10 reasons why joining the Indian Air Force can be the best decision of your life

reasons to join the Indian Air Force

Serving the country is perhaps one of the worthiest luxuries of life. The Indian Air Force has always been an enigma of sorts, being the fourth largest air force in the world the charm exuded by this category of the dedicated Indian armed forces is unparalleled.

So if you are someone seriously considering to join the Indian Air Forces and serve your motherland, we enlist 10 reasons that will only further your determination to be the ultimate patriot-

A motto that inspires with words to deliver in action

With a motto as inspirational as one that beckons you to ‘Touch the sky with glory’, the Indian Air Force has to be one of the most challenging positions to render your service. In aiming to overwhelm its adversaries with its formidable power and might, working with the air forces definitely counts among the most rewarding experiences. Working with the air forces is an enriching glory in itself and the patriotism that charges within is a rare honor that any of us would like to be a proud achiever of.

The thrill of being a certified air pilot

Flying a jet plane requires mastery and skill and once you are with the Air Forces, you would obviously be one certified air pilot, negotiating all dangers and thrills, and emerging as an adventurous and high spirited, soaring spirit. Now that’s something worth dying for!

A massive compilation of sophisticated fighter weapons

The Indian Air Force also boasts of an incredible powerhouse of fighter aircrafts and high tech equipments that can give our enemies a serious run for their money. The thrill of being a part of the massive array of power that can overpower any adversary is what keeps those in the air forces going.

The security and satisfaction of a job well done

Being in a high risk job with a security force like the IAF obviously implies that the perks and allowances are huge as well. Apart from attractive pay packages and a life pension equivalent to 50% of the income, there are also other incentives as well. Free accommodation and education for your family, as well as travel and leave concessions as well as a lot of other benefits make a career with the air forces quite a lucrative opportunity.

On top of that, the glory of a job well done is unmatched, be it through self realisation or with recognitions and honors being bestowed unto you.

Being party to a number of adventure sports

Being among the ranks in the Indian Air Forces necessarily requires you to be adept at a number of adventurous sports that will send some serious adrenaline rushing in through your body. The thrill of sports like paragliding, sky diving, car rally, rafting and the like are some worthy perks you will enjoy if you choose to be a part of the hugely dynamic air force wing of the Indian armed forces.

The style factor

Like any other job in uniform, the Indian Air Force also endows you with a unique style appeal, though in a heightened dimension. The pride that overtakes your very being every time you put on the dignified uniform with a promise to protect your motherland is a priceless feeling that only a lucky few in the world can afford to experience.

Apart from that, years of rigorous training and a dedicated regimen ensures that you would be one of the most disciplined persons around, irresistible and irreplaceable!

A uniquely dedicated spirit

With the Indian Air Force being party to the biggest civilian rescue operation in the world, being in the air forces is an obvious matter of pride and exultation. 2013 saw the IAF carry out rescue activities under Operation Rahat, wherein civilians stranded in floods in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh were rescued. To be among the ranks of such a dedicated personnel base definitely is a matter of pride and an aspiration we all hope to work forward to.

An altogether different travelling experience

With frequent change in postings, working with the IAF may even turn out to be the ultimate dream job for the travel enthusiasts. The thrill of discovering new places, interacting with new people and even possible trips to foreign places are some of the most exciting avenues the air forces can offer, along with the dignity of being an Air Force officer and the pride of being a protector of the nation.

Giving a flight to women empowerment

The Indian Air Force is a delightful upholder of women power. With
the first woman officer to become an aviation medicine specialist Padmavathy Bandopadhyay among their ranks, the IAF inspires and encourages with its pursuits of equality and empowerment. Additionally, the IAF offers permanent commission to women in some of its branches.

The pride of being a breed of a different kind

Being in the IAF means that you are a delightful mix of genius ruggedness and fascinating smartness which transforms into a one of a kind personality that can be charming and defiant at will!