13 most dangerous dogs in the world

most dangerous dogs

Forever celebrated as man’s best friend, dogs are one of the most loyal and loving pets to covet. Yet, despite all their protectiveness and endearment, dogs also can be as dangerous due of course to innate characteristics. Especially with such breeds that originated as hunting beasts and the like, the levels of ferociousness and therefore of danger gets intensified a couple times more. Catering therefore to their instinctive tendencies as fierce canines are the following 13 breeds that which make for the most dangerous dogs in the world-

American Pit Bull Terrier

Very assertively one of the most dangerous dogs in the world is the American Pit Bull Terrier that boasts of a ferociousness so intense that has led it to be banned by numerous countries around the world. Widely deemed the only true ‘pit bull’, this medium sized, short haired breed exhibits quite intimidating levels of inter dog aggression. In also its powerful physique, the American Pit Bull Terrier might come across as quite stiff a force to overpower especially in the absence of optimum socialization and obedience training of it. No wonder with such massive strength that characterises its type, the Pit Bull has emerged to be the most common cause of human deaths caused by dog bites.


One of the oldest breed of dogs in the world, the Rottweiler is another of the most dangerous as well among its kind. In existence since the Roman times when they were used as driving dogs, the fierce strength of the breed have now led it to be used as search and rescue dogs, guard dogs, and police dogs. Another of the giant killers when it comes to human fatality owing to dog bites, this is a breed that boasts a medium- large built, endowing it most of the strength from which it derives its prowess. Forever fearless and always alert, Rottweilers come across as a powerful breed with well-developed genetic herding and guarding instincts that which translates therefore into their ferocious prominence. Like the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Rottweiler too stands banned in certain countries owing to just how imposing a danger it can tend to be.

German Shepherd

A breed of dog originating from Germany from which it derives its name, the German Shepherd comes across as quite dangerous even in merely the look of it. In fact in its very prominent wolf like appearance, this breed was even known as the Alsatian Wolf Dog in the UK until 1977. Today one of the most preferred of dogs the world over for such tasks as disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles and acting that which are but derivants of its dangerous status, the German Shepherd however is very innately aggressive towards humans in general. But it sure is one big biter, as its bite is among the most powerful of dog attacks you can ever experience. To that effect therefor, when instigated, the German Shepherd can be as dangerous as any other dog in the world.

Caucasian Shepherd

A really large dog that can be really dangerous when uncontrolled, the Caucasian Shepherd was bred as a livestock guardian. In the present times however, this Russian breed finds prominence as prison guard dogs in the Soviet Union, that itself is testimony enough of their ferocious nature. Even otherwise as the ultimate guard dog that which leads it to be menacingly dangerous to intruders while being perfectly loyal to its owner, the Caucasian Shepherd is indeed one of the dogs you must watch out for particularly if it is one untrained beast.


With a body that is stunningly muscular and a bite painfully powerful, the Deustche Boxer does come across as one of the most dangerous dogs in the world. In its solid built and strong bite, this is dog breed that invokes a ferociousness that however is not so typical of its kind. Generally energetic and playful owing to their immense strength and endurance, the Boxer can easily turn into one intimidating beast for anyone who dares to mess around it. In their reputation of being somewhat headstrong, Boxers makes for a dog breed that you should definitely be wary of particularly since it tends to retain the characteristics of having been developed as a hunting dog sometime in the late 19th century.

Doberman Pinscher

Finding popularity in prevailing perception as being ferocious and aggressive that which stems directly from its identity as a personal protector, Dobermans are easily among the most dangerous dogs of the world. Large and fearless as well as intimidating when faced with threat, it is the guarding nature of this breed that which makes them come across as highly aggressive. With specific breeding however, most modern day Dobermans tend to be more even tempered and calm but the few that remain true to their origin as fierce protectors, something very evident in their muscular built, exhibit every inch the dangerous traits that made them so very treasured as watch dogs.

Alaskan Malamute

A namesake dog breed from its region of origin, the Alaskan Malamute’s reputation in ferociousness stands in it being descendant of the domesticated wolf-dogs of some 4000 years ago in history. Originally bred for their strength and endurance to haul heavy freight as a sled dog and hound, the Malamutes still exhibit a high tendency to prey that which is something rooted in their origin and breeding. In its strong encompassments of power and endurance, this is a dog that can be quite hostile even when otherwise it is known to be fond of humans. With also a great survival instinct that which instinctively lends them a level of ferociousness, Alaskan Malamutes can indeed be dangerous in all their enormity.

Great Dane

As one of the largest breeds of dogs, Great Danes can be immensely dangerous as regards their assertion of power. Even when they are not very violent by nature, these dogs tend to come across as more aggressive than most other breeds mainly due to their immense size and strength. As descendant of hunting dogs of the Middle Age, Great Danes are noted for their giant size and imposing physique that which makes them an enormous force to reckon with in the canine world. Otherwise a gentle giant though, defying expectations from a beast its size, Great Danes also have continuously been among the tallest dogs of the world which explains how dangerous they indeed can be to anyone when it comes to overpowering them.

Chow Chow

A very primitive breed of dog and one that is quite sturdily built, Chow Chows tend to be dangerous in their very nature. In such displays of discernment of strangers, these are dogs that come with a temperament which is what makes them so intimidating. Aggression being one distinctive behavioural characteristic of this breed, as also its stemming as beasts with very active hunting instincts, it is no wonder that Chow Chows are often considered as high risk dogs to handle. Also highly territorial that which even enhances the risk factor associated with them, Chow Chows are likely the most unlikeliest of dangerous dog breeds in the world.

Jack Russell Terrier

most dangerous dogs jack russell terrier
Source: PetGuide

As one of the breeds that is more likely than most others to attack humans, the Jack Russel Terrier should be among the most dangerous dogs of the world. In its origins in fox hunting in England, it had been the tempered aggressiveness of this natural hunter breed that which had earned it considerable popularity for its innate characteristics. Sturdy and tough and tenacious, this rather little beast of prey tends also to be rather moody and destructive if their high energy levels are not channelised properly into such ventures that require their complete attention. With also their prevalent hunting instincts, Jack Russell Terriers also can be aggressive towards other animals as well as humans.

Canarian Mastiff

A fearsome fight dog that which exhibits streaks of aggressiveness so intense that make them particularly dangerous and deadly, Canarian Mastiffs are huge dogs you don’t want to mess with. The animal-symbol of the island of Gran Canaria, this is a really powerful dog that intimidates also with its thick, muscular body. Very prominent presences in the dog fighting scenes of earlier times that which assert vehemently their physical prowess, the rather violent traits of these dogs led them also to be banned from possessing by anyone who wasn’t a hunter. Even more dangerous in packs and in the absence of absolute authority, Canarian mastiffs make for rather threatening beasts to risk having an encounter with and have therefore been banned by some countries of the world.

Brazilian Mastiff

Another of the mastiff dog types that which has acquired notoriety for being excessively dangerous is the namesake beast from Brazil. Known for its superb tracking ability, aggressiveness and an unforgiving, impetuous temperament, the Brazilian Mastiff or Fila Brasileiro is a rather imposing vision in its massive structure. Bred to be aggressive, this is a naturally protective breed which therefore makes it extremely wary of strangers, wasting no opportunity to attack even at the slightest provocation. In its extreme agility and tremendous instinctive drive to hunt down ‘intruders’, the Brazilian mastiff faces restriction on its ownership in many countries of the world.

Wolf Dogs

A hybrid of dogs that which is a cross with wolfs, most wolf dogs or wolf hybrids are among the most dangerous of breeds in the world. With also less predictable behavior patterns due to them being a mixture of genetic traits, wolf dogs are often more feared owing to how unassuming their nature can be. In also their rather ample display of aggressiveness that which stems invariably also from their wolf lineage and therefore makes allowance also for provocation susceptible to the shy nature of wolves, these breeds also are rather difficult to control in their random characteristics.