8 reasons why honesty is the best policy always

honesty is the best policy

All through our lives, we have been waxing eloquent about how honesty is always, by fail the best policy. As young kids, we were led to believe how lies would leave us with one of our legs dangling shorter than the other. Gradually then, as we trudged through life in all its ups and downs, we somehow lost track of retaining our honesty and composure in all of the unfairness that very often beat the crap out of us.


Even then, amidst all the miseries and hypocrisy rampant in the world, we are frequent rephrasers to the adage- honesty is the best policy. Because in spite of all those futile riches that being honest failed to bestow on us, we somehow believe that some day our honesty would take us places.

In this land of Gandhigiri where being true is the benchmark of an ideal person, we can’t yet afford to give up our hopes on the dedicatedly honest man. Since we can’t be debunking it, let’s indulge in discovering as to what exactly makes honesty the best policy.


Admit it, we all have lied at some point of time in our lives. We might act diplomatic and argue that telling the half truth doesn’t come off as a lie. But deep down we all know how dishonest we are being even in all of this. And the feeling of a nagging realisation of a wrongdoing just isn’t very appealing somehow.

So of course, honesty is the best policy. But how exactly? Let us try to find out by understanding what it means to be honest in the process-

#1 Honesty liberates you


Honesty endows you with a peace of mind. Knowing that you don’t have to remember every lie you ever made up is peaceful and so so comforting. Because, truth has the power to set you free.

#2 The truth saves your day


Also when you are true, you don’t ever have to worry about ‘the truth ultimately finding its way’. You won’t have to save face or speculate how to cover your earlier lies with a dozen more.

#3 You would be elevated by what’s true


With the peace and declutter of life, you will probably feel more happy with your own self. And being satisfied with your own being is the happiest thing we can imagine.

#4 Social connections get easier


Your reputation as a ‘honest person’ will also tend to hold you in good stead as people will be more trusting of you.

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#5 Life gets a bit less complicated when you follow honesty as being the best policy


No one will try to seek validation from you on things that are very obviously not true, because you are known for being ‘not that type of a person’.


Your social reputation saves you therefore from getting into difficult and compromising situations.

#6 You enjoy more fulfilling relationships


Relationships also become fairly easy when you are someone with an innate inclination towards all things true. Because trust is the basis of all relationships, romantic or platonic. And when you are someone who are totally honest with things emotionally and all, it more often follows that you would be reliable as well. At the end of the day people just want someone who would be honest with them and who better than you to fit the bill?

#7 Truth catapults your career as well


Honesty proves to be the best policy even in your professional commitments. You are more likely to be entrusted with the big tasks, those with deadlines and those that involve important client meets that will push you up the professional ladder. While you may find it bothering to always have to put up with deadlines and stuff, success in career do involve some compromises, honest or not.

#8 The truth also leaves you stronger than ever


Also honesty as a policy so desirable is possible to achieve when you consider being truthful as a value, rather than an obligation. And when you are a person with such strong belief in values as strong as honesty, there’s no stopping you whatsoever.

So go on and speak the truth like it’s the only worthy thing to behold!