Precautions and Preventive Measures for Pregnant Ladies during Covid-19

pregnant during covid 19

People are facing many ups and downs and difficult situations and challenges in this cruel phase of COVID-19. Fear, dreadfulness, anxiety is looming over the world these days. Well, with the onset of the second wave, it’s the pregnant women who are scared of the danger of the coronavirus. Covid-19 is anyways threatening and for the women who have conceived, it is definitely of high risk and they need to take a lot of care for the arriving bundle of joy.

Living in the fear of the infectious virus along with other pregnancy related complications like vomit, body ache, mood swings, swelling etc can take a toll on the expecting mother’s health. Particularly a healthy woman is not at a higher risk of coronavirus but a co-morbid condition like diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disease or stress might weaken your immune system to catch the virus. So, in order to have a smooth pregnancy without any complications related to the pandemic, here is what the lovely ladies can do.

Reduce The Risk Of Infection

  • Prioritize hygiene.
  • Prefer telephonic consultation with the doctor as much as possible.
  • Maintain physical distancing aka social distancing.
  • Have limited interaction with people; especially if they are diagnosed as Covid positive.
  • Masks have to be worn in a proper way. Infact double mask up is the way to go for the moms-to-be.
  • Restrict home visitors.
  • Keep sanitizer within your reach as you might not be able to be to and fro to your wash basins.
  • Ask people to cover their face while they cough or sneeze.

Lifestyle Changes To Adopt

  • Stay active and do some resistance exercises for pregnancy. It should be safe and sound pregnancy workouts suggested or approved by your gynaecologist.
  • Eat a balanced and nutrient rich diet.
  • Apart from taking protein and calcium that is required to meet the needs of growing fetus; have fruits and food having loads of Vitamin C and Vitamin D to enhance your immunity against Covid virus. Legumes, dairy products, nuts, oranges, beans and mushrooms are a good source of Vitamin D and Vitamin C.
  • A good night’s sleep is a must to strengthen your immune system.

Be Alert: Watch out for these symptoms

  • Yes, being alert and checking out the symptoms are like preventive measures for the disease. Watch out for these symptoms
  • Persistent fever
  • SPO2 below 94% indicates that you don’t have a normal blood oxygen level. So, keep checking.
  • If you are short of breath or having rapid breathing, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Pain or pressure in the chest area.

Expectant mothers need to be extra alert and cautious during the pandemic as they already have illnesses and complications related to pregnancy. In order to be safe and deliver a healthy baby; pregnant women must adhere to these preventive steps to protect themselves from COVID-19.  Also, consult the doctor as the level of infection or the way it has to be handled might differ with each and every pregnancy.

Please Note: Consult your doctor about the transmission of virus onto the baby as there are no documented proofs or record related to such cases. The article holds general information in regards to maintaining a healthy life and body and improving your immunity.

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