A not so convincing classic- that’s what the first ever YouTube video ‘Me at the zoo’ will always be

me at the zoo

Because it has always been necessity that is the mother of inventions, even technological advancements and hitherto unprecedented developments fail to take away what rests at the essence of all creation. While this might sound all extraneous or even whimsical, there’s always that innate connection between nature and mankind that resides, somewhat dormant yet never renounced even in the slightest which leads us all to revert time and again to that very speck of primitive association at least subconsciously, no matter how far on the modern bandwagon we might have embarked on.

We might have ventured a little off premise with too much wondering when all we wanted to be was appreciative. But there perhaps isn’t any other way we would have wanted to interpreted the one in current context. Because it is not often that we still get to feel human enough in all our innocence and with all emotions that we don’t want to let go any chance holding of it. And what makes our encounter with this subtle but significant oodle of cherishing the uncomplicated all the more happy is that it still is an ode owed once again by technology.

The reference here might be perplexing, even undeserving but there’s no way we are giving this up already. For we are talking about YouTube’s very first video, that does not seemingly harbour any of the connective traits we are elaborating on. Not many would know but the first ever video featured on the now very popular video sharing platform goes by the name ‘Me at the zoo’. And all the roundabouts we have been courting till now on with our tirades derives special delight because of this very special distinction. For, much like Thomas Alva Edison sang out Mary Had A Little Lamb for the first ever phonographic recording, so too YouTube began with an equally innocent walkaround through a zoo. And what has been a factor manifesting identically in both occasions is our adherence to the simple and the commonplace even when we set out on an ambitious journey!

Source: HuffPost UK

Contemplation aside however, Me at the zoo is significant to the world in far greater intensity than what we are choosing to concentrate on. Obviously as the video that marked the beginning of a whole new revolution in the digital era of today, Me at the zoo has been far more representative than what it did not even aspire to be. A mere 18 seconds clip featuring such content that is at best not even amusing, neither anything that has been exemplarily shot or brilliantly edited, this particular video still stands far greater in stature than many more iconic, pathbreaking, revolutionary content that was to follow that one epoch making recording.

Uploaded by the cofounder of the very site, Me at the zoo was Jawed Karim’s chronicle of the San Diego Zoo that the world got to see on 23rd April, 2005. Even in its then banal significance, this very clip went on to be lauded as the most important YouTube video of all time and was even lauded as being a ‘historical artifact’. In its nondescript essence and unimpressive videography, Me at the zoo should have subsided into oblivion. Afterall, it documented just a guy talking about elephants and that too in no particular fashion. And yet, this very unexciting prospect went on to become a phenomenon, ushering in a world of parallel moving reality that let the world advance to an age, without which we know not what we would be doing at present. In its simplicity, Me at the zoo raked up an entire world, thereby perhaps justifying the sermon of simplicity we set about preaching at the very first place.

It needs no reiteration how YouTube has changed the world at present and how it continues to impact the lives of countless all over. Thousands of fans love and adore their favorite YouTubers who put up video content on the site that benefits, entertains and aids all. But all these would never have been possible had some folks of the PayPal Mafia would not have ventured into making this website a reality for all. As then young entrepreneurs Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim went about setting the service a decade and a half ago in 2005, they catered to their own need of an online platform to share videos, coming up with YouTube that is more relevant a site now than it ever has been. And it is indeed to Karim’s credit that he put up the Me at the zoo video on his channel at the very outset on his channel, which till date boasts of just that one clip. Significant enough to have its own Wikipedia page and even a namesake documentary on it, Me at the zoo is indeed the significant- both in the translation of what YouTube was envisaged for and for reaching out to realms far beyond what it was cognizant with. Going viral is the buzz now but the world had already set out on this epochal journey years back in perspective. ‘Broadcast Yourself’- at the zoo or wherever you choose to, YouTube can be all you want it to be!