8 reasons why it’s never too late to do what you want to do

it's never too late

You live for the sake of yourself and not for that of others. So why should you lend fed notions like too late a time deter you from doing things that you ought to do here and now? Time is fleeting but it is fleeting till eternity. Which implies you have as good a chance at capturing moments and making them matter as you have of letting them pass. It’s only smarter therefore that you embark exactly on doing what you want and when you want. For further convincing though, here are 8 reasons that totally tell you why it’s never too late to do whatever the hell you want to do-

Because there isn’t any time to wants and desires


You think those desires that stem from deep within your heart are flimsy enough to be dictated by your convenience? Not really. The main reason why it’s never too late to do things is because those ‘things’ will not have it any other time! You gotta do things on time if you want to bask in the pleasure of doing.

It’s never too late to learn calligraphy because you cannot go back in the past to practise writing a better handwriting. It’s also not late enough to take a medicine even when you are two years old into the illness because you still really have at least some time to live. So when you don’t while away even only the last possible moments of your life, why should you not make even a supposed too late moment worthy enough for the entire two weeks or two lifetimes it might be bringing you to? When the utmost priority is doing, the relevance of time needs to take a backseat. Only when you endeavor to not fall prey to this illusion f too late a moment in existence can you lay claim to the greater pleasures of a worthier life.

It’s never too late to do things because there isn’t a ‘too early’ to contradict!


The reason why no time is late enough to be doing stuff is because you never know whether you are even being early enough! The unpredictable nature of life has our mortality forever threatening to while away its worth, sometimes even without as much as a warning. You might be putting off gymming because you think you have enough time. Like one year early would be too early for you to prep up for your bestie’s wedding. But what if you fall sick suddenly for a whole lot of time and have to turn up at the wedding all bulging and unshapely because now it’s just too late?

Sounds whimsical but instances as these are an easy reminder of why the concept of time is as relative as it can get. Simply because the uncertainity of life does not grant you the privilege of proclaiming any moment as too early, so too you can’t really come with a too late excuse because there really isn’t anything to counter!

Psychologically, an argument as this could be one of your key attempts at motivating yourself before taking the plunge without caring what time – of the day or your life- it is! You might be dead the very next moment you set out on achieving something even at a nascent stage of life. So does it not make your perception of too early a bit too late? So if anyway we don’t have command over a moment, let’s not take the liberty of branding it as anything other than just the most opportune moment for doing whatever we want to.

Because the doing will outrun the boring


How many times have you silently wallowed at how boring your life is but have feigned public ignorance because you think now it’s way too late to make a new beginning? Or halfway through your career you find out that architecting sucks the hell out of you but you choose to let yourself play the parasite’s host because well, you know why! That’s pathetic and not because you are such a poor soul stuck in the vortex of never ending despair. It’s so very pathetic because you are beholding of a really lackluster spirit that does not embark on the path it desires just because it does not want to.

And you can’t even argue with that. Because it’s too late to do things is only an excuse given by those who do not harbour the genuine passion of doing it. Those who find their passion in dancing somewhere after the prime of their life will do all it takes to dance their way through the other half of their life. It isn’t a life lived well if you don’t do things that want to stem of you. It’s killing your spirit and strangling your soul to adjust to such things that are just way too extravagant thinkings of your delirious mind.

And while you might deserve the wretched life because you think it’s too late to emerge out of it, your soul is immortal and will probably not want to waste years being content with the jerk that you are. At least for the sake of what seeks to keep you alive, it’s absolutely essential for you to realise that it’s never too late to escape your pathetic reality and build a new one.

It’s only as late as you think it is


Because the concept of time is relative and you wouldn’t have probably known just how long an hour would be if not for the invention of those underrated but totally ingenious clocks is exactly why you don’t have the authority to stamp too late a tag on any moment. Time is relative which means it is only as late as you think it indeed is. Or if you let societal notions influence your idea of how late it can be. In fact it’s all only in the mind- the whole concept of timely or untimely.


Time should only be as essential in that it does not lead you to procrastinate. But while putting things off for a later day is a vice, it’s a vice of even greater impactability if you choose to forego the doing altogether! The appeal of putting things off should not be allowed to be so enormous that it drives you into not doing it absolutely at all. The prime reason why no time is ever too late- or even too early for that matter- to do things is because there is no any thing as the perfect time. Because perfect as a concept is so skewed is exactly why you should totally not allow the passing away of just the right time or awaiting its dawn any reason for you to not be doing things you really, really want to.

Success depends on not when but whether you do it


Doing is believing- you sure are aware of what this adage means in all its profundity in all your years of wise existence. We say ‘all your years’ because you perhaps have lived enough to think it now to be too late a time to be doing things. (You should rather be awaiting death, we presume) But the fact of the matter is that you can do things only if you set out on the belief that you can indeed accomplish them. You couldn’t be expecting things to happen if you do not proceed to have them started.

Naturally then it’s the how and why rather than the when and where of a doing that determines the course of what you would be doing. There’s no logic in awaiting a better life if you do not work sufficiently towards it because you think your time is passe and there’s nothing you can do about it now. There’s no way to success if you do not pave its beginning in the present. Ruing the past and anticipating the looming of a foreboding future will bring you nothing. Rather than indulging in idle pursuits therefore, you should start out at the moment that can never be too late a time for ushering in the fruits of effort.

You might as well become an inspiration!


One of the goading reasons why you should totally dare to do things even when it is supposedly too late is that you might be etching your impression as an inspiration! There would be countless people who will keep on putting things off with the same logic that had restrained you from doing things you desire. So why not set out to pursue what you want even if the time is a bit too late because you never know how many of your fellow humans might be looking up to you the next time they find themselves in the crossroads?

Of course you should be doing things for yourself and at your will but what’s the harm in doing something that serves the purpose of others while also serving your own? You have nothing to lose, all you have at stake is perhaps too late a time but that’s about it. There’s nothing this moment that you perceive as being unworthy of starting out can take away from you. It can either go to waste or it can earn you accolades and blessings. At least it won’t leave you in the forever haunting perception of the time not in fact being too late a moment!

Because beating the regret is more difficult than beating the blues


Also because you would have absolutely nothing at stake it’s easier to take even a possible failure lightly. The only thing worse than not succeeding is whiling away the opportunity to at least give things a try. You wouldn’t want to live your life in a regret of what ifs and what nots. It’s relatively easy to coax yourself out of the lament of a time too late or even the societal influences that shape it than it is to emerge out of a regret.

Unrequited love might hurt but even unattempted desires are no less painful. If you don’t do something you want to only on the mere pretext or the sheer despair of the times gone by, you are guiding yourself into a life full of regretful longings and fortified yearnings. And regret is one such demon that will follow you to your grave, by when it indeed would be too late a time. Dealing with the blues of failure or the depth of ridicule is far better than having to deal with regret every single day of your life.


It is perseverance that matters and effort that counts in eking out the most contented existence possible. One that is free of all regrets and remorse and one that you can while away in bliss as the fruitful culmination of an effort well made. For the simple reason that you don’t have to while away your already unfulfilled life in fending off even unworthier regret, you should absolutely not shy away from doing things at anytime that might even be a time too late to your senses.

Also because, better late than never!


The only time you are really too late to do anything is that time when you finally fall dead. It’s always better to be late in doing things than not doing them at all. Either because you have enough time in the world or because you don’t, the reason why no time is too late is because you still are fortunate enough to have moments left in you. These moments might be few or they might be forever but it’s your responsibility to make the best use of them.

As they say last but not the least, which means that the reason you should anyway do things that you want to, irrespective of where in the time dilemma you stand, is because your life deserves one more chance. And who knows, that one last leap of faith can lead you to such heights and such moments in happy eternity that you will cease to be just a propagator and instead rise above and ahead to be the ultimate doer- like all individuals should strive to be.