Most expensive water in the world which will drain your bank account

expensive water

Water is life. Essentially. But for the richest few in the world, it is even a luxury, a means of flaunting grandeur and inspiring lavishness. You would be surprised to know that celebrities and the richie rich of the world are willing to shell out more than a few thousand bucks for this crystal clear, life giving and life saving liquid. Loaded with minerals and sourced from the most exotic of locations around the world, these packaged water are exquisitely priced. Whether it be for the immense health benefits and wonders they encompass or even the aesthetics they bring in to the fore, the waters for the rich are equally steeped in the price. here’s a list of the most expensive water brands ever in the world-

Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition

Price – Rs 65,00,000 per bottle

At a whopping 100,000 dollars per bottle, Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition has to be the most expensive water in the world.

Understandably so. As water sourced from the springs of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this exclusively limited collection by Beverly Hills also has mineralas and nutrients instilled inside the bottle. Mineral water in the truest sense of the term, the uber pricy water comes in bottled designed by reknowned designer Mario Padilla and sports a 14-karat white gold cap encrusted with six hundred white diamonds and two hundred and fifty black diamonds.

And it isn’t just the price that is the defining feature of this bottle of mineral water. The Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition has also been the winner of the World’s Best Water Award,courtesy of its silky smooth and incredibly crisp texture and remarkably light taste.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Price – Rs 35,50,000/ 750 ml

Source: The Telegraph

The Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani had also been the most expensive water in the world at one point of time when each bottle of what can definitely be called an elixir was sold at a staggering 60,000 dollars in a 2010 auction. A 24 karat gold bottle designed by Fernando Altamirano houses this exquisite mix of glacier water from Iceland and natural spring waters from France and Fiji Islands.

One look at the grandeur the bottle exhibits and you will immediately know why it commands such a high price. But it isn’t only the packaging that is gilded. The water is also gold standard with a real five milligrams of gold dust in it!

Kona Nigari Water

Price – Rs. 28,000/ 750 ml

Kona Nigari Water
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Kona Nigari Water from the Asian country of Japan is one of those expensive water brands that focusses more on the product rather than the packaging. The purified and desalinated deep sea water is rich in nutrients that is uniquely hydrating and is also massively beneficial for human health.

Harvested from an island 2000 feet below the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii, the Kona Nigari water is rich in some of the most exquisitely natural deep ocean electrolytes. From reducing stress to shedding weight to benefitting your skin, the Kona Nigiri water is also recommended by dermatologists and certified skin experts.


Price – Rs. 15,100 per liter

Another Japanese name that makes its presence felt in the list of expensive water in the world is Filico, with its exclusive luxury drink, the Filico Jewelry Water. The water shines through the exquisitely crafted, Swarovski studded glass bottles that exude gleaming luxury.

The Filico water comes from a spring in the Kobe region of Japan and has a refreshing taste to it. The bottles resemble the king and queen pieces from the game of chess that are adorned with golden crowns, inspiring a highly regal yet sophisticated look.

Berg Water

Price – Rs 12500/ 750 ml

Berg water clearly has its source written all over it. The icebergs in Canada’s remote Newfoundland Island from where the Berg water is harvested is one of the purest in the world. Naturally, with the onus of bottling only the purest iceberg water to its high end, luxury consumers, Berg Water comes at a whopping Rs 15000 per liter.

Harvesting the exclusively limited iceberg water from a terrain nestled in harsh conditions is quite a difficult proposition. But then coming from such a remote location, undisturbed by contaminants also makes Berg Water one of the purest apart from being one among the most expensive water in the world.

The purely melted ice berg water is also bottled in exotic bottles that serve its luxury quotient. Though with a lower mineral content, Berg Water is still of the highest quality in the luxury category. The distinctive glass bottle that packages the water is quite steeped in simplistic opulence and elegance.


Price – Rs 11450 per liter

Another bottle of ice berg water that packs a punch as one among the expensive water in the world is the one from Svalbard in Europe. From the northernmost part of the world, Svalbardi water is gathered from melting icebergs and bottled in extra flint glass that sports also an arctic driftwood like wooden cap.

Svalbardi water is also worth every penny it costs as it supports carbon dioxide reduction projects to dwell also on eco consciousness while marketing its uber luxurious water brand.


Price – Rs 13,100 per liter

The Gold winner in the 2019 Taste Awards in the Curated Category, Nevas is a luxury water brand from Germany. Their sparkling clear water however intends to be more celebratory than essential, given that the texture and the gleam emulates that of champagne. Loaded with calcium and drawn from age old artesian wells, the Nevas water also come in a gorgeous black bottle that looks as luxurious and sparkly as the water it holds.

Bling H2O

Price – Rs. 2400/ 750ml

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The brainchild of Hollywood writer- producer Kevin G Boyd, Bling H2O attempted to cash in on the spotlight that celebrities command in every aspect of their lives. Water from the springs in the Tennessee region is purified and packed in frosted glass bottles that are also encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

The Bling H2O brand of super expensive water has also been a feature at the MTV Video Music Awards and television’s biggest event, The Emmy’s. Bling H2O packs exquisite tasting water in an exquisite look, only for those high end consumers who blings!


Price – Rs. 1590/ 750ml

VEEN waters are supposedly the purest on the planet. In its origins in the Finnish Lapland or in the pristinely calm Bhutan, this brand of water is low on mineral content but is utterly smooth. Water from natural springs is filtered through an ice to deliver what is claimed to be the freshest and purest water in the world. Extremely hydrating and also unaffected by nitrate, the water is bottled in an exclusive glass case that looks and feels as gorgeous as the water itself.


Price – Rs 3500/ 750 ml

Exclusive and elusive, Iluliaq water is obtained by melting of the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Greenland. A UNESCO protected site since about a decade and a half, the icebergs are made to melt naturally to harvest water that is pure and undisturbed by contaminants.

The harsh conditions and harsher accessibility contributes more in making Iluliaq a more luxurious water brand. The specialty of the Iluliaq brand also rests in the company’s abstaining from stocking up on bottles. Instead, each stunning bottle of Iluliaq water is freshly packaged, dated and exclusively labelled with the customer’s name.


VOSS is a brand that sources water deep beneath the earth from the Iveland region of Norway. Layers of rock and sand filter out the water confined in an aquifier, making it excessively pure and exotic.

A premium bottled water brand that rests on the lower segment among luxury brands, Voss water comes in crystal clear bottles and delivers the fresh feel of hoarding splashing, cool spring water.


Price – Rs. 800/ 750ml

Aqua Deco has been the 2007 winner of the best non-carbonated drinking water and is drawn from an 18,000 year old aquifer in Canada. And it isn’t just the water, even the Aqua Deco bottle had been adjudged the People’s Choice award for package design.

Aqua Deco water comes from Canda’s finest springs and is noted for its low mineral content and a sweet tinge in its taste. Interestingly, Aqua Deco claims its water to not just be a luxury thirst quencher. It is also touted to be an elixir- life giving and life sustaining. This might however be not so unexpected, given that the Aqua Deco water undergoes a diversified and rigorous filtration process to bottle up water that is free from ions, pollutants and undesirable compounds.

Lauquen Artes Mineral Water

Price – Rs. 360/750ml

The Lauquen Artes Mineral Water is one of the purest liquids you can quench your thirst with, given that it is bottled at the source, never allowing it to be contaminated even by as natural a element as air.

If Svalbardi was your taste of the world’s water from its northernmost expanse, Lauquen Artes would be your pick of the world’s southest. Derived from permanent ice and rain purified by the Andes Mountains in Patagonia, the water bottled by Lauquen Artes comes from a 1500 feet deep aquifier surrounded by an expanse of mountains and forests.

A unique composition of minerals and a mostly neutral taste characterises each bottle of one among the most expensive water in the world. Even the Lauquen Artes bottle inspires purity and freshness in its tastefully simplistic appearance.


Price – Rs. 300/750ml

Distinctly flavourful and high on minerals, Fine bottles water drawn 2100 feet below the Fuji volcano in Japan. Old volcanic rocks naturally filter out the water that comes to be extremely pure and free of any pollutants. The Fine water brand comes in a opaque glazed bottle that is as beautiful as the source from where the water is drawn. Fine water is in fact the therapeutic RDA range of silica that comes from a place revered by monks and intellectuals as being the fountain of wisdom.

Tasmanian Rain

Price – Rs. 300/ 750 ml

Each bottle of Tasmanian Rain offers exactly what the name encompasses. Raindrops are collected mid- air somewhere along the northwest coast of Tasmania that is then bottled up to offer another premium luxury water that is also one among the expensive water in the world.

The catch behind Tasmanian Rain being essentially rain water is that Tasmania is known for having the cleanest air on earth. The highly pure water with low mineral content comes packed in bottles that are recyclable.

Evian Water

Price – Rs 600

While you might not have heard of the other brands, chances are the name Evian will likely strike a chord with you. Courtesy of ace Indian cricketer Virat Kohli who specifically drinks this particular brand, luxury water isn’t completely unheard of in the country.

Evian sources its premium bottled water from the French Alps. The underground water is rich in electrolytes and a unique mix of minerals lends the brand its crisp taste.

Uisge Source

Price – Rs 4200 per liter

Uisge Source is a brand of water that is marketed specifically for whisky pairing. Uisge Source is completely exclusive, as it sources water from Scotland that perfectly complement the region’s famous whiskies.

Mineral rich spring waters from sources either close to, or from distilleries in the whisky regions of Scotland are bottled up as Uisge Source waters. A slightly acidic taste of the water removes the alcohol prickle, and opens up the aromas and flavours of the whisky.


Price – Rs 3860 per liter

A bevy of accolades decorating the archives of the Lofoten water brand justify its presence as being one of the expensive water in the world. Melted ice, snow and rain from Norway’s Lofoten archipelago, north of the Arctic circle, finds its way into the Lofoten water bottles that has made it big by claiming several design awards.

A crystal clear glass bottle speaks premium elegance even in its minimalist appeal conjured up with an engraved base and an eclectically designed cap.
The Lofoten water is so pure that it does not even need to be filtered. The source of the water is extremely pure and stable, having been harvested from a region where even lake water remains unpolluted to this date.

So the next time you pick up that bottle to quench your thirst, be assured that you are having it quite easy, much unlike the richest people of the world!