13 most developed states in India 2020

most developed state in india

While development as a concept is essentially relative, it perhaps remains all the more ambiguous because there exists no single parameter to gauge it. Whether you choose to define development in economic terms or according to social status or even in terms of political stability, the results yielded will always be different. Perhaps even more pertinent than the cardinal figures of development is the percentage change in development attributes. Because to grow is one thing, and to persist on that level of growth is another. As one of the fastest developing countries of the world, it is a given that almost every state of India is also increasingly marching on the developed route. Here we list the 10 most developed states in India that are augmenting also the holistic development of the country in the global stage-


GDP per capita: US$3,000

As the state that is home to the city of Mumbai, widely recognised as the financial capital of the country, Maharashtra is certainly the most developed state in India as far as economic parameters are concerned. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$450 billion, this state in western India has experienced comprehensive development across all its sectors. Be it agriculture, industry or service, Maharashtra has continually experienced high economic growth. In fact as the state that contributes the largest 14% to the national income of India, the most developed status of Maharashtra sure is an all encompassing affair.

Tamil Nadu

GDP per capita: US$3,900

most developed state in india tamil nadu
Source: Eye on Asia

With a GDP of US$280 billion, Tamil Nadu is the second most developed state of India as of 2020. And not just in economic terms, the state also boasts a Human Development Index of 0.70 which makes it also one of the more wholesome of states in the country. In fact, the state’s annual growth rate in the past three years has been higher than that of Maharashtra. Being an innovation based economy and a socioeconomically well faring state, Tamil Nadu combines well the elements of public development in both humanitarian and economic aspects. Be it in developing world class infrastructure or a conducive business environment, as well in ensuring health for all, Tamil Nadu is one of the states that has set the developmental benchmark really high for other Indian states to follow.


GDP per capita: US$3,200

One of the most industrialised states of India, it comes as no surprise that the third most developed state dwells also on its industrial growth to emerge the big grower. The GDP of Gujarat stands at US$ 260 billion and a whopping growth rate of 13.8%, higher than any of the top five most developed states. Also one of India’s most prosperous states, the development pursuit of Gujarat perhaps have been helped by its characterisation as a SEZ (Special Economic Zone state. In fact the Gujarat model of development that is cited as one of the prime reasons of the state’s continuing growth is very often looked upon by other states as a model that can also propagate their development with proper implementation.


GDP per capita: US$3,200

The state of Karnataka houses the IT hub of the country and is therefore quite understandably a region that has scaled up along the growth parameters to achieve this distinction. With a GDP of 250 billion in US dollars, this south Indian state is the fourth largest economy of the country. Also a state that is more industrialised than most of the other Indian states, Karnataka’s developed status in India is also matched by its higher than the national average HDI.

Uttar Pradesh

GDP per capita: US$990

Rounding the top five of the most developed state of India is the northern region of Uttar Pradesh which with a GDP of US$250 billion is at par with Karnataka in economic robustness. The most populous state of the country which makes also for the largest consumer base, Uttar Pradesh is a really significant presence as far as the Indian economy is concerned. The state is the largest producer of food grains in the country while also boasting of developed infrastructural facilities. However, the state’s HDI score of 0.59 is still some notches down as compared to the country average. Also, despite decent growth, Uttar Pradesh has not yet been able to expand its percentage growth to double digits. On the bright side however, if the state manages to grow to its full potential, it can very well be on course for becoming a trillion dollar economy.

West Bengal

GDP per capita: US$1,500

With an economy of a 210 billion US dollars, West Bengal is another most developed state of India. One of the country’s leading exporters of leather goods, the state’s power infrastructure also ranks as the best in the country. Also one of the few states that can boast a surplus food production, West Bengal is particularly famous for its Darjeeling Tea that is noted for its superior quality and therefore commands huge demand in the national and international market. The largest producer of veggies as well as among the largest producers of fish and poultry in the country, West Bengal’s economy surely is an agricultural mainstay. Recent times have however seen heavy industries and services contribute significantly to its growth.


GDP per capita‎: ‎US$1,700

Rajasthan’s GDP of a 160 billion Us dollars makes the royal state of India also a prominent booster of the country’s economy. Unsurprisingly, tourism is one of the major economic activities in this northern Indian state even as agriculture and mining dominate its other share of the financial proceedings. Also among the leading investment destinations of India, Rajasthan also enjoys prominence as being home to the the world’s leading integrated Zinc, Lead and Silver producer. Tourism however is perhaps bigger a factor than any other, with 16% contribution to the state’s economy. The Blue City of Jodhpur, the Pink City of Jaipur, the City of Lakes Udaipur, The Golden City of Jaisalmer all witness a teeming trove of tourists right through the year bringing in exemplary revenue to the state’s coffers.

Andhra Pradesh

GDP per capita: US$2,000

most developed state in india Andhra Pradesh
Source: ScoutMyTrip

The economy of Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest growing economies in India and with a state GDP of US$150 billion, the south eastern state is also one among the more developed in the country. Ranked India’s best state in ease of doing business by the World Bank, the eight placed Andhra Pradesh however remains mainly dependent on agriculture. But with 39 operational Special Economic Zones, even industrial sector is becoming a harbinger of growth in the state. Tourism also is fast emerging as a significant determinant of Andhra Pradesh’s economic growth in recent times.


GDP per capita: US$2,300

Also with a GDP of US$150 billion, Telangana is another of the most developed Indian state. Agriculture is the main contributor to the state’s economy even though Telangana is fast emerging also to be one of the top IT exporting states of India.


GDP per capita: US$3,200

An oft cited example as far as development among Indian states is concerned, Kerala’s $140 billion strong economy makes it a grand phenomenon. With an economic growth rate well above the national average as well as the highest HDI for any Indian state, the southern state is a natural as well as modern wonder. The attraction of being a prime tourist destination, a whopping excise duty on the sale of liquor and great infrastructural facilities are behind Kerala’s unprecedented economic growth. No wonder Kerala continually counts among the top 10 of most developed state of India.


GDP per capita: US$3,700

Source: NativePlanet

Haryana’s state GDP of US$130 billion makes it also another of the economically developed of Indian states. Service sector is the prominent contributor to the state’s finances, with a percentage share of 51%. Haryana has also been the first state in the country to achieve 100% rural electrification in 1970, first in the country to link all villages with all weather roads and first in the country to provide safe drinking water facilities throughout the state, thereby committing to developing infrastructural facilities.

Madhya Pradesh

GDP per capita: US$830

most developed state in india Madhya Pradesh
Source: (MP) Tourism

Also with a 130 billion dollar strong state economy, Madhya Pradesh is also among the more developed state of India. In fact the state has been the recipient of the President’s Award of 2013 for improving its tourism, medical and infrastructural growth. Agriculture however continues to be the dominant sector, with almost 45% contribution the GDP.


GDP per capita: US$7045

The state of Goa might not be the country’s biggest as far as economies are concerned. However, the $11 billion tourism haven is indeed the richest state in India with the highest GDP per capita. Tourism continues to be the biggest grosser for this land of the wanderlust even as a favorable Human Development Index also augurs well for its developmental status.