Mumbiker Nikhil: Lesser known facts about the Motovlogger

mumbiker nikhil

One of the top YouTubers of India and among the successful men known by his professional sobriquet, Mumbiker Nikhil is a popular motovlogger, in fact among the firsts in the country. His namesake YouTube channel is a 3.11 million subscribers strong community, that which speak about his enormous reach and tremendous presence among the masses. The most loved motovlogger of India started his YouTube journey in 2013, following which he grew to become a familiar name, raking in views and the fans to now be one of those YouTubers with more than a million subscribers on his channel.

Needless to say, even when Mumbiker Nikhil is a name often heard in the motovlogging realm in the Indian context, that isn’t his real name. Born as Nikhil Kumar Sharma on 4th November 1991 in Mumbai, his presence on YouTube is a derivation of his name and his place of birth.

Mumbiker Nikhil’s father Anil Kumar Sharma was into the motion picture theater business which was interestingly sought to be taken forward by Nikhil. However destiny had other plans for the young lad as the course of life led him to be a YouTuber instead.

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For someone set to embark on a journey with technology as the guiding principle, it emerges as quite a surprise that Nikhil got admitted in Hotel administration at the Rizvi Institute of Studies and Research in Mumbai.

A self proclaimed below average student at school, he however understood that academics and something as massive as administration would never be his forte. He therefore started applying for jobs and landed a position in Qatar Airways as a flight attendant. Nikhil in fact did work for Qatar Airways for six years from 2007 before returning to Mumbai.

Mumbiker Nikhil’s return journey to Mumbai also stemmed the beginning of his journey through YouTube. Inspired by American vlogger Casey Owen Neistat, Nikhil thought about starting his own channel for motovlogging. It indeed is a lauding of his talent that very often Nikhil has in fact been compared to the man Casey Neistat himself!

But while Casey Neistat was definitely the influence behind Nikhil recoursing his career, the Mumbai lad perhaps embarked into motovlogging because he had always been passionate about bikes. He started riding bikes as a fifteen year old and had forever been fond of travelling. It was this zeal of early life that boded well for the Mumbai lad in his now established career on YouTube.

However, not many know that before embarking on his YouTube journey, Mumbiker Nikhil also tried his luck at acting. But he did not succeed in this endeavor and therefore left the emoting pursuit there and then. Nikhil however did quite some modelling and took up acting stints in TV shows like Savdhaan India and Emotional Atyachar.

Nikhil’s return to India might have signalled the beginning of his alternate career but that he didn’t have the luxury of choice. Soon after he came back to India, Mumbiker Nikhil lost his father. He therefore had to take up the family business. This need led him to stay in India permanently while fending for his family by helming his father’s business. However, that did little to dampen his spirits and passion for motorbiking and travelling.

Consequently Mumbiker Nikhil made his debut on YouTube on July 2013. However in 2010, three years prior to his debut, Nikhil had taken to YouTube as a hobby.

As a motovlogger, Mumbiker Nikhil’s YouTube channel has videos of him and his team travelling on motorbike and documenting their experiences. As the man who introduced India to motovlogging, Nikhil is one of India’s best and commands widespread popularity with his stunning videos. In taking the road then lesser traveled, Nikhil Sharma sure had to face hurdles and take risks but all that paid off well earning him immense fame and the distinction of being one of India’s most well known motovloggers.

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For someone who started out new and unprecedented, it took hardly over a year for Mumbiker Nikhil to be the phenomenon that he is today. The video of a two way Mumbai to Bangalore journey completed in 28 hours by Nikhil made him a web sensation. As Nikhil and his YouTube presence began growing, the young lad continued his hardwork with dedication and very soon his Leh Ladakh trip came to be the defining moment of his YouTube journey.

As a motovlogger, it is indeed commendable that Nikhil Sharma has traveled throughout the length and breadth of India. He has been to each of the Indian states and documented his travel experiences there. Nikhil’s international sojourns include trips to Indonesia, Dubai, Nepal, USA, Greece, South Korea and many other countries.

As an established YouTuber himself, Mumbiker Nikhil has also collaborated with other top Indian presences on the platform. In collaborating with the likes of Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani, Be Younick, Technical Guruji, Prajakta Koli, Nikhil Sharma has strongly established himself as one of the prime presences on the video sharing platform. Even international motorcycle adventure rider Alex Chacon has appeared in Mumbiker Nikhil’s videos.

Mumbiker Nikhil achieved the milestone of a million subscribers on his channel just five years into the motovlogging domain. With a purported income of INR 3,85,000 to INR 61,32,000 per month from YouTube, Nikhil Sharma is also a millionaire now.

The popular motovlogger also has his own fashion label by the name Mumbiker Nikhil (Label MN) that which offers a range of merchandise online like t shirts, caps, bags, key chains and men’s belts.

Mumbiker Nikhil is rumoured to be dating fellow teammate and travel and lifestyle blogger and vlogger Shanice Shrestha even though they continually refute all such claims. For a man so famous with his travel tales, these indeed are some surprising lesser known facts about the motovlogger.