to Anamika Tamuly on her musical journey!

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