Mayanti Langer: from being a celebrated sports journalist to being Stuart Binny’s wife

mayanti langer stuart binny wife

Mayanti Langer is a well known name in the professional sports circuit today. The talented and gorgeous sports anchor and journalist is celebrated for her command over her field of work as much as she is known for being prolific Indian cricketer Stuart Binny’s wife.

Mayanti Langer biography

Born in the capital of India in New Delhi on 8th February, 1985, Mayanti Langer is an Indian national though her ethnicity pertains to a mixed Indian origin. Mayanti Langer has an elder sister Avalok Langer.

Mayanti’s father Sanjiv Langer has been a Lieutenant General with the Indian armed forces. While Langer’s mother was Preminda Langer who has been an acclaimed teacher. The Langer sisters had Lt. General Rajinder Nath Batra and Priya Batra as their grandarents.

As the daughter of a Major who was employed with the country’s armed forces, Mayanti Langer spent her childhood in different places in India where her father used to be posted. The young girl spent quite some years in US, after her father began a work stint with the United Nations.

Growing up in a disciplinarian family of an Army Major, Mayanti went on to complete her high school from US. She returned to Delhi and proceeded to complete her graduation from the prestigious Hindu College under the University of Delhi. She successfully obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts after which she further decided to pursue a course in graphic designing.

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However destiny had other plans for her as after a chance at anchoring at the FIFA Beach Football, Mayanti decided to pursue a career in the field of sports journalism and anchoring.

But even though her stint as a sports anchor was more a matter of fate than of passion, Mayanti had always been interested in football. Interestingly, not only did Langer used to play football while at school but she even received professional training at the Super Soccer Academy in Delhi.

Mayanti Langer career

As a child who had always been fascinated with football, a young Mayanti’s interest in the sport was further stirred during the four years when she was studying in the United States.

As an integral part of the college football team in her position as a striker, Mayanti Langer indeed found her love for the game increasing. Her association with the sport led her to become the guest anchor for a broadcast of FIFA beach football at a rather young age of 18.

Association with Zee Network

The success of the FIFA broadcast opened the doors of a lucrative career for Langer. She subsequently became a host for Zee Sports‘ popular show Football Cafe, where she was also the associate producer. This eventually led to her appearance on many of the football shows on Zee Network, where she provided commentary and conducted interviews before and after the matches.

stuart binny wife

Mayanti Langer has also been the official Zee Sports anchor for the Nehru Cup tournament held at the Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi. Langer however has not been confined only to the exploits of football. The glamorous and distinguished sports anchor and journalist has with her tremendous grasp over a host of sports also anchored and officiated many cricket matches. She has also been the official anchor for Zee during the channel’s coverage of the Indian Cricket League.

Association with ESPN

In 2010, Mayanti Langer was the host for the FIFA World Cup broadcast in India on the ESPN channel. Both in the pre match and post match analysis, along with the half time bytes, Langer had wowed the audience with her flamboyant presentation and detailed knowledge of the game. Heading a team of expert panelists alongside John Dykes for the same, Langer further cemented her position as being one among the more illustrious, passionate and undeniably charming sports presenter and journalist in the country.

Association with Star Sports

Mayanti Langer has also been the host for the 2010 Commonwealth Games that was held at Delhi. She subsequently officiated as the host for the 2011 Cricket World Cup held in India and once again for the 2015 ICC World Cup for Star Sports.

In 2012, Mayanti Langer also hosted the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. 2013 saw Stuart Binny’s wife host the India vs South Africa Cricket test series in 2013 December for Ten Sports. She was also the host of Star Power, a sports news show on Star Sports One.

Langer also hosted the Champions League Cricket tournament and Indian Super League Football tournament TV broadcasts in 2014.

The gorgeous Langer also had been a superb host for the 2016 edition of the ICC World Twenty20. Additionally, she has also been the part of a number of shows for various channels of the Star Sports network. The hardworking anchor had also revealed that she used to cover the Olympics with a lengthy daily stint of a rigorous eight hours.

2016 also saw Langer debuting in her professional capacity as the host of the VIVO Indian Premier League on Mayanti had been the anchor for the Cricket Live show on the web platform of Star Sports where the IPL matches were live streamed. Her analysis of the matches alongside former and reputed cricketers further asserted her position as one of the most knowledgeable of sports journalists.

In 2018, Mayanti Langer also co- hosted the 12th edition of the hugely popular Indian Premier League.

Mayanti Langer as a dynamic and enthusiastic anchor

Undoubtedly, Mayanti Langer is lauded for her professionalism and dedication to forever evolve along with the evolving aspects of sports. Her wit and in depth understanding of the sports is indeed commendable and reflects clear dedication on her part. An enthusiastic anchor, Langer has time and again amazed sports enthusiasts with her familiarity with her trade.

Additionally however, Langer is also one of those sports anchors who can mesmerize as much with their dynamic personality as with their versatile presentation. Exceptionally gorgeous, the sports anchor has also been a model. Sensational and sharp, Langer does not merely state facts, she analyses the game and also team up with other experts for a detailed discussion. That apart, her accent and presentation skills are more than amazing. Her overwhelming success in her anchoring career can definitely be attributed to her diligence and enthusiasm.

Mayanti Langer personal life

The pretty and bubbly sports enthusiast is married to eminent Indian cricketer Stuart Binny. Wit both Mayanti and Stuart being avid cricket buffs, it is no wonder cricket played a massive role in bringing this power couple together.

But while Mayanti Langer stuns now with her massive knowledge about all things cricket, things weren’t the same the first time she met Binny. During the Indian Cricket League, Mayanti Langer was hired as one of the English presenters because of ‘a lack of option’.

Introduced to Stuart Binny by her producer as the son of Roger Binny, Mayanti was clueless as to who exactly was the guy. She went on to interview Binny post the match in what was interestingly her first interview of the season. In an apparent misinformation of sorts, Mayanti had even congratulated Binny on his recent engagement only to realize later that he wasn’t hooked at the time.

Mayanti Langer marriage

This first meeting set off a series of events that led to love blossoming between the two young people. The two eventually tied the knot on September of 2012 after dating for quite some time.

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More than six years into their marriage, Mayanti and Stuart are still going strong. In fact, the marriage with Mayanti had goaded well for Binny’s career. Binny has himself stated that Mayanti has been his lady luck, who has supported him through thick and thin and gave him confidence to handle the pressures of a rigorously competitive career. Though Langer is six months older than Binny, the couple continues to give couple goals with their delightfully loved up displays on social media.

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Mayanti Langer trolls as Stuart Binny’s wife

However, as a celebrity couple who are under constant scrutiny, Stuart Binny and Mayanti Langer have had their share of trolls and criticisms. Every time Binny fails to produce magic on field, it is Mayanti who has to bear the brunt of all those nefarious trolls on social media.

Whether it be being labelled as a gold digger or some trolls going as far as to say that she should leave her husband and commit suicide, Stuart Binny’s wife has been at the receiving end of a lot of abuses.

However, the personality that Mayanti Langer is, the anchor has time and again lashed out at these trolls while maintaining her composure and confidence. Not only that, the couple has also not let such brutality affect them as they continue to enjoy marital bliss.

As one of those undaunted, free spirited individuals who would not take any shit from the world just because she is a woman, Mayanti Langer is a true inspiration. From excelling at a filed that had long been considered a man’s domain to drawing upon recognition on her own merits that far surpasses that of her husband, Mayanti Langer is an inspiration.

Indeed in all her impeccable style and stunning looks, she is naturally gifted. But her spirit of doing what she loves and wanting to continue it as long as she can, unapologetically and unhindered in that is what makes her one of those superwomen every country would be proud of.