North eastern names of an Indian identity: enigmatic musician Klanjan Borah

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A voice so soothing that upholds indeed the very universal appeal nested in the symphonies of what music occurs as, Klanjan Borah’s reputation strummed up through his stemming of the melodies is one of discernible ease. And yet, even in this rendition of such feels that strike as charming and resonate therefore in their warming wrap around the forever love yearning dimensions of the human heart, there still exists in his songs a depth inviting in the lures of what it holds. For in his music, much like in his face that appears in a charming character of dreamlike curiosity, Klanjan weaves in the nuances of what defines pretty much every essence esteemed in that curation as the musical. And thus emerges from his medley of the sounds and tones and melodies a certain very entrancing expression of what inevitably occurs as precious realisations to live through in the moment of floating in them musings. And reminisce as well in beautiful continuation of an experience unceasing in the flow of these eternal indeed fantasies of real living.

Like many taking to the arts as some passion in childhood development, the enigmatic in naming Klanjan Borah’s tryst with music had been as ‘electric’ a discovery in chance. It wouldn’t be until he was of some 9 years in age that the young talent found himself taking a specific liking to this zing of the musical effability. Particularly streaming as a heartfelt realisation through a by- heart affinity stumbled upon on track of the NSYNC number Tearin’ Up My Heart, the then class 5 student experienced quite a defining moment in what would go on to shape up the identity of his entirety.

So influenced would a young Klanjan be by that particular occurring in music that would lead him to be forever humming along and singing this tune of love almost. And he happened to be really good at it as well, impressing even his music teacher at school to mark his foray thus into this arena of the artistic. The happening of music as a career would take on assertions more definite in the following phase of his life when he would find himself under the educational unfurling of a school in Guwahati. It was here that Klanjan’s realer encompassing of the musical identity would come through, in the form of a band called Lame Idiots Like Them. Formed along with his two buddies Rajikant Mangkhom and Anandita Kakoti, it was through LILT that Klanjan would also be starting out on his journey as songwriter.

Professionally as well, it would be LILT indeed that proved to be the most concrete construct for the Lakhimpur born Klanjan Borah. With their music video Work Hard Party Harder thus produced aired on musically significant platforms like VH1 and MTV, the band went on to chart popularity by doing not just gigs but quite a few competitions as well. Enthused indeed by such markedness of defining quite early on in his career, it would make sense indeed for him to be actively scouting out for himself expansive prospects of the kind that resonated with the love spurring such form of self expression. And so would Borah proceed to mark his academic journey as well with infusions of the musical element institutionally.

A graduate in audio engineering from the SAE Institute in Mumbai did indeed help the artiste to further his repertoire of the working skills that coupled with his innate talent makes for a musician wholesome in his attending to pretty much every strand of what makes his creating of music stem as the cohesive experience in all rounded gratification for the senses. But while this formal journey in acquiring the degree that ‘entitles’ one to occur as a musician might have opened up quite the horizons for Klanjan, it would be from his own pursuit in working his passion that the youngster would find himself availing of such opportunities that matter indeed.

musician klanjan borah
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In doing multiple jobs that allowed him to explore the professional arena of his calling, Borah created for himself a profile resplendent in several references of relevance. The many areas of his attending have been much interesting as well- having worked as a sound guy at the app company Internet Design Zone as well as a freelance voiceover artist at Indian Voiceovers, Klanjan’s dabbling with the sounds have far exceeded his primary musical intentions. Parallelly he also began making his own music, starting out with a YouTube channel then named noob before deciding to finally embrace his realer identity upon the digital realm.

Asserting as an independent musician at the moment, but continuing as well with his past assuming of identities as sound designer and background music composer of everything from daily soaps to web series to short films as well as with Bollywood and Korean/ Japanese industry production houses while stringing also the chords of the acoustic guitar, Borah’s multi instrumental leanings and as ample multi facetedness of musical musings in producing beats for rappers for instance presents him as a musician delving as intricately as possible in the domain of what would be occurring in a greater sonic alluding.

This distinction in creative prowess accruing to the amazingly dynamic identity of the musician that Klanjan Borah pursues has also been as widely acknowledged and celebrated in true representation of his artistic worth. Featured on globally prestigious musical publications like Rolling Stone Magazine and Rock Street Journal and also in other reputed journals like the VibesMojo Magazine, while resonating also with the musical ideas of foundations like Indie.Find, Reccurent, Directactu, Musicenough, his own arrangement along this medium of the art is a medley in composition indeed.

The award and accolades for Klanjan’s musical journey has also been as distinctive, endowed as he has been with the Most Promising Artist Award at the Musician’s Guild Awards, 2020 and a clinching in 2022 the award for the Best Song of the Year for his single Knight in Shining Armour under that very assertion of distinction. The number in earning him this recognition has also spawned another couple notable mentions like finding name as one of the best videos in India by The Humming Heart and well as being the Editors Pick in the special section of the Rolling Stone Magazine.

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His kind of doing an abstract form of folk- pop music, that is contemporary and catchy yet old school and soulful enough to have garnered for him some 250,000 hits across all platforms has very well led Klanjan to acquire in himself a character of a fardrawn aura. For all this residing in remarkability though, the music of his own accord would also occur in a far diverse churn of the influences. The genre of his defining wouldn’t be one very definite, rather manifesting as numerous styles poured into one as mellower makes of themselves so what arises out of such composite hovering around on the musical horizon would emerge as a being in individuality.

The musically reputed Damien Rice, One Direction, and Justin Bieber whom he looks up to finds indeed evident expression in what emerges as Borah’s musical sensibilities, worked into in such reimaginative liberties of what the gift of the musical affords so as to deliver every single time a rendition in singing that does not fail to appease the senses. In his dwelling upon the variegated play of the emotions, that which sees him swaying to the dreamy nature of romance on one hand while yearning for the kind of motherly love that enriches and blesses and relaxes on the other, Klanjan has been making such music that explores every extent of this expanse of the unrestrained emotions.

Call it a streaming upon the immense effort that the young lad has been making ever since his serendipitous brush with music or attribute it instead to his natural knack for the aesthetics and undoubtedly indeed the impeccable appeal rested in the captivating rhapsody of his voice, this young still, experienced much soul of musical geniusness harbours in himself the warmth of a very personal sincerity. A regular name in enthralling at the North East Festival, Klanjan Borah comes across as a true artist who strives to explore such beauty of the arts that has forever led it to emerge as the utopia in which the realer assertions of the world can afford to dissolve in. What more would you need out of a person whose very quotient of the je ne sais quoi strike as part of his personality through his very name?