48 most common phobias you never knew existed

types of phobia

Fear is the poison of our souls and a resentment of life. People all over find their worst fears manifested in myriad things and happenings. Yet there are certain phobias that are strange but real- in fact, some seems too real to be true. Here are 48 of the most common phobias you never knew could have existed-

#1 Erythrophobia

The fear of blushing


That rush of blood upto your cheeks waiting to burst out at any time is an experience best avoided for some people who fear that the redness of their cheeks would gain them unwanted attention!

#2 Arachibutyrophobia

The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth


This is a very legit fear. Anything sticking on the roof of your mouth i very bothering, be it peanut butter or jelly or even Nutella! (P.S: Not that it would stop us from gulping up jars of these sinful slimes in no time!)

#3 Chiclephobia

The fear of chewing gum


Chiclephobia is in reality an anxiety disorder that does not allow the phobic to stand the mere sight of someone chew on those gums. Worse, they cannot even make eye contact with the ‘chewer’. Even the sight of a previously chewed piece of gum can lead them to throw up.

#4 Globophobia

The fear of balloons


Globophobia makes you fear balloons in general or the loud popping sound of a balloon prick. Either way we can’t be sure how can someone be intimidated by those cute rotund globes of air but given that it isn’t even rare sure means it is very real.

#5 Oikophobia

Fear of home surroundings/ household appliances


Home is where the heart is but for those with oikophobia the matter is a bit tricky. Intimidation brought about by anything too homely leads them into spoiling the peace that their heart and soul will so look forward to.

#6 Somniphobia

The abnormal and irrational fear of sleep


Sleep is an addiction for some, a recluse to others. For you and me, sleep is life. For someone else out there, sleep can as well take their lives away from them.

#7 Venustraphobia/ Caligynephobia

The fear of beautiful women


A thing of beauty is a joy forever, as prophesied by John Keats. Venustraphobics tend to experience otherwise though. They inevitably get anxious about pretty women, which may be some deep rooted trauma of the past.

#8 Gamophobia

The fear of commitment, more specifically of marriage


Gamophobia has come to be so widely prevalent, we wonder if it’s not the norm now. An inability to commit even in full fledged relationships is what gamophobia sounds and feels like.

#9 Acerophobia

The fear of sourness or things that taste sour


This isn’t just a dislike of sourness, it is a veritably intense aversion to all things sour.

#10 Siderophobia

The fear of stars


If starry constellations and the twinkling gems of the black sky overwhelms you with its unfathomable vastness rather than lending you solace, then you are one of those with siderophobia.

#11 Consecotaleophobia

The fear of chopsticks


An inability to properly use the very sophisticated, the very delicate chopsticks can lead to a phobia of the same- known as Consecotaleophobia.

#12 Euphobia

The fear of hearing good news


The fear that anything good can also be a harbinger of badder things in the future leads some of us to anticipate good news as a tragedy- manifested in a phobia called the Euphobia.

#13 Sesquipedalophobia

The fear of long words


Boisterous pompous sounding words of magnificent length and stature can really turn some people off- a fear of long words known as Sesquipedalophobia.

#14 Alliumphobia

The fear of garlic


Whether it be the highly pungent smell of garlic or the tediousness of peeling those cloves, the fear of garlic is one of the realest you can encounter.

#15 Deipnophobia

The fear of dining, dinner conversations or carrying on a conversation while eating


For sure a social recluse alert. People with Deipnophobia fear dining in general and also the too social atmosphere that can be built up around one.

#16 Pogonophobia

The fear or extreme dislike of beards


We think beard in general are sexy. Folks with Pogonophobia will beg to differ though.

#17 Ombrophobia/ Pluviophobia

The fear of rain


Because rain can be an usherer of depression and glum moods, we totally get why Ombrophobia tends to be a thing even in a world of far too many romantic pluviophiles.

#18 Anuptaphobia

The fear of being or staying single


For many, being single is a failure. Because they equate it with being not wanted by anybody. Anuptaphobia is surprisingly real, though we can only cringe at how!

#19 Selenophobia

The fear of the moon or even darkness on a moonless night


An irrational fear of moonlight or even fearing the darkness on a moonless night, Selenophobia is mostly a manifestation of traumatic childhood experiences.

#20 Catoptrophobia/ Eisoptrophobia

A kind of specific phobia involving an abnormal and persistent fear of mirrors


While some of us don’t spare a chance to wax eloquent about our reflection on passing any reflective surface, people with Catoptrophobia can’t simply gaze at their own selves in the mirror.

#21 Peladophobia

The fear of baldness or bald people


Bald people can seriously intimidate some people out there- those who are Peladophobic to be precise. For us though, we adore that shiny patch of unbridled expanse, as long as it does not extend its wings to us- the fear of going bald makes it bad for us as well!

#22 Vestiphobia

The irrational fear of clothing


Those with the fear of Vestiphobia get really scared about the possibility of clothes choking them to death. It might even be an aversion to restrictive clothing or a manifestation of hereditary anxieties.

#23 Koumpounophobia

The fear of buttons


Another unreasonable fear is that of buttons, thinking of them as dirty in which case it would be disgust masquerading as fear.

#24 Cibophobia

The fear of food


A fear of food? I mean how are you expected to survive without that dose of very essential nourishment? This is however distinct from the eating disorder anorexia in which food is feared to tarnish body image.

#25 Turophobia

The fear of cheese


Because of their slimy appearance and unique taste, cheese has a tendency to put off some people who suffer from Turophobia.

#26 Phobophobia

The fear of phobia(s)


Phobophobia is the fear of phobias all right but the very essential question here is- are phobophobics courageous or are they real freaks?

#27 Samhainophobia

The fear of Halloween or the fear of the festival of the dead


A heightened sense of anxiety that can even dwell on borderline terror about all things Halloween is what Samhainophobia seeks to define.

#28 Oneirogmophobia

The fear of wet dreams


There are dreams that make us smile in our dreams and then there are those that can drive us to insanity. Like Oneirogmophobics, who get all anxious and restless with those watery dreams.

#29 Ablutophobia

The overwhelming fear of bathing, cleaning, or washing


This has to be that friend in the group who splurges on deos just to get away from the odour caused by ‘restrained bathing’. Phobia or not, the concept really is overpowering!

#30 Chirophobia

The fear of hands


What can those hands be doing to you? That’s the fear which drives people with Chirophobia crazy.

#31 Sciaphobia

The fear of shadows


Spooky and dark, in formations that can be misleading and grotesque, shadows scare the shit out of most of us. But for sciaphobics out there this fear is manifested with an altogether different intensity.

#32 Metrophobia

The fear of poetry


Why would anyone on earth fear poetry?! The scary fact for us in fact is how can those rhythmic sensations that weave romance and nostalgia to our ears can freak out someone! We sure don’t wanna be a party to that.

#33 Philophobia

The fear of love or of becoming emotionally connected with another person


Those who are emotionally restrained can relate to this fear of love or becoming emotionally attached with others. A definitive fear of all things sentimental.

#34 Omphalophobia

The irrational fear of belly buttons


There even is a fear of belly buttons which we find to be completely irrational.Nevertheless it exists and we think that it would be at least somewhat scary.

#35 Phronemophobia

The fear of thinking


Shutting out ideas comes so naturally to some people that you end up wondering whether they are indeed Phronemophobics after all!

#36 Scriptophobia

The extreme fear of writing in public


Celebrities who seemingly waive off signing autographs in public aren’t always vain. They might even be scriptophobic, which explains why they can’t seem to do the pen in public.

#37 Chloephobia

The fear of print newspapers


Okay, digital news portals are sure a thing to rejoice for these chloephobics who fears newspapers in particular.

#38 Optophobia

The fear of openings one’s eyes


Because keeping the eyes closed helps you to dim all worries of life, the fear dawning on having to open one’s eyes sounds very, very legit.

#39 Nostophobia/ Ecophobia

An abnormal fear or dislike of returning home


Heart sure does not reside in the home for those with nostophobia. The aversion to returning home might stem from general conflicts or from deep rooted instances of ‘violence’ in the house.

#40 Genuphobia

The fear of one’s own knees or someone else’s knees or the act of kneeling


Knees look cute tome and yes, sometimes so very romantic. Yet Genuphobia would not allow some of us to view going down on one’s knees as one of the most ‘perfect’ ways of proposal.

#41 Pentheraphobia

The fear of your mother-in-law


This one makes us smirk! Fearing mothers is universal, fearing mothers- in- law is hysterical!

#42 Anthophobia

The fear of flowers


Fearing something as pretty as flowers is not a phobia most of us would really understand. But that things exists for real and is called Anthophobia.

#43 Kathisophobia

The fear of sitting down


Okay, the ones with kathisophobia, what on earth would you do once you get tired of sleeping or standing? Never mind, just asking!

#44 Trypophobia

The sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps


We can’t even start explaining about this one. Down right outrageous!

#45 Chaetophobia

A persistent fear of hair


Whether it be thinking of clusters of hair as gross, or deciphering some fear in dense mass of hair, Chaetophobia is thepersistent fear of hairy things and can also mean a fear of hair disease.

#46 Panophobia

The fear of everything


While living with a single fear becomes an uphill task for the most of us, there are some who are afraid of virtually everything. Panophobia is the fear of every single thing!

#47 Hippopoto- monstro- sesquippedaliophobia

The fear of very long words


Ironic how we could seek to explain the fear of very long words by devising an even longer, monstrous word! Humans, oh Lord!

#48 Barophobia

An irrational and overwhelming fear of gravity


Does this stem from the anticipation of expecting to ‘fall off’ due to the effect of gravity? It does so, at least in part. Barophobics also view gravity as something that might crush them or doing just the opposite- making them fall off by ceasing to exist!