In biding as the next U.S. President, can Joe Biden trump Donald Trump?

joe biden presidential candidate

As the most powerful country in the world gears up for another take on its Presidential elections just over a couple of months away from now, things have started to get interesting- like everytime else. The 2020 US Presidential polls however would be a new challenge in itself. From coping with the unprecedented terror of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that promises to change the whole face of politics altogether to having to deal with the ‘dynamics’ of Kanye West presenting himself as a presidential candidate, the November 3 polls is expected to be a diversive phenomenon than the many runs witnessed in recent history.

But notwithstanding oddities, the race to win the title of the most powerful man on earth continues still to be a two faced affair, even in the otherwise unconventional facade that 2020 has prepared us all for. In boiling down to being the face off between incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the 59th U.S. Presidential elections continues to be the high profile clash between the Republicans and the Democrats.

Capturing particular attention this time is the 77 year old Biden, a veteran in the political scene of the United States but best known for serving as the vice president alongside Barack Obama during his tenure as the President. To his record, Biden has a political career that surely is interesting, if not outright exemplary. As the sixth youngest Senator in American history, having been elected to the U.S. Senate from Delaware in 1972, the 2017 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction from then President Obama has been in the political fray for long enough now to skillfully maneuver his way around the tides and turbulences that such a high profile contest would guaranteed lead him into.

And the times of the corona crisis sure can lend greater credibility to Biden’s proclaimed line of action should he emerge victorious in the race for the President this year. For someone having suffered intense personal losses, losing his wife and daughter early on in an accident to losing also one of his sons to cancer, Joe Biden aims to be accountable for the many crises a look into the current health scenario should prepare us all for. In fact in holding healthcare as something that is quite personal to him, Biden holds up an image of what exactly government backing should look like in this hour of emergency. In stressing therefore on suggestions that advocate making coronavirus tests accessible and free and in also assuring to make any available vaccine fairly receptable by all, Joe Biden knows how to translate his experiences into action to cater to the emotions of a nation of people plagued by the virus. Of course his role in the Obama administration indeed testifies how dedicated Biden remains in his pursuit of making health care a right for all. And going some steps further this time around for the sake of the Presidential run, Biden unveiled in 2019 a healthcare plan that attempts to expand Obamacare’s subsidies to make the private insurance policies available on the exchanges more affordable.

Perhaps what should also help Joe Biden’s cause in the run up to the elections is the fact that he is up against Trump, a figure who perhaps is the most widely mocked President in American history. That, combined with some of the current President’s incoherent opinions on issues as grave as climate change, should lend Biden the upper hand when it comes to polity. For Donald Trump, the very matter of climate change isn’t even real. For Biden however, climate change marks an “existential threat to our future” and should be one ground that renders him immediately worthy a prospect as future President. In seeking also to go “well beyond” Obama’s climate goals, Joe Biden presents himself as a case for support. Needless to say it is partly in Trump’s dispute and partly in Biden’s force in being a part of the Obama administration that makes the 2020 President hopeful emerge as more meritorious a voting proposition in the November 3 polls.

What should also make the 2020 polls a favourable hunting ground for the man deeming to be third time lucky with his Presidential nomination after two unsuccessful runs in 1988 and 2008 is his resonance with the working class people. As with the 2008 vice presidential campaign, Biden’s presidential campaign this time around also focusses substantially on blue-collar voters and one time again it is his performance within the Obama administration that renders Biden more likely to swipe all the votes that matter. In his modest roots and humble demeanor, as well as in instances of his grief stricken life, Joe Biden may very well rest his surmise in emerging victorious from among the hordes of middle class people who see him as one amongst them.

In what should have been a precedent set successfully for such times to come that the world would however be better off without, Joe Biden had been one of the key personas who oversaw the 2009 economic recovery for Barack Obama. Come 2020 and ironically the same man would have to pull America out of the doldrums from an economic insecurity the world perhaps have rarely been witness to. Should he win, Joe Biden would once again be pivotal to commanding resurgence of financial matters in the country, what with the spate of uncertainty that has been prevailing for quite some time now with the coronavirus crisis in retrospect. And this gives Biden somewhat of an advantage as far as his political, or should we say Presidential, fortunes are concerned. Because this experience in handling a crisis as grave as the late 2000s one steeps Joe Biden up in an eminence seldom attributable to Trump. Additionally, it also grants Biden further favour amongst such blue collared voters who would be the most vulnerable in the wake of the current situation.

The persisting prevalence of Joe Biden embarking once again on the US Presidential race vis-a-vis Donald Trump and in further continuation- and expansion- of Barack Obama’s policies therefore yield some seemingly vital gains for the Democrat candidate. But despite his resting in a whole lot of such bases that are substantially scheming enough to his favour, Biden can well be undone by his history in political gaffes. In however his tendency to blurt out all things uncensored, Joe Biden can well emerge as effective a witty politician or parallely a bit too loquacious to be a seasoned diplomat. How that tends to him this time around is as pressing a concern of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections as is current President Donald Trump’s future fortunes after four years of controversy ridden rule. Either way, the year that will almost be the ‘has been’ till then would hopefully prepare us for better precedents to come. And for America to lead the way, the world is utterly hopeful.