One of the most liked videos on YouTube in India has a story to tell that will inspire you to choose your path


India’s most subscribed individual YouTuber Amit Bhadana is one of those mainstream celebrities who has scaled the heights of success with his own dedication and will power. With over 13 million followers on the video sharing platform, Amit Bhadana is definitely a true star and an inspiration.

Bhadana’s videos on YouTube are mainly those that incite humour and laughter. His strong fan base also stems mainly from those who find joy in his funny videos. Yet in 2019, Bhadana tried out a different course when he released a video of him performing a rap song. Titled Parichay, the video released on January 31st this year has already gone viral. Amassing more than 21 million views within just ten days of its release, Parichay has also emerged to be the second most liked Indian video on YouTube.

Parichay brings to life ‘the unbelievable life story of Bhadana’, from an ordinary guy who emerged from the usual middle class vortex of a stable, secure life to live his dreams of a life less ordinary.

Amit was quite the funny kid while in school. And though he completed his graduation in law, he always wanted to be someone with an identity apart from the rest.

Through Parichay, Bhadana sets to project this journey of his, from oblivion to stardom. As a middle class child who was always prodded to excel in studies and leave other ‘worthless’ pursuits aside, Bhadana had a childhood of struggle. From losing his father at an early age to seeing the love of his life, cricket being snatched away to taking on the responsibilities of life head on, Amit’s story is one that resonates at some level with every middle class person’s life.

As a rap song however, Parichay is significantly high on life’s most worthiest emotions. From recounting his experiences of returning from the clutches of death to losing his father, as well as a greater tale of being down in the dumps for a lack of appreciation, Bhadana’s life has been a turmoil throughout.

What strikes the most about Parichay is that for a YouTuber whose videos are a source of enjoyment and relaxation for his huge legion of fans, Amit’s life story is remarkably deep. As he tried to venture into what was his chosen field, he faced rejection as well. Inevitable that it is, negativity also affected Bhadana much like it does to all of us. Poignantly therefore, Amit’s strength also draws inspiration from the same things that set him off at one point. In converting his woes and failure into his success, Amit treaded a path of self realisation and also learned a lesson most important- that what matters is the work you do, and not how people perceive the story in it.

Amit initially started out by posting some funny videos on Facebook with medium impact. He tried expanding his base when he ventured on YouTube. But as his videos of remixed English songs got pulled over for copyright issues, Bhadana was just another dejected wannabe star in the offing.

More resolutely therefore, Bhadana started putting up videos with original content on his YouTube channel. Amit Bhadana’s breakthrough video happened to be his reply video of Adele’s song on his Facebook profile. Bhadana’s next video dubbing of Eminem was also an instant hit and now the young YouTuber’s channel is in the 300 most subscribed channels worldwide.

Parichay however seeks to portray the failures of Bhadana more than his success. Maybe because failure has its way of keeping you grounded unlike success which tends to get on your head. Even then, Amit Bhadana acknowledges all that he has achieved in life by dint of his own accord and hard work. At the same time, he also pledges his gratitude for his limited circle of friends and well wishers and those millions of fans who have made him the YouTube star that he is today.

Unfailingly, as anyone who has tasted tremendous success will face, Bhadana has been subjected to criticism all throughout. Be it being booed by ‘bigger’ YouTubers or being rebuked for his content which some believe to be vulgar, the road to success has been anything but easy for this young guy. Yet Parichay chooses to focus on the bigger picture instead. As Amit is resplendent in his success at the moment, he is in even greater peace knowing that all those who mean the world to him are proud party to his ‘victory’.

But struggles and success apart, Parichay is also a rendition of Bhadana’s biggest realisation. That, as a platform, YouTube embraces all who have the guts to strive and be the rising sun of the times. Hence, even when Bhadana is typecast as one who does not attempt to mix in too much with the bigwigs of the industry, he remains resolute in his endeavor to do what he does best. Remaining unfazed and delivering videos that appeal to his fans is Bhadana’s one and only mantra. Indeed, for as Bhadana himself says, he wouldn’t worry about anything other than his work when it’s this work himself that has granted him all the fame and respect he had yearned for in life.

So is it merely because Parichay happens to be the remarkable story of the most liked individual YouTuber in the country that has struck a chord with his dedicated fans and viewers? Maybe, because a proverbial rags to riches story has a universal appeal and even without Bhadana attempting to use it as his USP, the story still hits hard. But that’s not all there is to this. As the life story of a young boy deterred by odds yet not giving up on what he likes to do the most of all, Bhadana could even be an inspiration to all of us. For all the doers out there, converting a rosy dream into a rosier reality has to be the ultimate bliss of life. And with his struggles that are so commonplace yet troublesome nonetheless, Amit Bhadana shines no lesser than a star with this foray into rap music that he has made.

With Amit taking on the whole onus of video graphics, editing, scripting, dialogue writing, composing all upon himself, it’s no surprise that Bhadana owes his success only to himself. With one of the fastest growing YouTube channels all over the world, Amit Bhadana isn’t just a star, he’s an inspiration!