Ribbon Roundup

types of ribbons

If there had to be just one word to describe the drama that ribbons bring about to every single thing it manages to gracefully wrap in its enticing vision, then it definitely would have been the precise definition of pretty. Dainty pieces of fabric that dance and dwell in joy, ribbons are truly the epitome of beauty. Be it the concerns of fashion or the more expansive realm of style, including the art of gifting and the artistry of crafting, ribbons are omnipresent explorations of sheer aesthetics. But there’s more to ribbons than just being the pretty sight they are, functionality being most prominent. Here’s rounding up therefore some of the most essential types of ribbons that help unleash the magic through their servings of style not sans the sensibility-

Moiré Ribbon

A truly encompassing manifestation of the sparks and radiance generally associated with ribbons is a certain type of it that which is known as the Moire ribbon. Residing in the resplendence of its shimmering watermark finish is this element of the aesthetic that which finds the dramatic extravagance of it endowing use for celebratory indeed affairs, be it as wedding decorations or beautiful bows. In its glossy shine and immense gorgeousness, it is quite unsurprising that moire was originally created for regalia use and has been continually held in high esteem ever since, being used for women’s dresses, capes, and for facings, trimmings then and in evening gowns and wedding dresses now.

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon
Source: AliExpress

A thick and sturdy variant of what is otherwise understood as the really delicate piece of beauty enhancing appearances, whether of outfits or of people, that ribbons are is the Grosgrain ribbon. Made from a loosely woven fabric with thick lengthwise fibers is this particular type of ribbon that is accompanied also by some degree of elasticity making it a versatile choice for application across a wide range of purposes be it dresses, home decor, accessories or just about any craft whatsoever. Compact and light yet immensely durable, grosgrain ribbons have in fact been one of the longest-lasting fabric types in recorded history.

Burlap Ribbon

Very distinctive and diversive a type of ribbon is what is known as the Burlap and that is essentially made out of fibers such as jute or flax. Needless to say, in its natural jute color and feel the burlap ribbon can be used in such settings of adornment that require a rustic feel to be worked across its expanse. In its vintage appeal, the burlap ribbon also helps achieve a certain chic, classy style that is as appealing as it is unique.

What’s more, as essentially a jute stemming, Burlap ribbons are also totally biodegradable and hence eco friendly meaning that you can go about playing at will with the aesthetics while being assured of the environment. Widely used as an element of decor in gifts and crafts in such color offerings that venture from its usual earthy tone, Burlap ribbons indeed present an exciting way to add your own element of design upon whatever it is you set out to transform.

Taffeta Ribbon

Another woven and therefore durable pick accruing to the requirements of style that ribbons are certain to adhere to is the Taffeta ribbon. Crisp and smooth in appearance and thereby encompassing a certain luxe quotient that is also what makes it coveted within the explorations of what concerns the aesthetic, taffeta ribbons make for an elegant option to incorporate richness into how you expect your style sensibilities to span out as. Shimmering in its many a hues of beauty and retentive of its sharpness in color is what makes these expensive still taffeta picks a popular option in the ribbonic realm.

Jacquard Ribbon

A type of ribbon that is really intricate even in its own design, working in therefore an even more enhanced effect of beauty upon whatever it adorns is what is known as the Jacquard Ribbon. A patterned woven ribbon made up of combination of different warp & weft in various colors, this strip of elegance is also rather unique in that it exhibits identical patterns on either side of the fabric but in inverse colors. Exquisitely decorative and sturdy as well in its woven essence, the Jacquard is a high quality ribbon that is flaunted extensively along the facade of gorgeous dresses and ensembles as well as upon bedspreads and bracelets, or in as diverse manifestations of utilitarian style as you desire.

Petersham Ribbon

Very similar to the Grosgrain and therefore often confused for it is the Petersham ribbon that is more functional and less stylistic an assertion in the realm of fashion and decor. Strong and durable in essence, soft to the feel and also encompassing of a versatility that makes it possible to be pleated indeed into stylised assertions of designs that come across as uniquely pretty, this scalloped edged variant of the ribbon is capable of additional functionalities as well by virtue of its curveable properties. Particularly across the dynamics of hat making, the Petersham ribbon finds distinctive use due to its convenient manipulation along the edge of hat brims even as it lends itself also excessively well to other pursuits of garments as well as crafts.

Picot Edge Ribbon

Essentially a satin ribbon but rendered rather extraordinary a look by its unique edging, picot edge ribbons are one of the most elegant types that you can pick from. Decorative in the very look of it, yet simplistic and affordable is this ribbon that comes lined with picots or small twisted loops along the sides of it through the entire range of its length. Dainty, delicate and somewhat dreamy as well, picot edged ribbons make therefore for a great option to go around gifts and wrappings in their standout look. Endowing a pretty texture upon anything it helps deck up, the picot edge ribbon makes also for one of the best options to go about beautifying decor and ornamentation pursuits all the more.

Raffia Ribbon

Raffia Ribbon
Source: Pinterest

Much like the burlap, the raffia ribbon is also a natural product of intricate beauty, stemming this time specifically from the raffia palm tree native to the East-African country of Madagascar. Exotic indeed in essence and rustic in pursuance of style, raffia ribbons are really a splendid item of decor as itself or when used to do up further the allure of wrapped gifts or the bountiful beauty of bouquets, but of particular mention would be their topping on mason jars, of what is one of the standout elements of the design world. Also complementing perfectly well other such natural ribbons like the Burlap variety, Raffia ribbons however can also be made use of in synthetic and paper variants of them.

Poly Ribbon

An exclusively decorative assertion of what ribbons come across as is the poly type of it that is made from a plastic polymer. One of the most used ribbons in its wide usage that almost always sees them deck up the premise of any gift wrapping while also going prettily around bouquets, or even upon many an items of decoration are these poly ribbons that come in a variety of colors and sizes, with even designs and prints worked along them. Also called curling craft ribbons or simply curling ribbons because they are designed to curl up when one side of them is flattened with a knife or the edge of scissors, these are inexpensive yet versatile ribbons that are vibrant in their very look while being extremely convenient to use either simply curled or even furthered to form flowers or patterns or even more decked up decoration.

Crepe Ribbon

Another party staple that is an inexpensively efficient way of doing up celebratory occasions and venues even in their wrinkly appearance are the ever reliable rolls of crepe ribbons. Easily discernible in their textured appearance, these ribbons make for petite items of decoration that can be simply twisted or otherwise designed into other pretty shapes to do up spaces and moods simply yet elegantly. Made from crepe paper are these crepe ribbons that make also for a rather favored exploration in the realm of the DIYs and the crafts.

Twill Tape

Flat woven ribbons that are durable and versatile, twill tapes make for one of the most functionally assertive ribbon types to be. Featuring a diagonal or zigzag weave that is what lend them their strength are twill taped ribbons used mainly in sewing and tailoring for a wide range of purposes. Employing of the ‘inner strength’ of these ribbons are also such uses that find them suitable enough to tie up curtains and cables mainly of the theater scene or to bind the edges of garments in such explorations that are almost exclusive to them.

Seam Binding Ribbon

Delicate and sheer and therefore elegant, seam binding ribbons or hem tapes can be made to be as decorative as as they are functional. Thin and narrow ribbons usually made from rayon, these are typically intended to go over rough edges of fabrics in garments to prevent them from fraying as well as to add strength to seams. Also decorative in their aesthetic prominence as lightweight ribbons that dwell in a certain sheen, seam binding ribbons can also help add an element of design to garments, either as a matching piece or even in contrast.

Organza Ribbon

Soft and sheer flexible ribbons that incite visions of pretty elegance in the mere mention of them, organza ribbons are one of the most decorative stemming from the ribbon roll. Indeed a quintessential element of crafts, decor and the like, these translucent beauties make also for a splash of style along the range of already exquisite dresses or as an accessorising add on to them. Lightweight in essence and iridescent in their glamour, organza ribbons are a surprisingly simple way to endow extravagance in just about any pursuit of the aesthetics.

Tulle Ribbon

Tulle Ribbon
Source: frazzled JOY

An extremely decorative piece of ribbon often shaped into bows or even otherwise used to endow a dreamy flair upon objects of their wrapping, tulle ribbons bring about a certain aura of luxury across their identity that glides along a wider face. Uplifting the whole mood and look of any kind of party decor or gift wraps and even garments or accessories as well as diverse items of craft are these mesh ribbons that truly spell out elegance and grace with their very presence.