Raymond and the spirit of The Complete Man it evokes in its every ad


Emotion has been the heightened factor behind every explore of the advertising world. And this focus on sentiments that touch the human psyche when it comes to something as commercial as vying to project a product as sale worthy just about proves the stronghold of emotions in every sphere of life.

And when it comes to stirring the public sentient through something as inevocative as clothing, Indian apparel major Raymond gives a major beating to almost all other competitors involved. With the focus on its sleek fabric akin to that of the smoothness of human virtues and value, The Complete Man emphasised by Raymond thrills with its visually and emotionally pleasing values that it seeks to invoke.

Perhaps what is more iconic about the brand is that even in this age of cut throat commercialism and competition, the brand still relies on taking recourse to raw sentiments of the human soul to drive home sales through compassion.

Be it a delightful young father or a prospective well mannered groom, a doting elderly husband or, in sync with changing times, a young working mother, Raymond just about sums up every mood and empathy that finds deep expression in the human heart.

Raymond ad

No wonder then that as the official style partner of the 18th edition of the ongoing Asian Games, Raymond with its thrust to commitment and passion drives home the spirit of every nation and player to clinch the ultimate glory for the country through its quest for success at the sporting spectacle.

Truly. Feels like Heaven, Feels like Raymond!