Marijuana free with COVID jab- that’s the Washington way to roll!

covid 19 vaccination scheme

Free drinks already up for grabs, as are free sports tickets, this time the Washington state has introduced a new weapon in its armor to lure citizens to get their dose of the COVID 19 vaccine. Officials at the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) recently rolled out their super charged attempt at accelerating the pace of vaccination by announcing a free joint of marijuana for every adult who gets their jab of immunity against the coronavirus, matching their previous lure of offering vaccinated citizens a shot at a free beer, wine or cocktails.

Under the Joints for Jabs scheme, this innovative way of driving people to on site vaccination centers is an extension of the US’ vision that aims to get as many citizens get vaccinated as possible following a sharp drop in the vaccination pace a couple of months ago. Particularly with Washington, for whom the goal is to lift all COVID-19 restrictions by the end of June or by the time 70 percent of the population aged above 16 years have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the efforts are all the more pronounced, evident as it is in its slew of recent announcements that however follows more such rationale of perks pertaining to vaccination across the country.

In Washington itself, the perks involve also a prize money of up to $1 million even as similar efforts made elsewhere in the US means that free donuts have found popularity while more specifically it is New Jersey that has been offering free beer to its populace and a raffle to win full-ride college scholarships in New York and Ohio, the latter exclusively meant for those between the ages of 12 and 17 who are coming all out to get themselves bolstered against the COVID 19 virus. Even the cannabis campaign isn’t without precedent though, as the state of Arizona announced a similar scheme recently that includes providing free marijuana joints or gummy edibles to vaccinated adults. The Washington Joints for Jabs scheme has been effective immediately after its announcement on Monday and will run through till July 12 to promote and support the state’s vaccination efforts.