What’s the deal with slime?

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Evoke the ’emotions’ of a slimy occurring and one would not quite entertain immediately pleasant thoughts of what is described as something mucky and gloopy and such. But bring to mind other arenas of attending as gooey like custards for instance and the appeal is not lost on anyone. Weirdly though, slimy textures in food are still widely considered to be repulsive but the current case and circumstance seems to be saying otherwise.

Of course, slime constructs a child’s play haven and in all universality of such happening. But wander outside and much beyond this early life fascination with something essentially damp and slippery and even mucoid- and the obsession with this unlikely star has continued to capture the imagination of the modern world. Emerging as one of those all absorbing social media trend the world cannot help but fall for and continuing that extent of its reputation for years now, the whole slime love strikes as another oxymoron that has humans whimsically seeking out supposed obnoxities, all for that one inexplicably identifying character asserting as ‘weirdly satisfying’.

Slime isn’t anything novel or recent in its innovating- it has in fact been a part of popular culture for decades. Television shows have been particularly favorite grounds for this substance to spread out its mass appeal. And while the target group essentially has been a more childlike audience, it isn’t exclusively so. It is this latter point of reference of slime being a wonder enough to keep even adults captivated is something that has assumed understandably more substance in its viral lease of life. And of course like all other presences on the unreal world of social media, the slimy connotations of this substance has made way for prettier pictures and elevated aesthetics to follow.

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What took off as a definite feature due to the beauty of its presentation has persisted still in that character even almost a decade after the fad first manifested. That itself speaks volumes about the kind of ‘power’ slime harbours, for it to enjoy enduring popularity in an age and time and specifically across a medium notorious for its capacity of non-retention. The draw though isn’t just the way it has been reimagined in this context of assumed beauty. Instead it is something more satisfying indeed about the possibilities nestled in this humble substance of nothing but mere play that has ensured its long continuing relevance in the real world is maintained and even furthered.

There’s something more that has catapulted the status of slime in its newfound space of unexpected reign. The sliminess is something one actively feels as well as perceives as an experience and an emotion. Validated then in both its physical and abstract nature and therefore multipronged in the kind of sensation it stirs, slime has moulded itself impeccably into such forms of identity that assert as personal as much as they are universal. Add to it the nuances of its occurring as art almost, or at least something not identifying as being a digital or technical state of existence and there slime has it- the perfect recipe to curate Insta worthy but essentially elaborate experiences.

One quintessential element dictating the appearance of this Instafamous slime would be the definite glittery, sparkling appearance that establishes yet again the supreme show that all such trends and fads asserting upon the photo sharing need to present. Aesthetics is of paramount importance in each expression whether or not bearing some underlying intent. And it cannot be denied indeed that this very pleasantness of beauty is what is partly responsible for the overwhelming love that an otherwise gross identity of slime has since spawned.

To still continue to talk about slime in terms of it being an internet trend then would be doing injustice to the greater reputation amassed by this neither solid nor liquid substance. That slime possesses characteristics of either and emerges thus in a different identity altogether of being a non- Newtonian fluid is proof itself of its uniqueness. The newer regard of slime though does not necessarily boast an exclusiveness and while it indeed is certain that this generally disgusting understanding of texture anyway assumes quite a fun notion in its true representation, it also are some other associations that has made this trend emerge to be a social media mainstay.

edible slimy food
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The appeal of slime becomes more apparent due to its working in tandem with other some elements of the influencer driven part of the internet world. Even in its most unlikely ‘application’ in a context of edibility, slime has managed to stay put and sustain as something that is real food. Along this trail of food specific but not exclusive essence resides also another supplement feeding into the slime craze. ASMR is what attends in furthering the cause of slime as many of these videos are mostly curated through evoking that particularly sensitive sense of relaxation. Therapy then has come to be a character also of slime videos mostly in their ASMR prevailing but also otherwise.

Come to think of it and the appeal of slime should be evident really. The very idea of getting your hands into something and specially when it is a pursuit pointless outside its relaxing properties is enough to relay why slime as a ‘community’ has managed to click. It bears also essential identity as being a child’s interest and has then the notion of fun embedded in it. Unlike other ‘arts’, slime is easier and more effortless to stretch and mould and shape or simply go about doing it to no end in particular which makes it even more relaxant an entity.

Slime also is surprisingly and amazingly versatile and to an extent enormous enough for your imagination to be stretched to. There’s practically nothing one cannot hold as being well within their own slimous fetishes, with edible versions whipped up as yet another genre of them being perhaps among the most satisfying iterations. There also exists on the horizon novelties like bubble wrap slime that pops as surely as well, offering you two of the most exquisite ‘highs’ rolled in one.

bubble wrap slime
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The ASMR rendition obviously is at work as well with the punching and and squishing of this delightful mess inducing yet again the ultimate feel of relaxation. In fact so integral is such occurrence of sounds within the slime community that there’s even a dedicated term to describe this particular trait as thwock. Why just the sounds though, even the mere visuals of what unfolds through the aesthetic dealings with slime are visual mediums for the stimulating ASMR magic to unleash and have a world of eyes glued on to them.

Slime’s generally colorful composition too makes it a thing guaranteed to capture attention. And whether one attributes these pops of fun, even fruity colors to instant happiness or dwells instead on the evolutionary nature of human that has made us predisposed to certain some shades perhaps signifying of life itself, one thing is certain- the slime trend is here to stay and slay.

slime in fashion
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What however is one of the more curious narratives spurred by this slime obsession is the generational gaps it has managed to usurp. Slime essentially should be a millennials’ ‘play-doh’ but scout the bevy of new age influencers and even entrepreneurs driving the trend and there’s no denying that it predominantly emerges as a GenZ domain. And that’s the beauty of slime- a relevance that has been fostered not just in its timelessness but also in its ageless and spaceless dictation of wishes and whims and fancies. Peculiarly somewhat, present day slime is not in any way reminiscent of the greens that ruled the roost as goopey dumps upon celebrities. The evolution is apparent in the splash of colors slime today occurs as, even when the intent and essence still stays as the simple and satisfying experience it has forever entailed.

In slime is rendered redundant not the similarity of what every human lives even when in completely different timelines. It instead are some less necessary but more profound clips of life that the slimy revolution has managed to render unimportant. Playing with slime is undeniably fun and whether one finds themselves engrossed for the sake of the trend or due to the essential cathartic feels it renders, the experience is one of much wholesomeness. A mess it indeed is that slime squanders no chance of making but it is something one seeks out and is not forced to deal with that makes it such a happy lesson in chaos. Slime stands as epitome of the classicness relayed by the equally perplexing assertion of a ‘naughty but nice’ character and while it might come as a surprise that the idiom is in fact predated by the substance, it stands testimony to the immense foresight in which this dramatic setting in play and work has been spread out.