How physical bonding with your child helps build a strong relationship?


Parenting is a challenging chore. A strong parent-child relationship helps to raise a healthy child in society. This is because a robust bonding can cultivate the child’s personality, behaviour and aids in improving the child’s overall development. The bonding also helps the child to comprehend a difficult condition and permits them to handle any hard-hitting situation.

There are many ways to strengthen the parent-child relationship. It’s all in the hands of the parents to mould the child in fine fettle behaviours. Here, we discuss the importance of physical bonding with your child and how it helps to build a strong relationship. Just read on the article!

How a parent-child relationship helps to build a strong relationship?

The best way to start your life along with your growing child is to provide them with warmth of physical bonding. Yes! It can do wonders by making a quality attachment and love with you and your little one.

  • Children with strong physical bonding with parents will keep happy relation with other members in the society, family members, relatives and friends.
  • It helps in increasing the linguistic and motor skills in the children. If you find difficulty in speech, understanding language or framing out words, together in your kids, then he may suffer from a speech/language disorder. Book an appointment and speak to your doctor immediately. Therapies are suggested based on the symptoms and severity of the condition. If medicines are prescribed, order them from the best online medicine companies in India.
  • Strong parent-children love and attachment can build-up confidence in the kids.
  • Healthy relationships can shower your kids with good academic and social skills.
  • Bonding can improve problem-solving skills in children.
  • Strong bonding helps children to control emotions under stressful conditions.
  • Hale and hearty relationships help the child explore new things around the globe.

8 Healthy habits to strengthen parent-child bonding:

Bonding or holding a strong connection with the children is so essential that, it always brings happiness and makes the attachment healthy. Researchers say that for every negative interaction we need five positive interactions to be shared with our kid to make the relationship sturdier. Now let’s discuss a few daily habits which you can add to your routine to make your bonding more powerful. 

  1. Snuggling and hugging your child boost physical connectivity.  Give at least 12 hugs a day to enhance bonding.
  2. Encourage your child in all situations. This helps in creating positivity in kids and it increases your child’s self-confidence.
  3. Respect your kids. This helps them to learn how to give respect and take respect from others.
  4. Strong communication increases strong parent-child bonding. So, pay attention to when your child speaks to you. This helps him or her to share their thoughts and feelings with no boundaries.
  5. Don’t take any feelings in your heart when you see your child acts out of love. Just take a deep breath, neglect the feelings, lower your voice and talk to your child softly. If you feel that, your mood will spoil the relationship; wait for some time before you patch up again.
  6. Spend your leisure time with your kid whenever you are free. If you have more than one kid, make time for one on one with each kid.
  7. Turn off all electronic gadgets while speaking with your child. It distracts the conversation and shuts off the eye contact with your kids.
  8. Make your free time to play with your kids. This stimulates the hormones, endorphins and oxytocin. Making your kid laugh daily will help them release their stress and feelings also keep them active throughout the day. If your kid’s stress is intensified more or has frequent mood swings or struggles to sleep during night time, consult a mental health specialist or therapist immediately as it can cause behavioural issues and poor academic performance in schools. If medicines are prescribed, order prescription medicines from trusted online drugstore and get amazing medicine discounts on your orders.

The above-listed are a few tips and practices which help to build and construct a strong relationship with your kid. Pull out your entire child’s stress, enjoy each moment, and make him happy and stronger always.