Mytery shrouds death of young Australian Instagram influencer Sinead McNamara

Sinead McNamara

In the era of going digital the world over, Instagram is perhaps one of the pivotal mediums for people to reach out to others and to the world, touching upon the lives of others in a way that can be hugely influential and highly rewarding.

Sinead McNamara was such an Instagram influencer and with over a fan following of 32k on the multi photo sharing site, the 20 year old Australian had perhaps acquired a position and a reach in the virtual world which many of us social butterflies would aspire for, or even envy. No wonder then, that her mysterious death recently has sent waves of shock among followers and fans all across the world.

Source: The Australian

A model, Sinead used to document her glamorous life profusely online and had been working as a crew aboard the £108million Mayan Queen IV for the past couple of months. Owned by a Mexican billionaire businessman named Alberto Bailleres, the superyacht was where young Sinead was found unconscious and she reportedly passed away when she was airlifted for providing treatment.

Originally hailing from Port Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia, McNamara was found in a critical condition while being whisked away to a hospital in Greece. The cause of her demise, however remains inconclusive, with police authorities not ruling out the possibility of the death being either a murder or a suicide.

Source: Pedestrian TV

An investigation has been launched into her final hours on the boat that had been docked on the island of Kefalonia. Mystery no doubt seems to shroud the untimely and unexpected demise of the young model, with the owner of the 92 metre long superyacht reportedly leaving the vessel just days before the shocking incident.

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