Internet Love: Distance Means Nothing When Someone Means Everything

internet love

Is sweet love on your mind right now? Yes, the very sensation that is the balm to your qualms and groove to your moves. Sweet love is what we live for and every day is a chance to love some more! Love virus is in the air and you too can be at the receiving end of ardent passion.

Through the golden ages, the most tender and assented way of expressing one’s truest intentions was mostly through small love sonnets or volumes of delicate words. This was written and doled out on the softest fabrics of paper to touch the deepest corners of a lover’s heart. The subtle process of exchanging a love note offered a nice way to exchange the smallest of hearty glances and meet beloveds in person.

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Nowadays, the process of exchanging sincere words of love has moved beyond enveloped papers from the old-fashioned days and has moved to a new and exciting world of cyber dating. In this day and age, people tend to find friendships and soul mates starting from follow requests, friendly pokes or even face timing on the various available social media sites. There are numerous dating applications for people from all walks of life to meet and connect. This attempt at bonding with individuals never seen before and met only on the computer or mobile screens offers an exciting edge of romance and a direct peek into their feelings; while oozing out a good bonding time. In fact, the time and professing that can take while meeting people in the traditional way can be tested out better on an online platform. This is owing to a person attempting to share emotions beyond the physical and material appearance as such.

Meeting with the one right person who ultimately grows to be a very important aspect of our lives is no easy and smooth feat. Mighty philosophers and love-struck beings have always been in a continuous pursuit of the right and tried method of building connections intelligently and efficiently. However, reality is as mysterious and unpredictable as it is, and there is in fact, no real system for finding love. For publicly weird, shy and anxious people, attempting to meet a stranger in a public space can turn out to be a nightmarish experience. Also for those lovers who are outgoing and charming, it can be a pretty grueling experience that often needs a lot of luck and chance. The next best alternative of traditional dating is that of going out to meet new people; either by way friends or family. This can and has worked with a lot of people; yet this would be limiting oneself to only particular people who are acquainted with the family and friends.

Online dating is now over a 2 billion dollar industry. The increasing world of online dating is more proof that the pursuit of happiness is in fact, love itself! The World Wide Web has now become the abode of millions of people from all walks of life. With so many individuals using the cyberspace every day, there is a rising likelihood of hitting upon the desired mate at the next click. With the right commonsensical reach out, patience, and the keenness to take a budding online connection into the real world, there is ample scope for people to find love.

With the release and launch of the first online dating site in 1995, the tables of courtship have drastically turned. All over the world, time-hardy and self-sufficing professionals have started using such search engines as the easiest go-to gateway to finding love. A lot of socially shy people have grabbed this world of online dating as the easiest way to talk and bond with people before meeting directly as strangers. Socializing online has since, become the new generation palate for people to meet new individuals and talk their hearts out without the risk of awkwardness and bad first dates. The affairs of the heart are approached by this new generation with a new uncomplicatedness and fresh appeal, which has more than often born successful relationship and marriage stories too!

internet love

A study in Chicago University has recently demonstrated through studies of real-life and online relationships that marriages that start online – whether through professional online dating sites or by the use of social networking sites stood a bigger likelihood of success compared to those that begin in the “real world”. This only goes to say that something as nebulous and everlasting as love can only be tried and tested at best. There is no right or wrong way in finding a real-time loving partner and one only need to hold the willing spirit and openness to receive a meaningful bond, whether through real-life traditional meets or by the use of online dating channels. All is fair in the game of love and war. Simply go for it and right swipe on the next interesting smile or bio on your dating app- your right one might be waiting for you to type a mere ‘Hi’ while killing time in a lazy game of Solitaire!