Most effective ways to develop a never give up attitude

never give up attitude

Lucky are those who do not lose face even in the course of repeated setbacks in life. For it is only a working of life’s mannerisms that need us to fail before we can succeed. But if we are daunted so much by the humiliation of failures that we stop seeking success at all, then there’s really no way we will ever realise life in all of its meaning. Scripting our own success story needs us to be privy to an attitude that however does not come easily to all. A never give up attitude can help you to achieve all that you wanted your life to be blessed with. And developing this attitude while is crucial can also be somewhat tricky. Below we explore the many effective ways that can help you develop this attitude so that your life is rendered all the more better by it-

Build up a commitment

It’s easier said than done- this building up a commitment thing. Not because to commit itself is hard, but to believe that you can stay resolutely steadfast in your pursuit towards a singular aim is what makes it difficult. Commitment requires a lot of other equally strict adherences to remain true to its purpose. But building up a commitment, or rather, overcoming the fear of it, is the first step towards developing a never give up attitude. Because it goes without saying that commitment thrives on the premise of being determined enough to not even let the thought of giving up cross your mind. In even its nascent being therefore, a resolute commitment to your goal is something you absolutely need for nurturing the attitude of never quitting on them.

Belief in your commitment

Being committed is a daredevilry resolution to make no doubt. But the very essence of commitment resides in the belief stemming from yourself that lets you remain committed to the purpose. Without a strong belief to back up your commitment, it is but just a word that bears no value. For what good is a goal if you do not work hard enough to fulfil it? Only when you would be able to find a belief in yourself for your commitment would you be able to develop and persist with a never give up attitude in life. It again is from this very attitude that your commitment will grow stronger so that you have all the resources at your disposal to achieve it. A firm commitment and a firmer belief in it is then the necessary couplet for the attitude that leads you to success.

Seek encouragement

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No matter how hard you might try to persist with the never give up attitude, life will still give you tough days. And it is in moments like these that you would be most vulnerable of losing your belief and hence your commitment. It therefore is extremely important to surround yourself with such folks who are a constant source of motivation. On days when you find it difficult to hold your own, it is a few words of encouragement that can do the trick.

Life indeed is easier with people who prays for your success as if it is their own. Because every time you find yourself slipping away from the never quit mantra, it is the push that will put you back on track. And there’s nothing wrong to sometimes seek the meaning in your purpose through the concerted efforts of others. Being human only means you are fallible but until the spirit refuses to die away you know you can always bounce back stronger and more defiant.

Persist with the hard work

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The thing with building up a certain attitude is that much of it stems from what you do. You might try to inculcate a certain spirit all you like but if you do not follow it up with legit actions, then there’s no positive mindset you would be building. Indeed, it’s all in the mind as they say. But the mind can only help you to start out in your journey and persist in it if only you manage to prove your intuition right. Actions have always spoken louder and truer than words. Be therefore aligned in your hard work and your positive spirit to sustain a life long virtue of never giving up. Believing that you will achieve it all is important. But what is equally important is that you work as hard as that belief you harbour to make the accomplishments happen in this lifetime.

See your worth

Much have been said about how failures are the stepping stones to success. Because they very much are. But it’s easy to lose focus when success is being constantly elusive. More than the focus however, what you end up losing is your sense of worth. Despite all its legacy in being the definer of lives, failure brings you down and makes you question yourself. To the extent that it might lead you to believe that you simply cannot be successful enough in life.

Needless to say then, not losing heart and sight of your worth is something that is very basic to persisting with the never give up attitude. Even when you fumble and tumble in life, hold your own if you are to make things happen. You might even be tempted to foresake it all but going on despite everything is what you need to do to feed your determined spirit. Realising your worth and staying true to it is another requirement that will goad you on the long path to success every time in life.

Develop some confidence

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At the outset, let us first make it clear- confidence and belief are NOT the same. They might be similar in concept but confidence is what you have on yourself; belief is what you have in yourself. Even when this sounds absurd, this slight variation of the preposition is potent enough to make confidence and belief two different markers in building up a positive attitude. Being confident and sure about yourself is anyway a vital life quality. More so when you need to develop an attitude that will never lead you to give up, no matter how uphill the task at hand might seem to be.

To that extent, confidence is akin to hard work. You need to be comfortable with it enough to reside in the spirit of never calling it quits and vice versa. There is a need for caution though- beware of stepping on the fine line between confidence and overconfidence for that will only lead you astray.

Do not fall prey to comparisons

Dwelling in a mindset that will lead you to give up is never more lucrative than when you tend to judge yourself vis-a-vis others. Whether that be something they speak of you or something that they manage to do successfully ahead of you, comparisons never allow healthy habits to take precedence. Seeing your failure in the success of others is a blatant tell tale of the jealous feels, that in its negative pursuance already defeats you completely. Take heart instead in the belief that if they can do it, there is no reason why you should not be able to do as well. Or better still, set out to do things simply because the fulfillment of it matters to you. Once you learn to keep your strivings to yourself, you will notice that the never give up attitude comes more naturally and fruitfully to you.

Be wise in yourself

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While the never give up attitude is a boon in every aspect of what you set out to conquer in life, it’s still a given that not everyone can do everything. Skill sets matter and so does aptitude which leads us to wisdom as being the definer of the inner push that urges you onward. It’s only wise for you to set your eyes on such targets that you know are within your reach. That however does not mean that you should not be venturing out of your comfort zone. In fact it is in doing things that you are not well versed with that lets you yield the maximum advantage of the positive attitude that stems from you. But in attempting to do the impossible because you indeed are that motivated, do not also be oblivious to your limitations.

It only is commendable when you endeavour to turn your limitations into your strengths. But stressing yourself to the point that your venture of taking too long a leap of faith ends up shattering your spirit for life is not wise either. It’s better then to repurpose your goals such that they do not end up being the cliffhanger upon where your belief rests rather precariously. One of the important steps to sustain the never give up attitude is this ability to being brutally true to yourself. Because otherwise you will end up not just despaired but also bereft of the positivity that could have taken you heights at the right places in life.