6 reasons why I don’t believe in love


Love has had the world forever hazed. And that’s perhaps a look at how fetchingly unrealistic love tends to be. That feeling that lends you all the highs is also the one that leaves you in the lurch. Isn’t that then quite a genuine reason to not lend yourself to the very questionable essence of love itself? At least for me, it’s one of those many reasons why I don’t find it worthy to believe in love, notwithstanding its profusion of magic and charm. In its many vagaries, love is less loveable that what we are led to believe. Here are 6 utterly relatable, rooted in reality reasons why I don’t believe in love. And why you should neither-

Love is fleeting


A notion that has been reiterated time and again, there’s no denying the routine to which love falls prey after quite some time in romantic heaven. Love might seem to you like the purest and the most innocent thing ever, stemming from feelings somewhere deep within the core of the heart. But love in fact is nothing more than a play of hormones.

Be it love at first sight or a gradually developing attraction, it’s your physiology more than the psychology that goads you into desiring someone so bad. Naturally then, once that attraction wanes away making way for routine and responsibility, it’s hardly the love that remains that matters. Even your otherwise hyper- active hormones would have by now given in to the yielding and might have started behaving otherwise. Your feelings become more and more dormant, even non- existent perhaps till a time you begin to question whether what you had experienced had indeed been love. As your feelings start fleeting away and you find yourself unsure of what it was that had you professing eloquent about love, it’s the paradox of love that sets to work.


Because love is something intangible, it does not adhere to any set definition. Forget about adhering, there isn’t even a set definition. So when the thing in question itself is so dilemmatic, how can you expect yourself to be totally sane while still believing in love? Assertion 1 of many such reasons why I don’t believe in love is because I don’t see myself falling prey to any such disbelief.

And anything fleeting is very fickle


Okay fine, you are a die hard proclaimer of all things love but how do you deal with a feeling so fleeting that it is perhaps one of the ficklest things you would ever encounter? In the mere inconsistency of its nature, love is too scary a thought to even be entirely believable. It’s there one moment, blooming and growing and the very next moment you might be missing out on even what should have at least been apathy. The fleeting nature of love makes it too volatile to adhere to notions of forever- as we expect love to be. In failing to live up to expectations, in losing out on the magic it professes to be spinning, in becoming so dreamy that it makes us question reality, it’s the fickle nature of love that makes it bad enough to be non- existent. And therefore unbelievable.

Love is a farce


Because love is as bound by notions of uncertainity as it is by the promise of eternal togetherness that love ceases to be anything more than a mere farce. One that tempts you no end to give in to the ideas of forever and eternity it seemingly encompasses yet drives you to despair as you dwell on how unrealistic a notion forever is. Blame it on the futility of life or the unrealistically high expectations, one of the foremost reasons why I don’t believe in love is because of how deceiving it can be.

Imagine expecting a happy forever with someone fed on the ideas of love that you define as per your whims and watch them all come crashing down because you just found out your version of love is different from theirs! That’s a pity considering that you had chosen wholeheartedly to believe in something so unreal only to find that same whole heart being returned to you in bits and pieces. Pathetic.

Love seeks to defy practicality


We equate love with magic, we dream about a love fantastical and yet we expect not to be let down by it even when we are taking the road divergent from reality. That’s foolish on the part of all those who believe in love even when being completely aware of its ridiculously dreamy lures. Whether you seek to delve in the whimsical notion of togetherness or believe that it’s love that will see you through the hardest of times and the toughest of circumstances, it’s appalling that you are completely surrendering yourself to a lie that has been morphed with elements so enticing that you happily let yourself be misled.

That’s indeed the reality of love– in being a lie or at least a non existent truth, love leads you to believe in it even when it has only hollowness on offer for all. Love supersedes reality and defies practicality so vehemently and so confidently that you are at a loss to know whether to believe in it or not. But you do, because the magic that seemingly governs love is more than enough for you to shed off all inhibitions and give in to its unwordly charm. In its alliterative remedy of love, longing and lunacy, love is sheer folklore for the hearts craving a magical folklore.

Love is a waste of time


The foremost reason that has me forever shunning love is that it is a blatant waste of time. Chasing and pursuing, desiring and devoting, loving and losing is too much exertion- specifically for a notion that isn’t even half as real. I mean is it really worth investing so much of your efforts on something that you aren’t even sure is love at all or not. You can be confessing your love in all terms dainty and blissful but what you might be speaking might be mere words for someone who do not share your insight about that thing called love. In its convention defying, belief denying, reason forsaking ambits, we don’t even know if love is real enough to be anything more than a waste of time.

Love defies reason

And in defying the very basis on which human existence claims superiority, it derides the very essence of human beings. Often a times you have heard how there’s nothing not fair in love and war. Imagine the hypocrisy of love to be supposedly encompassing of such goodness that leads it to be equated with the perilous liberties of war! Like we said it’s the paradox of love at work- in being fair of everything, love lets you do virtually anything.


Logical or flimsy, good or bad, love makes you do crazy things. How can you therefore expect anyone to believe in love when it does not even let you be in your right mind? There’s no end to the limits you would go to when you are in love and that only makes it all the more dangerous a notion to adhere to. In defying all reason and logic, love even tends to be much more perilous and hazardous to be worthy of any of the good it purportedly professes. Love can speak doom for you and your soulful heart at times asserting why it is so much more better to not believe in love at all!