19 facts about Airbus A380 for you if you ever wanted to be a pilot

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Flying is perhaps one of those multiple travel experiences that inspire a euphoria of feelings. And when its a flight as humongous, as luxurious and as elegant as the Airbus A380, the emotion is bound to elevate. As the technologically most upgraded, ultra- modernly comfy and opulent aircraft that the A380 is, the plane houses some of the most luxuriant of features. That apart, the A380 also houses on board some pretty cool facts that are sure to blow your minds off!


Facts about Airbus A380 that are truly next level (read, sky level)!

#1 First things first, Airbus A380 is the largest passenger plane in the whole world. With a seating capacity for a maximum of 850 passengers, this is definitely the most ‘accomodative’ passenger airline all over.


#2 It isn’t the largest airplane in the world though. That credit goes to the Antonov An-225, which is even more humongous than the A380.

#3 The Airbus A380 is a beast in every sense. With a weight of 1.3 million pounds, the 72.7 meters long plane also requires 3600 litres of paint to cover its 3100 square meter exterior.

Additional trivia: 34 people working over 15 days would be required to paint the whole plane with the amount that is sufficient for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel 97 times! Now that’s actually a lottt of paint.


#4 Not surprisingly, the Wright Brothers’ first flight was shorter than the A380’s wingspan. The advances have been really by leaps and bounds.


#5 With its humongous size, it is more than obvious that not all airports in the world have the amenities necessary for an A380 to land and take off. Currently, there are only about 20 such airports in the entire world that have been specifically modified to accommodate this gentle giant’s gigantic flights.

#6 Even more spectacular than the features of the aircraft is its flying capacity. The Airbus has a lifespan of 140,000 hours, which means that it will be flying around the world for more than 2000 times during its entire life! Sob, one world trip would have been enough to content us lesser mortals.


#7 The A380 also has the remarkable capacity to fly nonstop for a distance of 15, 200 km without refueling. That’s equivalent to being in the air for 16 hours straight. Phew!


#8 Because the airplane is so huge that it doesn’t entirely come under the purview of the eye, there is bound to be another additional feature. Every seat within the airplane has access to a special camera that allows the passenger to view the sky as if he/ she were on tail.

#9 The Airbus A380 encompasses a ‘global view’ in the sense that it has parts coming from all continents except Antarctica.


#10 But it isn’t that the Airbus is just a beast in the size. Even for its magnitude, the A380 is surprisingly efficient. Not only can it be flown by two pilots, the aircraft can also perform on one engine. Not that it did. But when one of its four engines exploded sometime last year and the aircraft successfully operated with three engines, simulated conditions did indeed establish that the A380 can indeed fly on just one engine.


#11 The Airbus A380 had superseded the Boeing 747 on introduction as the largest passenger airline in the world. But to its credit, the A380 still has the advantage of requiring lesser fuel than its predecessor. Obviously then, the Airbus is the greenest commercial plane.

#12 The Airbus is also 50% quieter than the Boeing on take off.


#13 Airbus A380 was also intended to be a plane that would be environmentally sustainable. Its 220 cabin windows that lets natural air circulate in the plane is an effort to that direction.

#14 A380 recycles its inside cabin air every three minutes to keep the atmosphere inside the plane fresh.

#15 The Airbus is also the first commercial aircraft to feature open spaces and access to other amenities as business centers, bars and social areas.

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#16 As an airplane that strives to deliver the ultimate flying experience to those on board, the A380 typically pressurises its cabin air to reduce dehydration. This is phenomenal since the Airbus actually flies at 43000 feet but maintains pressure equivalent to a 6000 feet altitude.


#17 With clever LED technology for enhanced mood lighting, the Airbus is also a luxurious flying experience in itself. So its subtle lighting for wake up time, and different configurations that reflect the day as flight time continues.


#18 The Airbus A380 is also unbelievably quiet inside, making for one of the calmest travelling experiences on air.


#19 An A380 takes off or lands somewhere on earth every 2 minutes.


These facts about Airbus A380 definitely makes it way cooler than you ever will be!


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