Shrugging off speech by shrugging the shoulders

psychology of shrugging

They are what ‘frames’ up the human body and has us assert through that consciousness of maintaining a posture as an aesthetic as well as healthy mannerism in living. Indispensable then in regard of what it is in all alluding to an obvious physicality would be our shoulders that we ‘hang on’ indeed for life. For all its association with such factors that assume form and position of propriety in some set standards of shape and size, the human shoulders happen to be not just exclusive a physical ‘determinant’ that it is generally held to be.

Of equal esteem is the consideration of the shoulders in the psychological realm, particularly popular in being one of the most prominent cues in body language. That is something derived again from its ultimate identity in guiding the human posture but boiling down actually to some surprising facts of ‘graver’ understanding. This element of surprise encountered upon the arena across which the shoulders spread means also therefore that they are acted upon by the human in instinctive, subconscious, even ingrained ways of functioning. The revelations made then across this foundation of the human body are such that displays its nature of communicating as a non verbal medium in some irony indeed of being not fluent in the jargon of regular conversation.

This occurring of the shoulders as holding such essence of not just the body is most commonly encountered in terms of a very universal human action. So accustomed in fact is the human body in relaying information through this manner of the body that has led the shrug to find identity as a gesture the human often performs. The assertion made through this act of the shoulders too is one universal almost in its receiving. In almost all cultures of the world, a shrug is not the most favored of responses. And while what plays out through shoulder shrugs can be things as unrelated as hesitation or indifference, among other implyings, there rules a notion of the shrug being a certain curious element in impoliteness.

It also would not be the activity of what the shoulders avail that can be of interest in terms of psychology. It would be also very much the bodily visage of them that can appeal as much or as less to the human as well making the shoulders rather versatile hinges upon which the entire being relies as a quintessential aspect of their existing. The very bodily posture of which shoulders help maintain can vital a cause in determining what curates human attraction, as does the span and reach of them. The shrug though has manifested in much predominance through this line of the shouldered emphasis. In fact it had been the central consideration summed up in Darwin’s Principle of Antithesis. Despite however this considerable thrust on its being, the history and origin of this innately practiced gesture by the evolved human has continued to be an exploration of the obscure.

Shoulder shrugs can be quite exciting as well in what they intend and imply. Beyond the case in uncertainty and the put offing prospect in callousness, the shrug can also be a ploy in averting issues and situations of conflicting, even pressing demands. In the language of relationshipping as well, shrugs can be governing the plot of romance in such intents connoted by the ‘art’ of flirting.

To be fair though, the whole shoulder narrative bears significance when it comes to the classic case in physical attraction. There exists some set of attributes specifically regarded as pointers of the male and female desirability to which shoulders lend their support- quite literally indeed. Holding those bearers of tremendous responsibility in such repute that has the broadness of their width appeal to women and a one sided shrug strike as very femininely submissive to men would be universal as well dictates of how shoulders pan out in all their distinctive, unmissable identity.

Why this fixatedness on the appeal shoulders are made to assume is one of very general rule in their happening as human predisposition. The wide muscularity of the shoulders conjures up a V shaped image of the body to which one would be more inclined in raving about, even as associated attributes of considerable importance too are embedded in such innate behavior of the entire human kind.

In terms of physicality, wide shoulders do the task in conveying the positives of health and vitality- something so scouted an agent in primitive mating that has evolved through the times to assume such curation of current character. The other aspect of what a shoulder shrug held as masculine in their upfront assertion is believed to appeal to women is the definite speaking of it in terms of dominance and power and the like. It also is more expansive a psychological basis of this assumption that leads the shoulder shrug to find itself alluding perhaps to an expression of lesser favor.

The dominance in which uptight shoulders assert their aesthetics is also pretty much the way they assert confidence and hierarchy and self belief. And it is in providing a base for the confident, knowing image to stem that they can end up also invoking the feelings of respect and reverence and the like- devotion even. No wonder then maintaining the stretch of the shoulders as a way in proper body posture is something advocated for not just in purely physical pertinence.

Quite naturally it follows therefore that the antonym of what alludes to outstretched a span of the shoulders to encompass expanses of confidence and leadership and respect and appeal is what sums up the easier to fall into slouching comfort of a shoulder shrug. While shrugging off plays out in denoting a matter of enough unimportance to assume place on the indifferent spectrum, the associated many possibilities of what is harboured in that singular act of the human can be more than important themselves.

In and despite its denoting of hesitancy, a shoulder shrug can be making for cases in displaying complete ignorance for instance. Other largely negative assertions palpable in this stream of subconsciousness assumes such character of helplessness and weakness and even insecurity and shame. Stronger emotions can be ruling this area of gesturing as well with extremes like resignation or submission signaled by this bodily activity. In a show of greater unexpectancy, what can occur also would be acts in apologising either for the helplessness in prevailing or even for the indifference that they bear in regard to a certain matter out of which this reaction is derived.

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It also is the associated elements of what makes up the particular shoulder shrug in question that can be cues themselves in telling the nature of what it is that led such instinctive behavior to unfurl in the first place. An act performed by raising both shoulder, shrugs often are characterised by a parallel path upon which asserts actions out of which an open faced positioning of the palms and/ or raising the eyebrows happen to be regulars almost. Tilting the head to one side or downward pulling of closed lips happens to be other aspects in which the nature and characteristic of a shrug can be almost definitely determined.

Shoulder shrugs can also be bearing of a defensive stance and yet again not only in the physical context. So ingrained is the nature of this occurring in us that we instinctively raise our shoulders to the neck on being startled by something. While the very apparent protection afforded in such case strikes as the bodily parts of the throat and neck, there also can be a larger psychological consideration behind this deliverance of yet another shoulder shrug. This protectiveness in implying can also be an alternate expression for the inconfidence estimated in a slouched sight of the shoulders.

But perhaps the most jerking of realities that the shoulder can lead to realisation through its deigned dwelling in the shrugs would be an exploration in mental health. A gauge of depression is what slouched shoulders can prove to be, making them alarming propositions of health to look out for in considerable concern for life itself.

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With so many possibilities making up then this case in exploring the intention of what the shoulders can pan across, the struggle would be real indeed for laymen to derive in exactness the reason behind that shoulder stance they are trying to read into. Even in all their occurring as universal gestures of a lesser conscious basis, the position in which humans hold their shoulders as ‘testimony’ to what they are experiencing and/ or performing in that moment of their deliverance might not be interpretable in all accuracy also because the greater intelligence of humans might have led them to tweak also in their own way even the behavior stemming upon the subconscious.

That does not impair though the occurring of them as definite somethings to look out for, as invaluable variables of what explains our human functioning. They aren’t just the cues in communication, they also are important identities in non verbal communication themselves and are therefore essential much bases for the human to further their experience in living. As conventions then of a character that curates pretty much the entire essence of existence, maybe not always but in considerable assertion still of their frequent functioning, what the shoulders do as essential bodily elements of the human species is also what renders them as no any less defining dictums for the mind to find its place in.