8 reasons why you should unfriend your ex before it is too late for you!

friends with ex

Love might be the most uncertain of feelings on earth, yet a craving for love can turn into the most tragic pursuits of life. A beautiful, drenched in love kind of relationship is what the human soul aspires of. But even when they think they have fathomed this kind of deep love, reality strikes with a blow that shatter all their dreams. As love turns sour and relationships turns bitter, the once loving, caring partner also turns into the evil ex. So remaining on cordial terms with your ex, let alone a blossoming friendship with them would be a crazy idea.


You might have your own reasons to bond or not bond with your ex love. But we present you the 8 most valid reasons over the times that makes maintaining a heart warming relationship with the person that broke your heart a no- no affair!

#1 Because you can feel the love returning at times

Inevitably, when you have been romantically linked with some person for whatever period of time it might have been, there definitely remains some sparks that fly at the slightest ignition. Be it longing for the emotional support, the romantic feel or even the sexual excitement, trying to be friends with an ex is more likely to leave you in the dumps from which you had tried hard to get out at one point.

#2 Jealousy over an ex is very awkward


Naturally therefore, unless you are completely over your ex, you will still be somewhat possessive of them. And when you choose to be friends with that person who was all yours sometime in the past, you very likely won’t be able to accept the feeling of them not being yours anymore. Either you will end up being jealous or irritated when your once significant other brings up his new crush in the conversation. You might even end up punching your ex out of frustration, which is the ultimate no- no in any case!

#3 Desperation might drive you to despair

And when you go green with envy, you will also be desperate enough to prove to your ex that you don’t care about what’s happening in their life. If you try too hard, chances are you will create a mess of everything- your feelings as well as the bond your ex would be expecting to build with you.

#4 Since there shouldn’t be any thing as an ex rebound

There will be times when the situations will take a turn for the most awkward, like when a wave of those unreliable hormones make you long for his touch like no other. And trust me, however trustworthy they might have been, an ex as a rebound is always a very bad idea.

#5 Your current relationship might suffer

Being friends with an ex might just show the level of your maturity in handling relationships. Yet if you are currently in another relationship, this might just turn out to be another recipe for disaster in your life. Unless your present partner is okay with you being in contact with your ex, it’s something that is not particularly recommended. That said, a hush hush meeting with your ex is always a no- no, irrespective of whether you are in a present relationship or not.

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#6 You don’t want the toxicity in your life back

Particularly if the relationship with your ex had been a toxic one, then it’s obviously a very bad idea to even be in contact with them. You want your friends to be bright and nice people, not insecure narcissists who would go to any lengths to uphold their ego. Regardless of whether they are your ex or not, toxic people aren’t fit enough to even be friends.

#7 Nasty break ups can lead to nastier patch ups


If the breakup with your ex was one nasty episode, then it’s best advisable to avoid them. Because chances are, on your first meeting with them post the break up, the bad vibes will be carried over. Most probably, you will be up for another nasty head on spat in public. And you don’t want it at any cost for sure.

#8 Because you might end up believing things that aren’t true

Also if your ex happens to be a manipulative person who is always on the look out to turn things their way, you will end up being the scapegoat if you are slightly on the side of naivety. Either coaxing you to give them another chance or getting you in a difficult situation, these type of exes try hard to make you believe that you still aren’t over them.