Mahua Moitra’s debut Parliament speech marks the onset of a new political phenomenon

mahua moitra

From being a no- nonsense investment banker to bringing up the middle finger on live TV to delivering a debut speech that is steeped in power and facts and a whole lot of savagery, TMC MP Mahua Moitra has emerged to be no less than a phenomenon.

Despite all those voices from the ruling party trying to stump her out (‘professional hecklers’, as Mahua seems to think about them) in unison when she embarked on her maiden lettered attack, the member of the opposition was unfazed in her resilient chastisement of the Government. Her speech might even be interpreted as a clearing ground for all those who tried to discover some sense in the decisive mandate, just because it was voted on by a overwhelming majority of the country. As Moitra began deciphering the seven ‘danger signs of early fascism in India’, she sure stirred up the conscience of quite a few Indians even when they had been a part of the force behind the political mandate.

But even when Moitra scathed over the soul of the opposition by delineating each and every of the seven signs, which she discovered on a poster in the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US, her speech might also be interpreted as a piece of eloquently expressive art, replete with not only facts and figures, but also including a couple of poem recitations in Hindi.

Art apart however, what has made netizens celebrate this coming of age emergence of a long overdue fiery Parliamentarian is the astounding reality of how the facts tend to hold significance. Twitter didn’t hold back its elation as Moitra chose not to mince words with what she had to say. And partakers of democracy found such jubilation in her words as if she had only lent a voice to what millions have been trying to say, for so long. The impact of what Moitra said is far more prominent if you consider the fact that even those with seemingly no concern for her party chose to applaud her as her thoughts resounded with many of their own.

Well crafted? Yes. Impactful enough? Time will tell.