Touching the lofty heights of luxury with Kylie Jenner’s private jet!


She might have been stripped off her status of being the youngest self made billionaire a couple of months back but that clearly is not reason enough for Kylie Jenner to not live like one! The beauty mogul and a worthy add on to the illustrious Kardashian- Jenner clan reportedly splurges away on life by the millions. And as a fashion enthusiast and in fact a style business biggie, Kylie’s extravagant lifestyle incorporates obviously more than just a few strands of luxury in her flamboyant existence. When it comes to fashion especially, the Jenner diva ensures that she manages to create buzz with not just her every beauty look but also her as significant lifestyle extravagances. After all, being a social media influencer– and at least a millionaire at that, does not come with no show at all!

Of course with all the fortune that Kylie luxuriously rests on, inherited or otherwise, it comes as no surprise that her little girl would also be cradling away her best life in as much plush. Stormi is the absolute darling of her mother and has been quite going the Jenner way as far as her documentations on social media suggests. The little cutie is as natural a diva as her mom and every time mama Jenner posts any updates on baby, Stormi makes sure that she earns some brownie likes. Needless to say therefore, Stormi quite lives the characteristic Kardashian- Jenner life. And the latest buzz that has been doing this fancy existence of the ‘illustrious’ clan is once again a Stormi driven splurge for Kylie Jenner.

kylie jenner stormi collection

Irrespective of whether the Forbes’ list puts Kylie Jenner on top or not in matters of finances, the influencer shells out insane amounts of money for herself and Stormi. And one such somewhat recent extravagant possession that has been doing the social media rounds is Jenner’s private jet. While Jenner herself does not document much of her trips on private jets herself on social media, this time it’s sister Khloe Kardashian who have led to this flutter of fancy around Jenner’s private flier. Whether this is Jenner’s only private jet or one among the many she legit can own herself is however a matter unclear. But with Kylie always being somewhat closed publically on the numbers herself, this recent sneak peek into her humongous, luxurious and of course customised jet is sure treat enough for her millions of fans and followers.

In its pink interiors and vibe, the luxuriant flier is very clearly a customisation made by Kylie for Stormi. In fact, this might even be the same jet in which Stormi jetsetted along for her first ever Disneyland trip for an early celebration of her second birthday this year. Stormi’s February birthday bash, just for the record, however was no frugal matter. With her own Stormi World bash, the tiny tot’s birthday plannings found way also into the interiors of the jet that is reportedly anywhere between a $50 to $70 million purchase. A Global Express Jet that is custom made for flying long distances, the flier also is quite expensive to maintain at some $5 million worth of upkeep a year and quite seemingly is an assertion of the insane amount of wealth the Kylie empire sits on.

The Kylie charm also dominates the jet in marking, with Kylie Air in the same lettering as her company Kylie Cosmetics. This however isn’t the first jet owned by the make up mogul bearing her name, as a similar decked out pink jet also debuted in 2019, just alongside the launch of Kylie Cosmetics. That was a Kylie Skin name, which however wasn’t known if it was owned by Kylie or not. The current signature branding sported craft however is more assertively a luxe Kylie possession and one that stamps her authority once again as the absolute businesswoman who lives by the multitude of dollars she very much makes on her own!