Most expensive marriages in India that were spectacularly extravagant

most expensive marriage in India

The very mention of marriages sums up a picture of grand celebrations in pretty premises amidst a bevy of beauties that cater to the exclusiveness of the venue and the extravagance of the decor, and of course the glitz and glamour in the wedding trousseau. India in particular has always been witness to such unions that encompass multitude of festivities, for it is a once in a lifetime occurrence. Even when it is not though, marriages always call for more than enough splurges in our part of the world. No wonder India has seen such celebrity marriages over the years that defy every notion of grand to emerge as the grandest of them all. Here’s listing some such couples in India who splurged on the most expensive and extensive wedding of their times to seal their eternal love-

Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal

isha ambani- anand piramal
Source: Reuters

No guesses can go wrong when it comes to listing the absolute most expensive marriage that India has ever seen, be it in recent times or otherwise. The Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal wedding has to be the most extravagant in the country’s history, even when going by standards set time and again by the very notion of the big fat Indian wedding. The only daughter of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, also continuously counted among the richest of the world, Isha’s fairytale love story with childhood sweetheart Anand Piramal culminated into as fairytale a marriage in 2018. And why should it not be? Like Isha, Anand is also the only son of business tycoon Ajay Piramal, and is himself the Executive Director of the Piramal Group. It is only natural therefore that a marriage involving the union of two of India’s richest families would be an absolutely grand affair to behold.

With a spectacular wedding invite that itself cost a whopping three lakhs, the entire budget of the event was an even whopping $15 million, even when other estimates put it as high as a 100 million dollars! In attendance were of course all the bigwigs of the country, from Bollywood celebrities to sportspersons and the like, but there were also quite a few global dignitaries gracing the wedding with their presence. From songstress Beyonce who performed at the wedding to former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton and business tycoon Henry Travis, the guest list was as star studded as the preparations itself.

A fairytale engagement at the gorgeous Lake Como in Italy followed by pre wedding celebrations at Udaipur to the wedding at their Mumbai home Antilla and finally an extravagant reception at the Jio Garden in Mumbai, with guests arriving by chartered flights staying in five star hotels and chauffeured in luxurious cars, the Isha Ambani- Anand Piramal wedding was more extravagant than what we would ever be able to envision. It indeed has been the wedding of the century that had the whole country in celebration of the grand union.

Sushanto Roy and Seemanto Roy

Sushanto-Roy-and-Seemanto-Roy most expensive marriage in india
Source: RVCJ Media

A 552 crore expensive Indian wedding, that had the whole world sit up and take notice way back in 2004 was a double affair of the Sahara group. It was the Sushanto- Richa and Seemanto- Chandni wedding that saw father Subrato Roy, the chairman of the Sahara India Pariwar, organise an extravagant event at the Sahar Auditorium in Lucknow. Some 11000 guests were in attendance at the wedding that was graced by a host of Indian celebrities at a venue decked up with marshals, wax, torch lights and prism glasses. With also 110 cuisine on offer at the wedding banquet that which ranged from Mumbai Chaupati to Lucknavi Delicacies, this one was a truly remarkable wedding and not just in its extravagance. Subrata Roy also took the commendable initiative of getting 101 underprivileged girls married even while serving some 1,50,000 beggars at the grand wedding.

Brahmani Reddy and Rajeev Reddy

The 2016 wedding of Brahmani Reddy and Rajeev Reddy is yet another of the expensive marriage that India has played host to. Like all other high profile unions, this event also saw a tremendous display of wealthy grandeur by the bride’s father, Karnataka’s former politician and mining baron Janardhan Reddy as well as the groom’s father who happened to be the Hyderabad based businessman Vikram Deva Reddy.

At an estimated cost of 550 crores in Indian rupees, this made for quite a spectacle to cherish. The shaadi mandap was a stunning recreation of the Tirupati Tirumala Temple, complete with its seven doors even as the whole wedding function took place inside a replica of the lavish Vijayanagara Empire that was exclusively created for the wedding ceremony. The wedding invite itself was an extravagant spectacle- featuring an LCD screen that played choreographed songs starring the family and was worth a full 5 crores that cordially requested the gracious presence of over 50,000 guests at the Bengaluru Palace Grounds. No wonder that with every aspect of the wedding being such a display of grandeur, the bride came adorned in a Rs 17 crore Kanjeevaram saree and Rs 90 crore worth of jewelry for her big day!

Shrishti Mittal and Gulraj Behl

Shrishti Mittal and Gulraj Behl most expensive marriage in india (1)
Source: EXP Exchange

A really expensive marriage of India but that which unfurled its majestic celebrations at Barcelona in Spain was the 2013 wedding of Shrishti Mittal and Gujraj Behl. A 500 crore affair that is however only ‘reasonable’ for a bride who happens to be the niece of India’s steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, the wedding to investment banker Gulraj Behl was a three day extravaganza that took place at the National Museum of Catalan Art on a hilltop. With the Michelin star chef Sergi Arola curating a culinary spread, that which included also a 60 kg 6 tiered wedding cake, the wedding saw some 200 chefs and butlers from Spain, India and Thailand in action.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

Hosts to another expensive marriage in India is the Mittal family, a distinction they achieved way back in 2004 with a 350 crore worth wedding extravaganza in Paris. Vanisha Mittal, the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal got hitched with British Indian businessman Amit Bhatia in a lavish destination wedding that saw them getting engaged at the Palace of Versailles, once the house of French Aristocratic Families.

With performances by desi stars like Shah Rukh Khan as well as international celebrity Kylie Minogue, the wedding was every bit an exclusive event. The 1000 guests in attendance got an all expenses paid trip to the city of love even as some 35 craftsmen had been flown from Mumbai to erect a mandap on a pond. The wedding of Mittal’s daughter to the would be 2013 Young Entrepreneur of the Year sure was more grand a vision than what the country had ever witnessed till that time.

Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria

most expensive marriage in india Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria
Source: Daily Mail

In what was a wedding extravagance stemming from political riches, the 2011 marriage of Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria preceded the royal UK wedding as a worthy precursor to what was to follow in regal terms. The 250 crore wedding solemnised between the son of Congress leader Kanwar Singh Tanwar and the daughter of former independent MLA Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria across four functions saw some 15000 guests in attendance.

The gifting spree witnessed at the lavish wedding was no less grand- a Bell 429 helicopter, valued at more than Rs 29 crore, was a wedding gift for the groom who also received a silver replica of the same. Even each of the 15000 guests returned richer, as they were all gifted an expensive shawl, safari suit, Rs 2,100 in cash and a silver coin. Also on offer was 100 different delicacies with the dessert counter dominating the proceeding with an offering of some 30 different types of kulfis!

Adel Sajan and Sana Khan

A 200 crore wedding, that was no doubt a destination wedding, and a cruise top wedding at that, Adel Sajan and Sana Khan’s nuptials were all the talk of the town when they tied the knot in 2017. The director at Danube Group, Sajan married Khan in a four-day destination wedding on a luxury liner Costa Fascinosa. With a different theme in place for each of the many wedding functions aboard the cruise, Adel and Sana sailed to Barcelona, Marseilles, Cannes and Savona along with some 1500 guests.

The decor itself was extravagant- more than two tonnes of flowers imported from the world over decked up the cruise even as the guests also reportedly had 42 hair and makeup professionals to assist them in getting ready. The guests in attendance that also included Bollywood divas like Sushmita Sen and Shilpa Shetty, were audience to a water rocket show, aerial acts, song, and dance and such other scintillating display of aesthetics.

Sanjay Hinduja and Anu Mahtani

Another expensive marriage with industrial linkings, India saw the 2015 union of Sanjay Hinduja and Anu Mahtani in a series of functions and celebrations that cost an approximately 140 crores of rupees. The London based scion of one of Britain’s wealthiest families, Sanjay Hinduja’s wedding to fashion designer Mahatani was no less a royal experience. With the Jagmandir Island Palace in Udaipur as the decked up venue, the star attraction of the event were performances by Jlo and Nicole Scherzinger, with of course a bevy of Bollywood celebrities in attendance. Another story of childhood love blossoming into a full fledged romance, the wedding was of course preceded by another set of elaborate celebrations in Mumbai even as some 900 odd guests were all flown into Udaipur by 208 separate private chartered jets.

Vineeta Agarwal and Mudit Teja

most expensive marriage in india Vineeta Agarwal and Mudit Teja
Source: The Youth

A 130 crore marriage, another of the most expensive in India, was that of Vineeta Agarwal with Mudit Teja. The daughter of UK based businessman Pramod Agarwal, Vineeta tied the knot with Teja on the island of San Clemente in California in 2011. Adding further charm to all the extravagance was a star performance by Shakira at a venue that sprawled a massive 17 acres. Specially imported flowers from Paris made up most of the spectacular decor even as the wedding cake, a replica of the Rialto Bridge that supported tiers of twenty-four circular cakes, stole the show with its ‘architectural’ majesty finely emblazoned in delicious cakey elements!

Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev

The 2006 wedding of Indian American businesswoman Priya Sachdev with American hotelier Vikram Chatwal was one luxurious affair, that amounted a cool 100 crores of rupees. The Turkey wedding was every inch a fairytalesque celebration, with three thousand candles lighting up the dreamy venue that which had been decorated with a thousand kilos of flowers. Indian as well as global stars were in attendance in the wedding, that however lasted only a mere 5 years till the pair’s split in 2011.

Mallika Reddy and Siddharth Reddy

Mallika Reddy and Siddharth Reddy
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Another 100 crore worth celebrity wedding saw the union between the granddaughter of GVK Group’s GV Krishna Reddy with the son of Indu Group’s Indukuri Syam Prasad Reddy in 2011. In a red velvet and gold mandap designed by famous designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khoshla, the duo made their vows even as chandeliers of real jasmine flowers hung from above in a show of dainty luxury that had everyone enthralled. With bigwigs from across the country in attendance, this has been another expensive marriage that India has witnessed in the new millennium.

Gaurav Assomull and Kajal Fabiani

Yet another 2011 wedding that saw spendings in crores of rupees was the one that tied the CEO of Marigold Group Gaurav Assomull and jewelry designer Kajal Fabiani in the eternal bond. Their destination wedding at Monte Carlo in Monaco saw performances by Akon and Sukhbir even as the pair tied the knot in a traditional Sindhi ceremony over the course of four days.