7 Common Myths about Online Coaching Classes

Myths about Online Coaching Classes

If you envision going to a coaching class, then you would surely picture a classroom full of students, a whiteboard, notebooks, pens, and desks. That’s how students have been taking coaching classes traditionally. However, the past two decades of technological innovations have completely transformed the coaching system. There has been tremendous growth in online learning courses not only in universities but also in coaching classes. The majority of students are finding Online Tuition is more convenient and budget-friendly. However, a few of them are concerned about the downsides of this conventional method of learning. Our experts believe that student’s concerns might be due to some myths related to Online Coaching Classes. The following write-up debunks 7 of the most-common misconceptions affecting your decision regarding online learning options. Take a look!

Online Coaching Lacks Direct Interaction with the Teachers

Just because you are not physically present in front of the teachers, doesn’t mean they won’t be guiding you in learning. Online coaching does not mean learning from video lectures of some IITian. You need to understand that it is different from e-learning. In fact, online coaching is about learning from lectures along with interaction with lecturers and other subject experts. They would provide you assistance in understanding all concepts. 

No Direct Participation of Student

Parents have a common perception of online classes that they lack the direct participation of students. However, in reality, it is one of the biggest misconceptions. Our experts believe that online classes have better student-teacher interaction as they don’t shy about speaking in front of peers. The virtual environment is more interacting and diminishes the linguistic or other socio-cultural barriers. As students feel confident in interacting with teachers, their engagement also gets improved with time. 

No Learning from Peers

Learning from peers is also one of the best ways to gain knowledge. Many parents and students believe that online coaching is lacking in this area. However, with technology and innovations, the online coaching institutes have resolved this issue as well. There are providing various services, such as online forums, discussion groups, and video-conferencing features to have a better interaction with other peers from different regions or countries. These online interaction features can provide better learning opportunities for students. 

Online Coaching Takes Lesser Time

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The majority of students and guardians believe that online coaching takes a lesser amount of time than traditional classroom learning. CBSE Board is the trend in online classes and students opt for Edtech like Vedantu NCERT Solutions to take all the benefits with guaranteed improvement in score. It is important to understand that online coaching is similar to brick-n-mortar coaching classes. The only difference is that students need not commute to the institute regularly that saves a lot of crucial time. Also, online coaching offers some flexibility to students to schedule the classes as per their availability and need.

Student Doesn’t Get Any Evaluation or Feedback

The primary concern of parents is that online coaching does not provide any evaluation or feedback of their kids. However, our experts want them to understand that institutes are providing evaluation reports and results of the weekly or monthly performance of students. Through practice tests or mock tests, students can analyze their learning. Also, some institutes are even providing face-to-face interaction with teachers through video-calling options to assist students to get their feedback from lecturers.

Online Learning Is Fundamentally Disordered

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Referring to the traditional model of coaching classes, they have set objectives, timeline, strategies, and two-way interaction. Besides, student-teacher interaction is very usual. On the other hand, online coaching is dealing with the misconception of being unorganized and disordered. However, in reality, a good online course is properly designed with aims and goals, course map with specified deadlines, learning modules, performance evaluation parameters, and feedback procedure. Hence, students should always go for a high-quality online course. 

A student has to be a Tech Whiz

Tech Whiz
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One of the myths regarding online coaching classes is that students have to have the top-notch technical knowledge to learn from them. However, the truth is that if a student can use a Smartphone, then he/she can pursue online learning options. Institutes are working on making their learning platforms more user-friendly and sophisticated for better student learning. In case of any issue, you can contact their technical team round the clock for any guidance. 

We hope that the aforementioned information about common misconceptions might have cleared your doubts and confusion about Online Coaching Classes. Our experts have guided thousands of students to opt for an online learning option as it is a more convenient way. As this is the right time for you to decide what’s better for your career, we wish you good luck.