Indian gamers get ready for PUBG Mobile India Tour with a whopping prize pool of Rs 1.5 crore!

PUBG Mobile India Tour

As the esport craze in India continues unabated, emerging virtual game tournaments sure have taken on much sheen. Specifically, even as the massively popular PUBG game continues to thrive and flourish in spite of attempts by authorities to ban the game due to its highly addictive nature, the PUBG Corp. has announced yet another PUBG Mobile tournament in India.

The ongoing PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019, organised in association with Oppo Mobiles, is a four month event that will be witnessing the grand finale in October in Kolkata.

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround has been particularly prominent in India. And with the mobile port of the game being made possible through Tencent Games, the craze and popularity of PUBG has only been increasing. No wonder then that the PUBG Mobile India Tour is the latest large scale PUBG tournament in the country with also the highest ever cumulative cash pool of Rs 1.5 crore over the previous pool of Rs 1 crore.

All Indian residents with a PUBG Mobile account having reached the Platinum 5 tier or level 20 can register for the India Tour. Though players do not have to belong to any particular region to participate in the tournament, they would still need to select one of the four cities during registration.

Jaipur (Group A), Guwahati (Group B), Pune (Group C) and Vizag (Group D) are the four areas that can be selected by each team. Only teams of the same region would be pitted against each other. While Group A and Group B registrations have been closed down, players can still register for Group C and Group D until 11th August and 25th August respectively.

One of the only multi- tiered tournaments in the country, the PUBG Mobile India Tour is a squad exclusive four phase tournament and will be played in a mix of both First-Person and Third-Person perspective modes.

Qualifying phase

Points earned by squads during the qualifier phase would be the basis for selection of the top 500 of them from each group for the Online Playoffs. The In- Game qualifiers will have each squad from each of the four groups playing 15 classic mode matches on the map Eragnel over a 7- day period.

Schedule for In- Game Qualifers

  • Group A: July 15th- July 21st
  • Group B: July 29th – August 4th
  • Group C: August 12th – August 18th
  • Group D: August 26th – September 1st

Playoff phase

The playoffs phase will have each of the 500 qualified squads playing two rounds.

Round 1

Round 1 will have 25 groups with 20 squads from each of which the 4 top scoring squads will play out round 2.

Schedule for Round 1:

  • Group A: July 29th- August 5th
  • Group B: August 12th – August 19th
  • Group C: August 26th – September 2nd
  • Group D: September 9th – September 16th

Round 2

The 100 selected squads from round 1 will be made into five groups of 20 squads each. Three matches will be played by each of the groups, the top four winning squads of which will make it to the Group Finals.

Schedule for Round 2:

  • Group A: August 6th- August 10th
  • Group B: August 20th – August 24th
  • Group C: September 3rd – September 7th
  • Group D: September 17th – September 21st

Maps for the phase 2 will be including Eragnel, Vikendi, Miramar or Sanhok and will have each group battling it out over an eight day period.

Group Finals

The Group Finals will witness the top 20 squads who had aced the Playoffs in each group battle it out in five matches. Four squads from each of these 20 squads would make it to the final round of the tournament, the Grand Finals. Maps for this penultimate phase of the tournament include Eragnel, Vikendi, Miramar or Sanok. The Group Finals will also require squads to be travelling to predetermined locations.

Schedule for Group Finals:

  • Group A: August 25th
  • Group B: September 8th
  • Group C: September 22nd
  • Group D: October 6th

Wild Card Entries

Each of the bottom 16 squads from each of the four groups will get a final chance at qualifying for the finals by playing Wild Card Matches. The highest scoring squad of each group will join the other 16 finalists after having played on every map between October 8th to 11th.

Grand Finals

The 20 finalist squads, four each from the four groups who emerged winner in the Group finals and four as Wildcard entries, will be playing in the Grand Finals on every map on October 20 to be held in Kolkata.

The winning team would take home Rs 50 lakhs while the second and third placed ones will be winning Rs 20 lakhs and Rs 10 lakhs respectively. Apart from the winners however, all the finalists will also be awarded with cash prizes, apart from special individual and squad awards as well. Public will vote on the most popular team that will claim the winner a prize money of Rs 10 lakhs.