It’s Bhutan beckoning this time for the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival

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The world of literature has its own charm and aura. With a fascination delving deep into every conceivable and also every inconceivable aspects of the real and the imaginary, words and scribblings have that innate power to transport you to a world of parallel life and existence.

With literature seeking to portray every realm of the unexplored that has the ability to mystify and regenerate you, it’s sheer delight when we hear of numerous literary festivals that have spruced up in different parts of the world since recently.


The Bhutan Literary Festival is one such event characterised by a unique category of fanfare. And it’s not just the fact that it’s a festival celebrating the spirit of writings and literature that lends it the charm and allure.

In all the beauty through which it enchants, it is also the name of the festival that lends this celebration an appeal of its own. Known as the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival, this initiative of the Siyahi foundation of India beckons with its distinctive taste and focus.

Source: New Indian Express

The ninth edition in 2018 will be commencing from the 22nd of this month in the picturesque locale of Bhutan. Spread over a span of four days, the festival aims to celebrate not just alphabets and books, but also the half a centenary of Indo- Bhutanese relations.

Celebrated annually by the Jaipur based trust headed by Mita Kapoor, the festival is known for celebrating the mystics of writings and literature within the nestles of the equally mystifying abode of the Himalayas. What makes this particular lit fest distinctive is its recourse to topics spanning over a wide spectrum of life pursuits, within and beyond literature.


Bhutan, anyways, is the land of beauty and calm. And with its quiet, tranquil setting, the hilly country is an abode of bliss and contentment for all those whose idea of books and stuff is dreamy and magical.

There can’t be anything better than curling up with your favorite novel with a steaming cuppa by your side, even as the gentle breeze and eerily quite surroundings contrive to transport you into a world of blithe peace.


Within the jostling confines of fresh, young beauties of nature, Bhutan is just the perfect setting to guard a secret as pretty as the Mountain Echoes festival. And the focus this time around on the Untouched Beauty, Unexplored Ideas and Unstoppable Voices from the wonderfully pristine environs just about sums up the perfectness of life while being immersed in a world full of blissful utterances.


You will be intrigued  with the wonderful offering of diversity this fest has in store. Of course, the mountains will be graced by eminent writers and poets and activists, and enthusiastic audiences, followed by interactive sessions and the like.

And for that essentially Indian feel to the event you will have Bollywood biggies Ratna Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah, as also theater personality Sanjana Kapoor and dancer Sonal Mansingh, celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia along with celebrated singer Usha Uthup gracing the occasion.

Source: The Magic of Books

Noteworthy personalities like author Nilanjana Roy; Kunzang Choden, Bhutan’s first woman writer to write an English novel; L. Somi Roy; Chador Wangmo; authors and environmentalists Daniel C. Taylor and Dave Goulson; Andrew Quintmanand; Tiger conservationist Valmik Thapar, as well as one of Bhutan’s most loved rappers Kezang Dorji will feature in the extravaganza which will explore options beyond literature as well.


The 2018 edition will only greet you with something even bigger and better than previous celebrations, with explorations of cultural heritage and diplomatic relations, apart from discussions on films and books, philosophy and spirituality set to prominently feature in the meet.

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But what is undoubtedly fascinating about the festival even with its venture into diversified realms is the ‘echoes’ that reverberate against the backdrop of the magnificent ‘mountains’. The vibrant culture, the colorful settings, the divinity bordering on the horizon, the tranquility in the atmosphere and the spiritualism permeating the surroundings is what makes the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival a must visit feature in that enticingly beautiful trip through Bhutan!

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