8 incredibly easy ways to pull yourself out of a messed up life

messed up life

All those who have experienced life know how fundamentally impossible it is to live a life free of all worries and trouble. From screwing things up to committing to the same mistakes time and again to be sinking in despair just because, a messed up life is by far the reality for most people. While messing things up might come naturally, it’s not always unavoidable. Here are some of the incredibly easy ways to pull yourself out of a messed up life-

Stop the blame game


No mater how miserable you are in your life, never resort to blaming others for your horrendous existence. Just because you have been subjected to a life of agony and torture dies not mean that you should be taking away the peace of others.

Of course, it is easier to relax when you tend to think that your miseries are not entirely made up of your own. Passing on the blame to others might look so enticing because it allows you to relieve the burden of guilt and make things at least a bit worthwhile. But once you begin to indulge in the blame game, the long term repercussions would most likely be serious. Plus it offsets all those who otherwise would have been supportive of you. And losing out on crucial backing when you are dealing with an already messed up life will likely mess it up further.

Don’t let the guilt get on to you


Conversely don’t also let yourself be held guilty for the action of others. Whether it be holding up a stand for yourself to assert how you tend not to be responsible for the impact of the decision or others or not feeling guilty yourself about how you might have ruined the life of some one else, it’s very important to know how and where not to cut the slack.

Don’t let romances ruin your life


For most people in the world, developing and sustaining a romantic relationship with someone is one of life’s top most priorities. While there’s nothing wrong in valuing emotional connects and nurturing bonds, life begins to get messed up when you view love as the be all and end all of life.

More often than not, love tends to be only a partial reality. And once that affection wears off, it is very easy to get disillusioned and disinterested with life itself. It therefore helps when you are a little bit more practical so that you don’t let emotions get in the way of living a worthier life.

However bad things might be now, they can always be worse


True, things can also get better for those who choose to view the world as optimists. But in situations as realistic as when you have to deal with the worries of life, it also helps to be pessimistic at times.

As you wallow in disbelief at how unexpectedly pathetic things have spanned out to be, always remember that you still have the power to make them matter with your own self belief. Whether it be making things better or drawing solace in that they might be worse off, straightening out your messed up life is only a correct decision away.

Stop giving a damn about others


Most of our life’s miseries are caused by the despair we bring unto ourselves by worrying too much about what the world will think of us. This perhaps is one of the most futile reasons to worry about. Because you live your life for yourself, it doesn’t make sense to consider the opinions of others as being too necessary for your existence.

And anyway, the world is too busy to give a damn about what you have done for too long. A fleeting interest and a preoccupied life makes others as disinterested in you as had kept them interested only a while back.

Don’t try to make your life stick to a timeline


Every single life in the world has it going on its own accord. Whether it be attaining a degree or securing a job, planning a family or starting a business, your life’s events will span out in exactly the way destiny has planned them for you. It’s worthless therefore to try to make things happen according to your own set preferences. Things will obviously take time and the more you try to interfere in the natural order of occurrence, the more messed up your life is going to be.

Let go of the job you don’t like


Money is crucial for survival. Which is why it becomes imperative at times to hold on to a job even when you particularly despise it. But since life isn’t just about survival, it becomes crucial to make the decision of whether holding on to such a liability is worth the while.

Because when it comes to living without worries, a free life is as important as a secured life. After all, when you don’t have the burden upon you to live a messed up life, you most surely can tide over the trials of existence with ease, without having to worry much about the finances.

Ditch the image of a perfect life


Nothing puts you in despair more than the realisation of not being able to achieve something that had meant so much to you. For many people in the world, living the perfect life is the ultimate end goal. In fact, the idea of perfection takes such deep root in the conscience that they fear when things start going even a bit awry.

However, perfection as a concept is rather flawed. Mainly because it’s abstract, without any concrete projection of what it is supposed to be like. With such vagueness surrounding its discernment, the perfect life ceases to be a reality. The only way you can prevent this pursuit of perfection from leading you into a messed up life is to be aware of how logically impossible the perfect life can be.