Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi): Making the brother-sister bond unbreakable

The significance of the bond shared by siblings is unlike the emotion permeating any other relationship or characterising any other mutual association shared with your other acquaintances. For obviously, sibling love and rivalry is one of the purest interpretations of affection and emotion in human relationships.

Throughout human cultures across the world and particularly in the Indian cultural context, the sister brother bond is a celebration of all things dear and precious. The brother is always a protector of his sister and whilst all the nuances of rivalry and fights are explored amply in this relationship, just like any other, every sister is her brother’s pampered muse and every brother his sister’s favorite person.

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No wonder then that Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is a festival that is celebrated with much fanfare and frenzy across the lengths and breadths of the Indian mainland. Symbolizing a brother’s vow to protect his sister from all insecurities and strife, Rakhi is undoubtedly a celebration that captures the sibling relationship in its every essence.

Interestingly however, in the modern world of ever changing relation dynamics, the spirit of the Raksha Bandhan celebrations has expanded beyond the fore of a brother sister relationship to capture every other ambit in its fold, exploring every aspect of the sibling relationship to celebrate also the brother- brother and the sister- sister bond.

As a colorful festival that rejoices in the unique sibling bond in relationships that transcend the borders of blood and lineage, Rakhi is very much a revelry of the basic sentiment of the human existence as a race that is deeply moved by familial and emotional connects.

Traditionally, Rakhi amulets and strings are tied on the wrists of brothers by their beloved sisters, complete with an array of rituals wishing for the long life of their brothers. The sisters are promised a life long token of love, security and protection in return.

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The celebration of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) indeed spells a festive affair, but the case everywhere isn’t so rosy. Wherein the emotion and sentiment is involved, everyday can be a celebration of the bond for ordinary men, yet the spirit associated with the particular festival takes center stage on that particular day of the year. But even then it isn’t all brothers and sisters who can partake of the celebrations.

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For indeed, as a nation we have a host of men and women who are engaged in the more paramount aim of the nation’s protection and security. And while we as civilians continue to rejoice all of the bond and its festivity, for our army men and military and a multitude of people serving the nation, the situation is grim everyday. For these brothers who don’t have any security of life, it is almost a task impossible to promise a lifelong of protected existence for their sisters. And it’s ironic that while they claim the stake of the nation, they are hugely limited when it comes to ensuring the good of their loved ones for the greater interest of the nation.

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This Raksha Bandhan, let us celebrate the true soul and substance of the rakhi spirit and indulge in atleast a day of the universal brotherhood and kinship in just the right chord and spirit!

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