Minimalist beauty brands that has makeup looking its no- makeup best

minimalist beauty brands

Beauty might appeal differently to different people but there is no beating natural beauty when it comes to catering to a universal desire. Unsurprisingly therefore, there are emerging beauty brands on the horizon that emphasise so much on the natural that they cease to be just names in the makeup world. With ‘ideals’ like minimalism and natural at the fore, these brands do up beauty so glam yet so subtly that the world is left gaping at such marvel of the aesthetics. Here’s listing 7 such minimalist beauty brands around the world that makes makeup look its no- makeup best-


The make up brand that has been taking minimalist beauty standards in fold and therefore new age beauty enthusiasts by storm is the instantly recognisable, IG favorite brand name Glossier. In its aesthetic and therefore very Instagrammable beauty products, it’s understandable how the brand has managed to strike a chord with every soul of the digital generation for whom fashion and style is a way of life. But beyond its look and dwelling more in its essence is Glossier’s range of amazing beauty- read skincare- products that deliver on its standards of subtle beauty so exceptionally that it indeed has become the brand for the masses.

For those who have been forever obsessed about the paradox-in-itself no-makeup makeup look, Glossier is the cult favorite. Where the brand scores above all in being one of the first names in the minimalist beauty business is that it does beauty more than it does makeup. Which means the focus that Glossier has is one that has everything to do with a look that enhances your beauty rather than hyping it up.

Started by reality TV star turned style blogger turned entrepreneur Emily Weiss in 2014, Glossier offers a range of products that caters extensively to the less is more adage. Minimialistic more in the brand of its offerings rather than in the range of its use, Glossier embraces beauty with subtlety at its fore emphasising more on the ‘natural’ with its “skin first, makeup second” approach. Needless to say with such a catchy phrase helming it up, Glossier indeed is the fancied brand for beauty purists and effortless fashionistas who swear by the liberal version of no makeup makeup.


MAKE product

Perhaps second to only Glossier when it comes to emulating the minimalistic or no- makeup makeup look in true spirit is beauty brand MAKE. Letting you ace the natural look with its very assertive thrust on “You make beauty”, MAKE cosmetics feature a line of sleek curated offerings that has you wearing “your way everyday”. The barely there makeup regimen that MAKE has you flaunting is one that is the least exerting yet most effective. With products curated to suit every style and beauty need, MAKE offers cosmetic that happen to be both technology driven and inspired by nature simultaneously. MAKE’s range of cosmetics are also versatile in that they allow you to look exactly the way you want to with tried and tested as well as innovative mixes and matches.

Glow Recipe

There’s no beating South Korean standards when it comes to beauty and with a brand like Glow Recipe in tow, beauty regimens from the Korean mainland indeed do deserve all of the attention. In its very name, Glow Recipe incorporates every bit of its essence- the focus as a beauty brand rests indeed in enhancing beauty rather than defining it.

With skincare as the prerogative, Glow Recipe advocates gentle products to achieve that very desirable glow tint that characterise the South Korean people. A skincare regimen in perspective, Glow Recipe’s curated offerings seek to bring out that inner glow rather than endowing you with the look with layers of makeup on. And while it might not be so much of an effect towards the intended minimal look, it still is a Glow Recipe plus that all its products happen to be fruit based. Also with really pretty and petite packaging, Glow Recipe has emerged to be a cool contender even with the aesthetics and therefore counts on an enhanced appeal that rests on minimalism as well as on the look.


RMS beauty
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When it comes to acing the natural look, RMS is one name that you can counts on without qualms. Catering more to the health aspect of beauty than intending to deliberately achieve that minimalistic look, RMS has risen to be a beauty brands that commands cult following. The woman behind the venture- in fact the one whose initials shaped up the brand is Rose- Marie Swift, who believes it every woman’s right to be entitled to a beauty that is healthy as well after her own debilitating experience with chemical laden beauty products.

RMS Beauty therefore concentrates on delivering beauty through products that heal the body and nourish the skin so that you don’t have to covet a ton of make up products to see yourself in your beautiful essence. If there’s something called good-for-your-skin makeup, then RMS sure emulates that philosophy in principle as well as in projection. Which means that even with all those products on your skin you would still be your radiant best naturally.

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup
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Another brand that comes close to the ‘less is more’ encompassment of Glossier is a name that does “clean, cool beauty” by its own professing. Even with a range of products that are seemingly more spreadout across categories, Milk caters to the minimalist trend in its packaging as well as the no- makeup makeup look that can be achieved with the least fuss of application.

Low maintenance products that help in building up on the highly effective natural beauty look, Milk Cosmetics comes across also as a brand that does makeup for people who are already beautiful even when the diversity of their “Milk Melt” technology imbued is seriously mindblowing. Emerging from a more creative realm that boasts of all the cool stuff, Milk is indeed a cool entity, at par with Glossier. With exotic ingredients largely doing up their multipurpose beauty products, Milk does OTT beauty as effectively and realistic as it does makeup that does not even look like it!

Allies of Skin

With a back-to-basics beauty range as its offerings, Allies of Skin and its very simplistic products catch up essentially to the minimalist bandwagon with an appeal that is not just natural but also exclusive. Minimalists at heart, Allies of Skin however goes extensive when it comes to formulating beauty products that will adapt to exactly what and when your skin demands of them. Focussing on the natural potential of the skin to regenerate so that you look your natural best is what the evidently very “skin- drawn” Allies of Skin seeks to bring about through its adaptogenic skincare regimen. Beauty might not be just skin deep but it indeed goes much deeper into the skin than what we tend to think. Restoring the skin’s youthful exuberance so that you glow your mighty natural glow is what this beauty brand is all about.

Saturday Skin

saturday skin
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Another cool brand that is Insta famous in its aesthetics and universally appealing in its offerings in the natural beauty fold goes by the name Sarurday Skin. With a name as quirky as this, that seeks to sum up the beauty you ‘gain’ by virtue of that weekend ‘beauty sleep’, Saturday Skin defines itself as ‘weekend in a bottle’. Helping you revive your naturally radiant skin all throughout the week is the brand’s view of beauty which it seeks to achieve through its natural ingredient based products. Minimalist in its effortless regimen as well as in application, this another very appealing Korean brand sure delivers beauty on levels higher than what its packaging encompasses.