27 quotes that relate to your star sign: Capricorn [22nd december-19th january]

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27 quotes that relate to your star sign: Capricorn [22nd december-19th january]

Does leading a team come naturally to you? If yes, you probably are a Capricorn. Capricorns are most likely to share these characteristics as well:-

  • You are determined AF. Infact, no other sign can actually break your cemented determination.
  • Ambitions run high in your mind. This can take you places or pull you down. It all depends on you at the end.
  • You are conservative by nature at varying levels.
  • You are practical…sometimes a bit too much. Your partner might find that a tad difficult to handle.
  • The best thing about you is that you are very helpful. People will remember you for what you have done for them.
  • Capricorns make incredible team leaders. You can lead a team without any hassle.

Quotes That A Capricorn Can Relate To:

#1 Being sincere

#2 If I want it, I better get it.

#3 A Capricorn will help you out and expect nothing in return.

#4 Got fooled?

#5 Don’t try hurting my people.

#6 Haters…

#7 No faking please.

#8 I am calm but…

#9 Love till INNFINITY

#10 Tell me what I’m thinking.

#11 No hidden motives behind our actions

#12 Better watch out before pissing me off

#13 Wild side.

#14 You think Karma is a bitch?

#15 Relationship status: It’s complicated.

#16 Yeah…we can do that.

#17 No bullshiting allowed.

#18 You are forgiven…

#19 Your Nature > Your Diplomas

#20 Unemotional and cold

#21 I am thinking right now!

#22 Wanna fight?

#23 Thug life.

#24 I’m with you if you’re with me.

#25 Family comes first.

#26 Say sorry!

#27 Sarcasm level: INNFINITY


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