24 mistakes you are allowed to make when you are 24

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mistakes you are allowed to make

What’s life like at 24? Made of mistakes, full of flukes and farces and downright dramatic. Out of college and into work, or out of freedom and into responsibilities, the going gets tough. And to ease that up, you have a fair chance at erring. So that means you can make mistakes at your own free will and convenience? Yeah, you can very well do.

#1 Go broke


What’s with being young and NOT being broke? Youth comes with all the freedom of life. So at 24, you might as well go broke and be unapologetic about it!

#2 Go crazy


Try out every crazy thing that you can conceive of. Roaming about in tracks with stilettos, piggy riding your bestie on streets, having your meal on the middle of the highway and all things you wouldn’t ever want to do.

#3 Live your heart


There’s nothing better than living every moment you had your heart set on. And while it might sound all too flimsy and fringy to while away your life in all of your whims, at 24 you are probably allowed to be as whimsical as you are willing to!

#4 Dress outrageously


There’s no better way to stand out than be the fashion snob. And while dressing outrageously is as funny as it gets, you are still allowed the liberty of this particular mistake. Of course at your own risk!

#5 The breakup drama…


Come on now, who doesn’t love a bit of drama? And what better way to play out some flurry of histrionics than a relationship? Try breaking up with your partner over some high voltage emotions taking charge and trust me, you wouldn’t be ruing this one break up for the rest of your life!

#6 And more drama!


It doesn’t hurt to carry over some drama even to your workplace. I mean, your ‘used to be’ wala workplace. So you are planning to leave your job? Cool. Cooler, if you do it in style and with some sass!

#7 Pull off public pranks


The world is full of over sensitive people so pulling off a really stupid prank in public would be an embarrassing life experience and an outrageous mistake. Which is why you should totally be doing it at 24.

#8 Date the world


Don’t get me wrong, but dating people you have known for quite some time isn’t very exciting. Try casual dating eccentric people, go on blind dates, hook up with someone you thought wasn’t your type and be ready to live a life full of adventure and anecdotes.

#9 Watch your weight!


Youth is the time to get all worrying about your weight and the shape you are in. So no matter how much Ed Sheeran might be ‘in love with the ‘Shape of You‘, watching your weight is one mistake you can freely commit to at 24.

#10 Be the social media anti- diva


Because being the diva is so mainstream, why not break internet as the anti- diva? It’s fun, it’s different and so very simple to be one! Upload some really shitty pics of yourself and there you go- becoming the talk of the town, er of the ‘digital town’.

#11 Procrastinate


The vice of life, you would say. But at 24, you are free to make some vices your own. And leave ’em at that. Procrastination, for one, is important. The ‘kick’ of doing things at the last moment is one mistake you should dare make for sure.

#12 Wayfaring on impulse


When you are young and trying to get even with life, impulsive is the word. And going on a solo trip or wayfaring to a really uncertain location with your month’s worth of money at stake, mistakes can’t get pricier. And certainly not any more fun.

#13 Take up a ‘work- less’ work


Everyone needs to take up at least one job in their life that contributes absolutely nothing to their career graph. You wouldn’t gain anything from that, but hey, you aren’t losing anything either!

#14 Set out on a binge- spree


Binge eat, binge watch, binge drink, binge dance or even binge sleep- do things on loop and feel sorry about wasting away your time, but do it anyway.

#15 Get clingy… AF!


Huh?! Getting clingy has been a big no- no all my life, but if you need to go berserk, you would definitely want to get clingy. And it’s not just anyone you need to stick on to. Get all tacky especially with someone who is dead set on breaking you.

#16 Bend the rules


Nothing better than breaking the rules and making the fowls. To err is human, so stop trying to be the God that you aren’t. Smash all rules and live life on your terms. And if that’s a mistake, let it be.

#17 Live your fantasies


Fantasies aren’t supposed to be real. Which is exactly why you should make this mistake of striving to live your every fantasy. Life isn’t easy anyway, let living your fancies make it harder to resist.

#18 Send ‘the’ text


Whether it be a really dumb one or the daring ones, declutter your drafts in the message box. Send all that shit to those you always wanted to. I wonder why this is even a mistake.

#19 Get selfish


And live lavish. For a moment, ditch people and dupe your emotions. And since you might cry over it sometime in the future, this is one solid mistake you can commit.

#20 Rev up your recklessness


At 24, you might as well get reckless- with your choices, not with your life. Living right will turn out to be chaotic anyway after a point of time.

#21 Lay back and relax


Let go off the world for once. Let others change the world, you concentrate on redefining your life. And while this might not be your life pursuit, do this for sure while you’re 24.

#22 Get yourself inked in a really crap design


This is one costly mistake though. Because getting rid of that tattoo might ultimately get on your nerves. Never mind, for this still is one mistake worth every prick on your skin!

#23 Tween like a teenager


There aren’t years as exciting as teenage ones. So go on, live, love, laugh, drink and be merry for one last time. Twerk freestyle as you criss- cross yet another mistake from your at 24 to-do list.

#24 Unfollowing your passion


Because again, following your passion is mainstream. Be sure to err on this one and let your passion recourse to you later in life. That would be the worthiest mistake you can ever make, at 24 or whenever you choose to.


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